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Here are some tips to improve your audio when recording video with a DSLR camera.
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my SLR does not do audio/video :O Time to upgrade?
+Chris Pirillo YouTube sent me one of these as part of my gift package. I've yet to open it since I never travel with my camera. Will open it tonight though! (I use a Rode currently)
+Chris Pirillo Do you have any advice for recording video from any HDMI camera, and an external audio source to a portable hard drive or memory device. I would like to record with a portable switcher 2 cameras and mixed audio sources.
+Lamarr Wilson you get gift packages? man im in the wrong industry! all i get are 'Server Down!' packages :)
At some point, some of these devices will support time-code sync'ing so you can use a completely separate audio device to record the sound, and have the high quality video sync up perfectly later when you edit.
+Lamarr Wilson nice! congrats! I always think i should do more, and i can do wonderful things, but then never have time, and get to lazy to edit it :/
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