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10 Reasons You'd want an Android Phone instead of an iPhone:

(1) You want more than one new option every year.
(2) You value a screen larger than 3.5 inches.
(3) You absolutely abhor anything connected to iTunes.
(4) You need an LTE smartphone today.
(5) You think home screens should contain info-rich widgets.
(6) You want turn-by-turn voice navigation without a third-party app.
(7) You use Google services for everything, everywhere else.
(8) You want a phone with a removable battery (or removable media).
(9) You want to know everything about an app's permissions.
(10) You can deal with delayed OS updates from a manufacturer, carrier.
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Reason number 7 is the most important one for me. I use +Google services for everything. Still waiting for #driveforlinux though.
Yeah, #7 is probably why I will stick with Android for the long haul, aside from just how much I enjoy the OS.
What if i don't fucking want any integration/optimization for facebook (what will be in next android, what actually is in iphone)?
I like Android, it's so open, free. iPhone is stenographer, so mac.
I love Android for all the above reasons. Throw in custom ROM's and I'm in heaven. However, my recent introduction to the iPad has me moving to the dark side. I miss the freedom and custom-ability, but find that the iPad is faster, stable, easy to read books/manuals, and very user friendly. Android has a lot going for it, they just need to refine it a bit. Rather than keep coming out with new releases and changing it up, they should stick to one and make it perfect. iPhone, I can't stand. I have a hard time using one. iPad is easy, iPhone not so much. Android as a phone (modded ROM, of course) is nearly perfect.
14. You want to develop without getting permission, signing a non-disclosure agreement, and without having to buy a Mac if you don't already have one.
Number 3 and 7. iTunes is terrible and Google integration is so convenient. All other reasons are good too. Reason #11 no back button on iPhone.
Love my Nexus One...still going strong
+Dustin Harper - I have actually thoroughly enjoyed using my Toshiba Thrive. I know that people like to toss around the fact that not many apps are "optimized" for tablets on Android, but I've never had an unpleasant experience with an app purely based on the fact that I was using it on a tablet instead of a phone. And the Thrive, at least, is incredibly fast _(particularly with my DaleNet custom ROM). Also, since Toshiba didn't come into it wanting to make an iPad, they instead made a Tablet fit for Android, with a removable battery, full HDMI port, and full USB port. When I hook up my Tablet to my TV, with a wireless mouse and keyboard, I really can use it for just about everything I use my computer for.

Without those things, my only limitation really is the speed at which my thumbs can type.
+Samuele Mattiuzzo Facebook support is slapped in by the handset manufacturer. You won't find it wasting space on a Galaxy Nexus.
+Gary Calpo i promise i'll link the article, there's no manifacturing in what i read. It's a feature of the new Android version, since FB apparently it's plannin to release a phone and Android team want to support its integration as much as possible... Native FB crap on my phone? No thanks, i'll go back to "stupid phones" :-/
""""IPHONE USERS, APPLE USERS"""!!!!!!!! - - - - -

You are a sheep, you follow the herd, you think like everyone else, act like everyone else, and your needs are chosen....! Think different, act different, BE different. And maybe if you start thinking differently and acting differently you can finally stop getting what you've always gotten and get something you actually want.
+Samuele Mattiuzzo - I tend to stay pretty on top of all things Android related, and I've yet to hear anything about built-in Facebook integration with vanilla Android. I also don't see why Facebook making a phone would alter Google's intentions at all. Amazon releasing the Kindle Fire did nothing to fill up vanilla Android with Amazon stuffs.
Ok I'll go for Android was anyway. I think the Iphone is over hyped by media. so this helps to avert a disaster
(3) For Realz. iTunes is the #2 reason I got an Android. Apple's political and content censorship being reason #1. And I solve (10) by getting Nexus devices. I've been running Ice Cream Sandwich on my phone and tablet since December.
Great list here. I've been thinking of switching to an Android phone once my contract is up. We'll see. My Android based tablet has served me well so I'm curious how a phone would be.
+Chris Pirillo Owners can not fix Apple products themselves…Apple owners are like Toyota Prius owners(They find any reason to show off how much of a pop culture icon they are)...
My number one reason is the customisability. If you don't like any default app you can download many alternatives. The ability to change things like the launcher, the keyboard and the dialer means that my phone can be tailored to my needs. And i'm never lacking for cool new features and functionality I can show off!
fact is, people need to stop glorifying Apple like it's the best thing since sliced bread. Apple fan boys to the fullest here.
(7) You use Google services for everything, everywhere else.
+Samuele Mattiuzzo - HTC is manufacturing a Facebook phone. HTC is not Google. Google produces vanilla Android and the manufacturers can do what they want to with it from there. So again, this article says nothing about Facebook integration being tied directly into the next release of Android, just one specific phone manufactured by HTC.

Directly from the article:

"Today’s report seems to suggest that the so-called Facebook Phone would use a completely customized Android OS. There’s a real possibility that HTC and Facebook will opt for a complete reskinning of the OS, thus forgoing Google services such as Google Play, Gmail, and Google Maps. That might be a deal breaker for some potential buyers, but the Facebook brand is arguably as strong as Google’s. A proper Facebook Phone can standalone."

This would make it pretty much the exact same situation as the Kindle Fire, and would have no impact on the future development of Android itself.
iphones are pretty... I like mine. I don't have to be a sheep to like it- I just do...I didn't see anyone elses' or covet it... I had a Samsung I hated. The iphone, I don't hate.
+Joshua Jones apparently, you can write very well, but you can't read. I told that IS NOT the original article i read, which I CANNOT FIND and you can call me a liar if you feel better pointing that out, but there's no need to explain me what's in the article i posted, i can read thanks :) If the the integrated OS is just a fork to pair up with the FB device from HTC, it's fine for me. Just as long as it's not becoming the trend to integrate FB with everything.
+Ray Vellest - Really I think the best solution would be for the companies to come to some kind of agreement, stop suing each other and their various partners, and develop full integration between platforms. An Apple user with an Android phone still accessing their iTunes flawlessly on their phone? An iPhone with access to all of the Google services, including Google Music?

Apple would give the massive number of Android users access to their digital stores, which would benefit them greatly, while Google gets the same sort of benefit, with iPhone users having better access to Google cloud services which are without a doubt better than any Apple equivalents.
13 more reasons why you want to Switch from Apple to anything Android Updated:

1.Apple TV (horrible, another way to lure you into their bullshit)
2. Banned, blocked or crippled apps
3. Blu-ray support? (there is none)
4. Censorship
5. DRM hypocrisy
6. Fear (Apples secrecy culture!)
7. iTunes (the bigger your library, the more swearing coming out of your mouth)
8. iPod Hi-Fi (haha)
9. iTunes LP (oh yeah! washed up)
10. Media control freakery
11. Schoolboy behaviour towards Adobe
(haha so true)
12.Vertical integration (limited)
13. The reality distortion field (lets everyone rush to defend Apple, in reeality it's the bully here)
+Joshua Jones Oh no! Then you would have people crying about Monopoly... and not having enough choices. Never going to happen.
+Samuele Mattiuzzo - I'm not calling you a liar, I'm saying that you must be mistaken. If you knew that the article you just posted wasn't backing up your original post, then why post it at all? You said "then try to stay more on top" and then posted the article URL, as if that article were disproving something that I had said. Instead the article did nothing but back up what I had said.

So again, I'm not saying that you're a liar. I just think that you were mistaken. It just doesn't make any sense for Google to tie Facebook into Android in any significant way, since Facebook can already do that themselves by simply providing a better app, and since Google has its own social network to tie in, if that is something they want to do.

I know that I personally would have zero interest in a Facebook phone, and if Facebook integration was built in to vanilla Android, it would simply be integration that I would not use.
+Steve A. Lea - I think you were responding to the wrong person. I wasn't the one that suggested the two companies merge. I just suggested that they allow one another to integrate better with their services. That would be sort of the exact opposite of a monopoly. It would allow people to make decisions based, not on existing usage (all my stuff is already on iTunes, so I have to get an iPhone) but instead based on which device they actually want.

This would remove artificial barriers and allow them to go back to competing with their hardware, rather than competing in who can better lock in their users.
+Steve A. Lea - That list of yours is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about. +Chris Pirillo's original list was not about the negatives of iPhones, but the positives of Androids. iPhone users at this point have probably grown used to hearing Android users tell them "your phone can't do this, can't do that," or "you stupid sheeple." That's not informative or helpful.

Instead, try following +Chris Pirillo's example and focus on the positivity of Android.
+Chris Pirillo - I would like to add a list item of my own, and it's one that many iPhone users may genuinely not know about.

The Android online community, as vast as it is, is mostly incredibly friendly and helpful to other Android users.

iPhone users, of course, would have no idea about this, since the majority of their experience with Android users probably boils down to something akin to +Steve A. Lea here.
Great List! Many in my family have ceased to be iDrones and made the switch. Not one of them have wanted to "go back".
You forgot my favorite reason: you want to make your own apps without having to pay Apple money. Or you just like the idea of using an open source OS. Or you want to customize the OS.
ha i had it rough with my room mate he thought he is challenging me to have an iPhone against my SG2 .He sees me enjoy and craves for some features he cannot get on his.
I could easily think of 10 reasons to prefer iOS over Android, starting with:
1. Android looks like Windows 3
2. Many Android apps seem to come from the MsDos times
3. Malware
etc. etc.
Android fanboys seem to me much more sheepish and uncritically following Google.
Also I read today that 1 million Android users downloaded an app called iPhone 4S screen, giving Android a bit of a iOS look.
I think a lot of Android users envy the better iOS
+Patrick Jefferson Also I read today that 1 million Android users downloaded an app called iPhone 4S screen, giving Android a bit of a iOS look.

At least we in the Android community have options. Also, 1 million out of >65 million?
1.5% (yeah, that is a lot)
+Joshua Jones - it's kind of funny to see another iOS person (+Patrick Jefferson) take the approach of listing a bunch of negative things about the competitor as a way to boost their ego as opposed to taking Chris's approach by listing out the positive things about their own platform!
+Patrick Jefferson -

1. In doing a quick search for Windows 3 images, I would have to agree. But only in the sense that all window / icon based GUIs kinda look like Windows 3.

2. The only ones I can think of that could apply here are terminal emulators and MUD clients, which are intentionally text-based. I would counter by syaing that many Android apps are developed first or simultaneously on iOS. Also, all of this is beside the point, because Apps are not the OS.

3. Again, Apps are not the OS, and it is through assuming that your OS is inherently secure that you open up the most vulnerabilities. The recent uncovering of massive malware issues on Mac OS X is a fine example of this.

4. "etc etc" is precisely not listing reasons.

5. I believe that most Google fans (myself included) simply find it easier to trust Google than other companies, because they are generally transparent.

6. As has already been mentioned, 1 million Android users is an incredibly small fraction of the userbase, as it amounts to about a day and a half of new activations. Additionally, the simple fact that we can make our phones look like a competing OS says a lot about the freedom and customization of Android, and the willingness on Google's part to allow such things to happen.

7. I cannot provide a debate with "I think a lot of Android users envy the better iOS" as it is not based in fact or backed up by any statistical proof.

8. You stopped numbering your reasons, so I numbered them for you.
+Joshua Lyon - I agree. The downside to it is that it just generally creates more negativity in the world. If we all just sit around judging the value of a thing based on how much its equivalents suck, then can we really say that we're happy to have what we do, or just that we're happy to not have something else?

I am very pleased with Android. If others are very pleased with iOS, then I am happy for them. They can and do coexist, and likely will for a long time to come. So we may as well stop being unhappy about it and just accept that they have some major differences that make them either right or wrong for different kinds of people.
Yeah, to much whining about other than Android/Google hardware/software here on Google+
How about 10 Reasons I want an Astromech?
1. Astromechs are very good at making coffee,
2. They don't complain
3. No updates needed,
4. They are great lovers,
and more...
Another good post Chris. I so dislike iTunes. I sure wish G Music could make a larger impact so artists will start using that service more.
From an iOS guys perspective, I have only one reason to even think about moving to Android. The Galaxy Note! God I love that phone. Come on Apple! Give me a larger screen! (doesn't have to be that large by the way)
if the iphone were not as expensive, it would not be such a craze fueled commodity.
I find apple a monopoly. Monopolies equal price fixing... as well as lack of choice... control etc. I have a factory unlocked works on any carrier with a sim card galaxy nexus and love it! After a big issue with my apple TV and support doing nothing to fix but asking for more money for "apple care"... I will never get another apple product. Sheep go for monopolies.
+Korey Bray - Yes, monopolies do generally cause price fixing, which is why there is so much effort in trying to stop monopolies (that aren't granted by the government). But Apple is not a monopoly in regards to their devices, partially because of Android. If it were a monopoly, you would basically have no choice but to stay with Apple or not have an equivalent device.
So true every reason is covered
I see a lot of non sensical if not hysterical arguments against Apple, its products and users, mostly not based on user experience, but based on what some other Apple hater said or wrote.
I have used various os'ses, mobile and desktop (including Android), and Apple's iOS and OSX have given me by far the best user experience ever. It's just more intuitive, clearer in design and reliable. Android is for nerds and programmers who like a Windows 3 / Msdos like interface, free malware, and all those other features they uncritically accept from Google. Android devices may be cheaper, but that's because a lot of them are crap. I'll never waist my money on them.
Still have my iPhone 3g and its doing fine but the number 1 reason to go android is.....The apple stores are really creepy,I mean it's like everyone is on Prozac or something that works there.And the fake ass all white theme has to go,I didn't arrive in heaven when I walked into the apple store I just came in to check my eBay like everybody else,pretending to buy something.Having had both systems on phones id have to say android is good for people that like to experiment and iPhone is for people that don't.
This android vs iOS gets real old ...
And this idiotic sheep argument is pathetic not to mention lame...
Go and find a new animal comparison argument...
I do however wonder why EVEN 1 android user would download "iOS screen"?

What would be an interesting debate would be ICS vs Windows 8(albeit the latter isn't fully fledged OS yet)
i haven't use iphone . but i think it all good ^^
Con android tienes mejores opciones en cuanto a precios de celulares, muchos mas equipos. I licencia android
Apple's walled garden approach is irritating me.
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