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Here is a quick look at some features available through Malwarebytes that you might not expect an anti-malware tool to have. You can try Malwarebytes out for free by visiting:
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They're in the trenches - exactly where MalwareBytes came from.
Hey +i-am Casper, why don't you check out his website. Go to They are a bunch of geeks and nerds who know what they are talking about due to experience and trial & error. They've been around the virtual block a few times, they've been around a long time. I trust them. 
I always install this program whenever I use a new system. MalwareBytes works :)
Credentials mean very little if anything. Just means you got money. I take real world experience over credentials any day.
That has been my experience +i-am Casper, yes. I can see you have not been out in the real world long from your statement of ignorance.
No it does not work, it couldn't remove the virus from my PC
That's because MalwareBytes removes malware/spyware, not viruses.  I use MalwareBytes religiously, and recommend it to everyone.
I've tried it and it works great! It found some evil registry entries left over from a game I had uninstalled because it was fail. The others I've used failed to find those.
Funny how that Casper dude's comments completely disappeared from G+. Even his comments in other places too....
Okay I need some help here. Trying to install and for some reason my PC is treating the file like an Adobe document??? What do I need to tell my computer to open this file with?? Feel stupid right now but it is 5am and just starting my first cup of coffee LOL Thanks.
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