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Here is a quick look at some features available through Malwarebytes that you might not expect an anti-malware tool to have. You can try Malwarebytes out for free by visiting:
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They're in the trenches - exactly where MalwareBytes came from.
Rush BC
Hey +i-am Casper, why don't you check out his website. Go to They are a bunch of geeks and nerds who know what they are talking about due to experience and trial & error. They've been around the virtual block a few times, they've been around a long time. I trust them. 
I always install this program whenever I use a new system. MalwareBytes works :)
Credentials mean very little if anything. Just means you got money. I take real world experience over credentials any day.
No it does not work, it couldn't remove the virus from my PC
That's because MalwareBytes removes malware/spyware, not viruses.  I use MalwareBytes religiously, and recommend it to everyone.
I've tried it and it works great! It found some evil registry entries left over from a game I had uninstalled because it was fail. The others I've used failed to find those.
Rush BC
Funny how that Casper dude's comments completely disappeared from G+. Even his comments in other places too....
Rush BC
Good riddance. 
Okay I need some help here. Trying to install and for some reason my PC is treating the file like an Adobe document??? What do I need to tell my computer to open this file with?? Feel stupid right now but it is 5am and just starting my first cup of coffee LOL Thanks.
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