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What are your experiences with voice recognition technology? Could Microsoft improve it with Tellme?
“Siri, do you like movies about gladiators?” Voice recognition, in theory, is a remarkable innovation. In my experience, and probably the experience of frustrated millions across the world, the realit...
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+Chris Bennett: The phrase you're looking for is 'moot point,' but there's a certain irony in your mistake.
I have gotten so used to the Voice recognition on my Kinect that I have accidentally tried to tell the DVD player at my in-laws "XB0x Pause" Multiple times
I worked with Nuance and I can tell from experience regardless of how well we tuned our servers to pick up the speech, it never worked 100%. the closet we got was 70%. things such as accent of the person, background noise and many more caused issues.
we might eventually get there
Text to speech on all platforms with all known technologies still sounds bad. I know it's OT but...
It's light years beyond actual usefulness. I've said it before, current systems are lacking contextual speech recognition.

For instance, if it's assumed that I speak English and I say:
- The three kids were going to school
It's obvious "three" should never be interpreted as "tree", yet, even Siri has trouble with homophones when not pronounced like the best English on Earth.

Languages like Japanese feature even more homophones, furthering the importance of contextualization.

In my opinion, voice recognition will never be there until electronics are able to observe and comprehend our surroundings. For instance, the Xbox should know that when I look at the TV and shout "Xbox", I mean to activate Kinect's voice command feature.
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