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What do you like about Windows 8?
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You can tell Microsoft is trying...trying and trying. 
I like how it's going to get linux a lot more users
Windows 8 is so alien to what users are used to, both Enterprise and Consumers will more than likely avoid at all costs (at least for the most part).

At let's not even get started on Windows RT "Windows/Not Windows" train wreck that is bound to happen.
that it's not on my
Primarily, that I am not required to use it. The huge choice of alternatives.
Biased on the beta preview NOTHING!!!
I had a look at it and as a techie I was quickly frustrated by the user interface which seems to make the assumtion that people are chubby fingered half-wits, even on a tablet that would get on my nerves
LOL!! +Seth Taylor exactly... starting to think it's Windows Me/Vista version... with all the hell they brought and a whole lot more
Actually, I like it's speed. It means I boot it do what I have to and shut down the monstrosity quicker than ever before, therefore minimising my pain!
it's a solid product if your pockets are but as users, if we quit using, they go on to developing something new. it isn't their fault we can't keep up, but they need to stay on their customers schedule as well. We don't have thousands to keep building new boxes...I got a P111 win 98 coming on deck...
I actually like the preview. I find myself drawn to the mail app more and more. I also like the ribbon interface in explorer. The metro interface isn't something I'm super hot on but I could get used to it. LOVE the lock screen.
It's a symptom of what happens to most of these big companies. They start off being run by visionaries and people who really care about what they do. As they expand the visionaries get pushed out and marginalized by the bean counters who lack imagination and the courage to trust the creatives. Pretty soon you have products produced by unimaginative committees that people don't want.
So they start to badly copy what others are doing in the hope that "me too" will suffice as a business model.
Too much hidden stuff, requiring the user to move the cursor to a special spot on the display to have a menu pop up? I'am working not playing an Adventure game!
"Anyone who considers himself a power user uses the Task Manager extensively during the course of a day. "

What an absurdly ridiculous statement. Task Manager is for ending apps that have locked up. If you need to use that extensively, then you need to fix your computer.
System refresh option
Synched account settings
File history
Metro snaps
I like Metro. Sorry, but I do. And I feel like all Microsoft need to do is remove the desktop mode and have software applicationss full screen. Problem solved.
People bitch about Windows 8 and they haven't even used it (or have briefly), or you would realise the learning curve from Windows 7 to 8 is very small (less than an hour) and no amount of videos of old people not being able to use it won't change that.
+Gordon McIntosh The other challenge is the "installed base". When a company is small and has few customers, it is easy to make major changes. When a company sets the industry-standard for a product and everyone is accustomed to how it works, even minor changes can offend a lot of customers. So when a company makes major changes for the worse, they can really anger people and push them into their competitors' arms.
Metro could of been better. Actually supporting ARM is huge IMO. The search feature is extremely fast at finding programs/files. When I first downloaded it the missing start button was a bit of a suprise but once you realize you have MUCH more options by just dragging the mouse to either corner is a huge imporvement once you get used to it. Sorry, I just don't see businesses moving to Linux GUI's anytime soon, not enough third party support (yet) and that is why MS still dominates the PC market..
The fact that I don't need it
Been on os x for well over 1/2 a decade
Never looked back
That when MS and the computer resellers start force feeding it to everyone on a new PC I can wipe the drive and install the OS of my choice.
I'm waiting for the new Ivy Bridge Macbook airs. Then I'll get a new machine and forget Win8.
I went to Mac and never looked back.
From what I've seen it's very clean, at least the metro interface. I would love to see it on TVs.
The problem with Metro is... using it with the mouse.
I've been using Windows since 3.1.1 I must admit that I am now Linux Mint convert. I am NOT an MS hater, but they are getting further away from consumer needs.
oddly enough Windows 8 represents MS's refocus on consumer needs... at the cost of business needs... look at Windows 8 and tell me they had big business in mind.. I don't think you can. whether or not they'll be successful is another story.
The problem is the mouse we are in the future time for a new pointing device.
Touch interface just doesn't work with desktops though.
Honestly I think windows 8 will do okay, I have let a couple of non tech savvy and my parents and they all seem to like it. The only thing I think microsft should do differently is include a small tutorial option at first boot to explain the corner system.
Faster boot, less resource usage, Metro will work amazing on tablets, Metro is a great replacement for the old start menu. All the other new features: better multi-screen support, settings sync, etc.
Not the direction I was going. Touch and trackball pointer devices are
whats now the next innovation is what I am talking about. I.E. eye
movement detection could be interesting if its done correctly. Imagine
never having to take your hands off the home keys and using something as
simple as your line of sight.
I'm pretty sure the post is asking what you like about windows 8 not on your opinions about why a very successful companies products are crap in your opinion. If you don't like whats available then go make something for yourself. You wonder why everything is crap its because everyone bitches about what is and doesn't innovate what could be. Why is Bill Gates still on top? wtf did you do today?
Avi Nash glad to see another metasploit enthusiast! I developed a few modules for the 8 beta that were succesful have not tried them on the 8 actual although im sure a few holes still exist. Reverse cli is possible good luck
Since the Release Preview...
Liking new multiple monitor support enhancements
Noticeable performance increase
Photo App design changes
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