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My printer is more than just a printer.
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Sounds much nicer than my crappy Lexmark all in one.
I have an Epson as well Stylus NX625 which replaced my old Canon.  I can't live without the wireless and duplex printing.
I know I am ready to upgrade my printer very soon. This caught my attention but I think I have to shop around before I make a final verdict.
So basically your printer was an amazing all-in-one cybernetic bird of prey superhero in a previous life. Epson's R&D department clearly needs its own comic book series.
Quick, the first person to suggest a surprise giveaway contest of that printer wins, oh wait that's me, I'll email you my address +Chris Pirillo 

Ink has been affordable for me - better than the toner I was buying before.
Epson makes good equipment. I would love to see an all-in-one that would scan, shred, and send an automatic message to the originator of the document, telling them to stop mailing me paper. I want my paperless office and my flying car already. :)
Rockin' the Epson NX420! Always been an Epson guy since my first Stylus Color back in 1996!
I haven't bought an epson product in about 10 years because the print head was in the printer not the cartridge and dries up due to infrequent use making the printer useless.  Have they changed that?
And your photo is less than a video.
It's an M&S printer.

People outside of the uk might not get this joke
+Jd Austin I have not experienced it on any Stylus I ever had, it always worked perfectly even after prolonged inactivity.

Not sure about other models thou. It's like with Samsung, I always stuck with the Synchmaster series and always felt right at home. 
What's the full name and model number of this printer ?
When I saw you say "My printer is more than just a printer.", I was about to yell, "HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET A BERG LITTLE PRINTER?!" Speaking of which, we're now requiring you to get one, unbox it, and review it when they're available to buy.
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