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Do you need to spend the extra money to add a data plan just for your tablet? Before answering, think it through carefully.

In most cases, it really isn't necessary.
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my wife an I share a 3GB plan which also gives her the ability to hotspot on her SII and I have a rooted SII so I could always hotspot. since in Android I can set a limit on each phone I can monitor how much throughput the phone is using by itself or while hotspotting to avoid breaking the 3GB limit. I rarely need to data on my tablet since I either pinned movies to the device or sync Currents before I left a wifi zone so I am the exception to your theory probably.
No. I have Wi-Fi at home and already pay for a mobile hotspot through my phone. Granted, my tablet is Wi-Fi only so I couldn't get a plan for it anyway.
I can see people who want something other than a smartphone doing so, but other than that, it's not worth that much spending money on.
In the UK you don't have to pay extra for tethering so for me it works and regarding to battery i need it for 45 minutes max so thats not a problem either. So i don't see no reason for an extra data plan. 
Using the shared data plan on Verizon.  Sharing one block of data between three smartphones and an iPad.  We also have one Android tablet that we use with a smartphone hot spot.  Works great!
No need ... we have hot spots everywhere I go ... airports, malls, home ... unless you are going camping in the real backwoods, you are buying something you already have ...
I use shared verizon - my wife and I have phones and then we had a 4G hotspot we share from time to time.  We have 4 tablets in our house including older ones the kids use (plus their ipod touches) so a hotspot is a much better solution for us 95% of the time, like in the care or on vacation.  Right now I could not see tying a tablet to a data plan directly if there is a 2 year commitment . . . I have not kept a tablet for 1 year.  :)
Thought carefully answer is no, i dont have a tablet. LOL
No way. Most places I go have WiFi already, and for the few that don't, I just tether to my phone. Most of my "phone" data is used this way, and I still don't come close to my 5GB limit due to WiFi availability.
Oh, this is what I am using more than 1 years in Korea. Plan for 30GB for about 5 US dollors promotion.
AT&T what to take away my unlimited data pack from my iphone 5 for a tethering data pack. 
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