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Have you been to a Renaissance Festival before? What was the experience like for you?

Have you ever traveled long-distance to attend something like this? Would you? 
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We go every year. It's a blast. I wouldn't travel over night to visit, but it's well worth the long drive.
I went a few times with family. It's really fun, even if you don't dress up. Lots of cool little things you can buy. It's a great experience, highly recommended.
Have you ever been to the UK or Europe Chris or Diana? 
IDK, +Chris Pirillo, would you travel long distance to go to Burning Man? Too many clothes at the renaissance fair, I know :D 
E Walk
I love them! Ren Faire season here in MA is right around my bday, so it's a big family affair every year to celebrate! It's a blast. Turkey legs, jousts, corsets. Always guaranteed fun!
Yup, ran guild with my wife and even had a ren wedding
If its the one outside of L.A. Yes a half dozen times back in the 70's loved it back then. All day affair good eats and crowded. 
Yup I go every year for my birthday to the Minnesota ren fest :-)
Ah, Texas RenFest....middle aged swingers and hippies shoved into bodices that haven't fit since college. My friends are all Rennies (most people use it in the pejorative, not Rennies) and the last time I went I was making fun of them. One friend freaked out and said at least Rennies aren't a bunch of Star Wars dorks that walk around in stupid costumes and that they take the not-even-close-to-period-accurate costumes seriously. No more than 3 seconds later the 501st walked by in the parade.
He wouldn't speak to me for the rest of the day. Good times. Also, the camp sites overnight have more drugs, booze, and sex than I've ever seen. Also potentially good times.
Frankly, I cannot put up with Medieval and Renaissance festivals anymore! 
+Scott Croom Sex, drugs and booze! Who can go wrong with that. It's like a rave, but olden day. Rofl.
They are great fun and if you reguarly, a great community. There is lots of cross over with sci-fi geeks of course. Some people just love to play dress up. I wouldn't travel too far for one simply because there are little fairs all over the country and you can probably find one close by.
I've been to a few, been a long time though. My favorite memory was seeing a small group of people cosplaying in Star Trek uniforms, an away team scanning people in medieval costumes and looking generally confused. 
+Andy Martin I'd almost do it if it hadn't been for Big Bang Theory. Once that episode came out my friends all said that Sheldon reminded them of me the last time we went.
+Scott Croom At raves, they have a wall of subwoofers, so the porta potties naturally are cleaner, given the bass destroys matter at that SPL level.
I LOVED going to RenFaire in CO, actually. Loads of fun. I didn't realize that the one in Larkspur all those years ago was actually a huge one. All the ones since then have been somewhat disappointing because they're so tiny and, while cute, very drab in comparison.
In Maryland the Renn Fest goes for 3 months and we go two or three times each year. The food is great, the atmosphere is fantastic, and the shows/skits are always fun. Not to mention a lot of local orchards/farms have stands and we buy local honey and food while we are there.
i have been to the one in Larkspur, CO when I lived in the area. Good one. Now I live less than a mile from the one near Charlotte, but have not been.
I have been to the very festival to which you refer. Twice. We didn't dress up or anything. Had a blast. But then I like Celtic music and hand crafted stuff.
There are a few in Texas. Been several times to TRF near Houston. The Turkey legs are amazing. If you are familiar with reenactment then you can pick out the rennies, LARPers, etc just by their footwear and garb. Pretty fun. The live music, dancers, and such are a blast. If you want to see some belly dancing, it is a pretty good place to go. Beware the skimpy clothing in the evening, especially on the last weekend. If you want to take your kids, go before that.
J Rose
Yep!! Tex renfest! It's right around the corner! I'm super excited! It's a nice casual place to hang out with friends (and a great way to persuade my out of town friends to make the trip to my neck of the woods). Plus the music is awesome!
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