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Haven't had a problem with iOS 6 Maps yet - certainly, no worse than when Google Maps started. Had to file a few bugs with them back in the day. People have very short-term memories, methinks.
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I think its actually admirable that Apple is contributing to Open Street Maps.
On my G1, I was sent to quite a few wrong addresses via Google Maps.  
I don't think it is about forgetting that Google Maps also had to start somewhere, it is about Apple removing a mature app to replace it with their own immature app, therefore making the experience worse for their users. I know it will get better though.
that is like saying. The new iphone isn't that bad it's still better than the first android phone. You are setting the bar really low. 
+Chris Pirillo how is the wifi connection and your voicemail (the icon, not manually dialing)? Any issues with LTE not connecting properly? How is the handoff from going to a call, back to LTE? (LTE turns off and goes back to hspa when on a call) once the call is done does it go back to LTE?

I ask those questions as I have been getting flooded with calls about these issues at work
I've had a couple downright errors, a little bit sparse on some data too .  I think the big problem is that they gave up a system that worked fine, for one that is still in development.  Sure, make Apple Maps the default, but they should have at least provided a means to switch back to the Google maps.

Of course there is the whole lawsuit thing too.....  Timing is everything sometimes.
But it doesn't discount the fact that many have had problems now does it?
I think its good to use its own map by APPLE, and finish the ONE MAN show (google)
I live in Yuma, Arizona. According to Apple Maps, when I search for "Mexican Restaurants", there is only one. IRL it's a tattoo shop, but that's OK because the iPhone 5 is longer now.
It's sickening how far people will go to defend multi billion dollar companies. +Chris Pirillo and others make apple think it's ok to treat their customers like crap. Congrats on a job well done chris.
+Travis Koger - the alternative was to give Google more attention and more money. It's not as black and white as you make it out to be.
Amon RA
+Chris Pirillo Since when is 5+ years short-term? How would you rate iOS 6 Maps if it was released by another company on the market? Would you even care to download it? Would you accept it's flaws and bugs and would you replace Google Maps with it?
They made their own app because Google was never going to give them the turn by turn directions Android has. They HAD to make their own app. Maps on the iPhone 4 and 4S suck. I know because I have it. I can't wait for the first updates to the new app. It will get better and the 3D maps are cool. I like it. 
If you don't like it, use a third-party app. *shrug* There are plenty of 'em in the app store if any of y'all bothered to look. And don't lecture me on costs, either - because there's a cost associated with everything.
Only issue I see people having is that there's no transit directions. A lot of people see it as a inconvenience that they must download another app for that
I hope you don't run into any of these issues. That's all I have gotten for calls in tech support since Friday. We've had the highest call volume in 3 years in our department because of this, what seems to be as everyday goes by, a failed product. Its one of the worst launches for the iPhone I have ever experienced since the release of the 3G with our company. Never seen so many issues with the OS and the phone. And it seems from an article I read that +Robbie Adams shared the iphone is easy to get scratches on the back
You're going to see issues because, my god, 2m+ people purchased them. ;)
Back in the day Google Maps was new technology. iOS 6 Maps isn't any new technology ... it's only apple branded. 
I understand a lot of people ordered the phone but the SIII was a huge success for us and I wasn't flooded with issues like the iPhone is. I am lucky if I get 1 call a day with the SIII and usually they are legitimate network issues and not phone issues. I have gone to a point where we tell people not to download iOS6 on the 3GS/4/4S because of all these issues with it
You're missing the point. It's about replacing an ultimately better product with a half baked app.  It will take them a lot of years to even get at least half the amount of data Google maps have. 
No, it's not about "replacing an ultimately better product with a half baked app," it's about not giving Google any more money or space (with the move likely forced by a contract ending). Apple doesn't owe its customers Google - and while I'm certainly aware that the Maps product is lackluster compared to its predecessor, at least Apple can rely on a very rich ecosystem of app developers to fill their gaps.

Please explain +Charlie Ellingson I myself just have a hard time believing it. (I have yet to experience iOS 6 maps just seen some demos and overviews)
Why go back in time when you have the future?
+Chris Pirillo Oh I understand that they needed to do it, but they did it in a way that was looking after their interests rather than their users... They could have easily pushed harder on their own app to make sure it was better than it is before final release. As I said though, it will get better and by this time next year this will have blown over and been forgotten, just like their other bad ideas.
Hang on. Unless I'm completely mistaken, nobody here (in this thread, certainly) was a part of contract negotiations between Google and Apple. We don't know if Apple refused, Google refused, or they toyed with each other in such a manner to make it appear as though the other party was to blame.

They had to ship "something," and this is the best they could do for now - without Google.

I've been quite vocal about this: Apple SHOULD have labeled this sucker beta (like they did with Siri), and they SHOULD have brought aboard different engineers long before today. Apple still COULD push people towards PLENTY of third-party apps in the App Store (which would create a completely different conspiracy theory, suggesting they intuitionally made their Maps app suck to make more money from app purchase percentage splits).

+Chris Pirillo So Apple gave their customers a downgrade so they could make more profit, got it. You realise you're expecting people to accept a terrible experience because things were bad in the PAST? I'll swap your car for a horse and see how you like getting around.
Apple may have seen itself backed into a corner with little other option.

Or, as you suggested, Apple cut off its nose to spite its face.

This still isn't Google's phone.
Not sure why you keep saying this isn't Google's phone, does anyone think it is? When Apple have enough data to get rid of TomTom will you also be saying this isn't TomTom's phone? There is no problem with partnering with a superior supplier of information to provide what is needed to make your phone the best experience... like they do with other suppliers.

Also, not sure about the whole contract negotiations side of the discussion. Apple have been preparing for this for a significant amount of time, I would have doubted that they would have been pursuing any contract with Google as part of their thermonuclear attack on Google.
But like Siri they didn't say it was beta until AFTER they marketed the product as a full fledged finished product, to only later learn it was beta... Chris you are better suited to say if it was apple that admitted it was beta or if they got caught with their pants down that it was beta and had no choice to comply... however as it stands now with the amount of calls with issues on the phone. The maps. I wouldn't recommend the iPhone 5. A lot of people at work aren't impressed with the launch nor are they recommending to buy the phone... sad really but the android fan in me can't help resist smirking at this
+Charlie Ellingson thanks for your response but I see flyover as a novelty. I would use it just to look a random places. I just don't see it being very practical but hey that's me.

I'm pretty sure Apple will come up with something unique to at least keep Google on their toes. Even though I'm not an Apple fan, I hope this push Google harder to make an even better app than they have now. (I still feel for the people who upgraded and was left disappointed.)
Let me get this straight Apple gives users a feature on their phone for free that it didn't have prior to last Tuesday unless they bought a $50 app and they screwing over their users? Google Maps in my personal experience was 65% accurate and 2 weeks ago almost got my family killed when it misdirected us into a very bad neighborhood where we saw gun shots being fired a block away. I don't know about you but I would rather search for a furniture museum in the sea than have a gun shot at me.
Even if it was 100% how safe is it when you have to take your eyes off the road to read directions.
No bugs yet. It just lacks the quality that I had become accustomed to. Who wants to take a step back?
Sooooo. I see that emotions run strong in the great phone debate. I suggest every one walk down to the nearest has station (if you can find it without your phone giving turn by turn directions), and buy an old school paper map. Then blame it for getting you lost. Most of you sound so stupid right now. 
+Charlie Ellingson The extreme fanboys are bad on both sides. I remember a couple years back when they was really hard on Android and criticized it every chance they got. Now that Apple are having a few slip ups and are falling slightly behind (from my view). You don't expect Android fans are just going to give them a free pass. Also this Patent war is just adding fuel.

(I also think the Windows vs. Mac thing is stupid but yet I find myself in a similar situation at times with phones.. lol)
Alex H
I agree the app should of been labeled Beta cause until this app I wasn't aware my local school was under water BUT for the short amount of time apple had on this aspect of the OS they did a damn good job not the best certainly it's predecessor has that title but with the next update it'll get better I'm glad apple and google are competing like this that means they'll both strive to be better which benefits us ALL. +Chris Pirillo 
I'm holding on to iOS 5 for now, mainly because I see very little for my "ancient" iPhone 4 to cause me to go to the next OS, and I won't be getting the next iPhone until my carrier finally un-grandfathers me from unlimited data.
IT'S NOT GOOGLE'S PHONE - IT'S NOT APPLE'S PHONE - IT'S YOUR PHONE (and if you need good maps you really shouldn't have bought it, yet) 

Less apologies for the largest company in the world who have more than enough money to do a better job than this. All about profit, and anyone who bought a new iPhone just threw some more on the heap. 
Apples resemblance to North Korea is just striking. Brainwashed bullsh** argumentation like "Apple is not Google" is just what Kim Jong Jobs wanted to hear :-D
Alex H
Oh god people it's just a phone not a religion I'd love to have an iPhone 5 just as much as I'd love to have a Samsung galaxy S 3. Android and iOS both have flaws neither will be perfect anytime soon so go to another post and fight about the two. Thank you. 
+Alex Haddox We are talking about a product that got worse, they actually introduced a worse experience, they need to be told. 

If iPhone users keep embracing (and in this case encouraging) this type of behavior they really will end up with a terrible phone. I want to see technology get better all the time across all manufacturers but it irritates the hell out of me when so many people stand up for terrible decisions which move us backwards. If Google are allowed to release a maps application into the Apple store then Apple maps are dead in the water so what was the point with all of this. Just Apple being Apple and that whole childish 'thermonuclear' nonsense. 
I'm sure it will get better.

I've not used iOS 6 Maps yet myself, but Google Maps isn't perfect either, if you live in rural places (like Eastern Ontario, Canada).

It still shows my parents' house as being right in the middle of the river that is in front of their house, after many years.

I went to visit them last night, and don't recall having to swim out to see them... just saying, nothing is perfect, including software, and Google has had a LONG time to get this right.
+Rick Owens Google maps is always accurate in my 2 years experience.
Your problem with the bad neighborhood is not a issue with maps, but with your stupid gun laws and lacking welfare efforts.
+Charlie Ellingson I give a shit whether it's a Google, apple or windows phone. If there is a superior service I can't use, I won't buy it.
People are used to the Google experience of maps now and bringing them down from Google Maps to Apple maps ( in such a stage) is like going back from modern age to Ice age.
That awkward moment when and absolute idiot is defending you and taking your side...

You want so say thank you but, damn, you're an idiot and it's embarrassing...

+Charlie Ellingson
Another way too look at this is now Google can put their unrestricted Google Maps app in the app store which will compete with Apple's, this can only push both to create better product for us.
The bottom line is that Apple shouldn't release these "beta" applications but tout them like they are the new best thing when they're not.  If they said "here is our new maps, its a little rough around the edges, but down the road is going to be amazing", I don't think this maps stuff would be getting the same negative attention.
Competition isn't based on a previous version of another product, it's based on the current one.
It is compared against the modern version of Google maps because they could have kept that version, if they were not so prideful.  
Google maps are better than Apple maps in the PRESENT!!!. Thats all i care.
Perfect example of a circular argument. So I am creating a rule. If it has already been said above you are not aloud to post it again. Simply +1 the comment. Now to mute this post...
Rick K
But +Chris Pirillo your forgetting back then maps was relatively new. Apple has help from people who have been doing this for decades. You think it would be better than a fail
It is working just fine for me
Not good in the UK though.  Main roads not labled correctly, town names in wrong place.  Time will tell.
+Aaron Stanton this is true, but imagine how hard will Apple push when Google comes up with their own app? This in turn will push Google and we all win. Only thing I dnt agree with is how it was presented, it should have been beta. Updated my wife's 4s to iOS 6  and now she hates me :(
Seems that some people haven't read my rants. Not my problem.
Problem of Apple Maps is not just one messed-up navigation app.  Apple switched the map kit (API) in iOS 6. Apple knew that their map sucks because app devs have been complaining about Apple Maps since the beta versions, but they changed the API anyway and left app devs no choice. So if your app uses iOS map kit, your app is stuck with the inferior map content. 
Alex H
+Phil Doherty your absolutely right but what bothers me is the fact that people can get attacked nowadays by the phone they have who cares! yes apple maps is a screw up and sucks but people are quick to forget how crappy google maps was back in the day. It's so hypocritical honestly I think apple realized it messed up and won't relive this anytime soon. So we should all move on
+Brett Legree have you notified google it's wrong? Doesn't take long. Apple may just note be getting into maps. But they bought two companies that had experience. As well as getting data from Tomtom.
+Alex Haddox Apple is the one that days their things just work. With their last phone and this one they've had things that don't just work. They touted SIRI as a major feature. Then, when it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, they tell you it's still beta. Now they're doing the same with maps. Apple shouldn't have been saying how amazing maps was. What I checked out on my wife's iPad looked beautiful. But what difference does it make if it has names wrong and places wrong?
Are you saying people didn't complain about google maps being bad in the beginning? So why shouldn't people complain about Apple?
Alex H
+william reynolds I understand and agree with you but the ones who get me are the people who can easily point to apples faults but never googles its astounding but yes maps should of been labeled beta and not shown as great, yes it's good to complain so they can fix it, but there is a line between constructive criticism and hate.
It is amazing what a little app can do 
I believe Apple can say their maps are awesome. I also believe they can say the maps are still in beta. Google also did that.

However, with Google, we were and still are free to choose other choices if their maps are crappy. It's a free service anyway.
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