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More often than not, do you believe jump cuts improve, or hurt the production quality of a video?
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Depends on how they're used. When I first started editing about 17 years ago, my father told me (he's an editor as well) that the best "effect" was a cut. And if you're going to use effects you should be able to explain why you used each one.

In the case of YouTube vids, some use the jump cuts as "effects" to stylize the video... in others, because the producer may lack any editing savvy or maybe they're not so proficient at using the software yet. I tend to be much more forgiving about YouTube videos than I am traditional production.
in a dialogue-heavy scene, jump cuts are essential. When used to help create tension, they can be effective. When overused by inexperienced editors, they are jarring and annoying.
Improves quality. Even though it's kind of cliche now, it works.
I agree with both Tshaka Armstrong and JD Savage
Terrible. The only thing worse than a monotonic boring speaker is a "Jump Cut".
Some people can do it better than others, but I've never cared for it as applied by most people who use it on Youtube. I'd much rather see people either put in the effort to say what they're trying to say in one take, or insert supplementary pictures or videos for a more seamless transition.

One of the only people I know who consistently does it without making me want to punch my monitor is +Jay Smooth, with his illdoctrine Youtube channel.
As a film student and YouTube producer, jump cuts are simply a stylistic editing form. I'd personally rather watch a 6min video with jump cuts than a 10min one which has dead space. By trimming out the parts of a video you don't need it only increases the quality.
For the first time ever, I watched an episode of Jim Kramer's Mad Money just to see what he was saying about the Facebook IPO.

They did this 'wild' segment where he took phone calls and they kept jumping between cameras every second or two, some of the cameras would even be moving. It was absolutely nauseating. I had to turn it off.
it all depends on how you do the jump cut.
it breaks up the monotony of a straight through video. i don't think jump cuts hurt at all.
If overused it becomes annoying and makes me want to stop watching. It does make a poorly made video better in that you can use it to cover cut-out mistakes and speed things up.

I would say that a poorly done jump-cut video is slightly better than a poorly done video without jump-cuts, however a well done non-jump-cut video is significantly better than a well done jump-cut one.
With A.D.D. being more prevalent in todays society then ever before, no, it's much wanted .
Like anything else, they have a time an place. "My Drunk Kitchen" uses them well and they work for that show.
Dan C
What about when a camera is stationary but the recording "jumps"? A la AskANinja? Worked for him during his prime.
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