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it's human nature to err. We're just like slingshots. We aim at a goal, shoot ourselves at it, but with the momentum, always overshoot ourselves pass it.
If technology can read my thoughts, which I am willing to consider, then I should be able to read the thoughts of technology...which I realize could be a serious amount of binary digits.
I saw some show a couple years ago... might have been 20/20 or something like that, where they had a technology they could put on someone's head, show them pictures and know with better than lie detector accuracy if that person was familiar with the image. In other words, they could show you faces and your brain produces one type of signal if you don't recognize the face and another when you do recognize the face. Same is true for pictures of places you've been or have seen.

There was a guy in prison for a murder he swears he didn't do (yeah, nothing new there) and they used this tech on him, showing him random pictures, some of them were pictures of the crime scene, and they didn't tell him which ones were which. They also showed some pictures of a concert that he claims he was at at the time of the murder.

The results of the tech were that he had no familiarity with the crime scene and lots of familiarity with the concert.

Getting pretty scary what they can read now. I think at some point we need to decide what line should never be crossed and live with the risk. I know I don't want my internal thoughts being scrutinized by government employees, my wife, my kids, my parents, my employers, or anyone else. I'm perfectly willing to live with the risk of some bad guys walking around in order to keep my own thoughts private.

We may have to think of a chant like "cookies and milk, cookies and milk, cookies and milk" as we're walking through a security check point... or even worse, "praise <fill in current president's name here>".
To late it already is target based advertizin :-/
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