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This little tool is adorable! It also happens to be pretty handy. Do you carry anything like this around with you?

Ryan states that it's not the easiest thing to use, but it will definitely help you out of many situations.
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Leatherman you better watch out! 
Perfect Christmas gift for yourself or someone else!
Well just I have to order one.  Thanks alot Chris...

Holy crap....the shipping was over half the price of the device.  Sheesh.  I could ship that anywhere in the US for $2.40.  But, I bought it anyway.  I will probably use it on a daily basis so I will get my money's worth.
Nice, but I bet that won't make it through TSA screening at the airport! :^)
This is key (pun intended).  

"For frequent fliers, this might get through TSA just fine. There’s no blade on it to make it a weapon, but it’s up to the agent to determine if a flathead screwdriver poses a risk to the plane. I certainly wouldn’t have considered it a hazard while I was working in security, but things are different these days."

I love these types of tools but always wind up surrendering them to TSA. 
Will be a problem taking it to the airports or to courts. 
I have this tool too, it was one of my Christmas presents last year.
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