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Why does Apple not want to include NFC technology in the iPhone? Will they ever? Do we as consumers NEED this type of tech?

Do you feel shortchanged for not having it on your mobile device? And, if you're an Android user, how often do you actually USE this stuff?
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Do you NEED a connection to internet on your cell phone? Do you NEED to play Angry Birds on your cell phone? Do you NEED to have a touch screen on your cell phone? (No, but they are all nice and helpful)
p.s. I just want to be forward about this... no hostility is in that message at all (I'm not yelling, just emphasising)
I don't even know what it is.. I guess google to the rescue ;)
My Mom uses the NFC in her N7 to get into the building in which she works everyday.

And we didn't NEED cameras on our phones...until we did.

It's has to be something to earn more money somehow
I think the Samsung use of it is stupid. Peer to peer Bluetooth does the same thing and you don't have to touch phones.

Other uses for it are equally silly. Set up my phone one way for when I go to the toilet and another way when I leave my house sort of stuff.

NFC will be powerful when there is a standard and it can be used for payments or transferring sensitive information. For that google and or apple are going to have to step up and impose a little tyrant to set a standard.
I've used it transfer contacts to my wife's new S3 she got to replace her aging 3GS since she lost most of hers when an update didn't go correctly.
I have NFC tags around my work area and at home.  I use one at home to turn on wifi/bt/sound/etc. and use one at work for turning sound off and tethering on.  I also have one in my car to turn bt on and start playing music.  It's really convenient in those use cases.
Aside from triggering things, I've used it a few times to pay for things, but more places need to have their terminals working or a terminal for me to use it.
I feel angry that Apple is trying to make their own standard... once again, instead of going with an existing standard. Just another corner in the Apple box.

I was really hoping they'd have NFC in the iPhone 5 and then the stage would be set.

I use NFC and would use it for buying things if Google Wallet would come to Canada. 
I pay with it for food gas drinks whatever on my evo every day.i rarly take my wallet out anymore
I use NFC every day. I have tags set up for my car dock, by my bed, at work and by the door at home to change settings and start apps
+Robert Hirsch don't you have to pair the phones still and have to tell the person what code to put in etc? it's more of a convenience use in that case.  
NFC is more of you tap the phones press and information just transfers.
It's only the beginning. I see great things in NFC furture. I'm seeing some being implemented now. NFC tags for one. I would love to see NFC on public advertisement. Say like a poster, you swipe your phone across and get more information about the product. NFC is being used in public transportation for maps and other uses. 
I use the NFC almost daily, along with a few people I know who also do it. 
Jeffry, that is the same number of action as loading bt share app and transferring pics. The apps find themselves.
when I was setting up my son's Nexus7 it was easy to just use the NFC to transfer contacts from daughters Nexus7 with a quick tap.
It has gotta be more secure than comparing a signature on a bank card or leaving up to someone to do that.
NFC tags in public are going to be as do and in creative as qr code currently are.

I'm not saying its a bad technology. I'm saying there are cooler uses for it than advertiZing and setting up your phone.
+Jeffrey Young +Robert Hirsch Yeah, for Bluetooth you have to give the person the code, and then go to whatever you want, then share it. With NFC you just go to whatever you want and touch phones for a moment, it's not like you'll be sharing something with someone from far away. 
+Robert Hirsch it's still cumbersome to ask for a passcode and pairing things up.  Heck, I've used NFC to transfer an app to a friend's phone for him instead of going into the play store and searching for it.  It's interactive.
Surprisingly I've used it a fair bit simply to transfer Apps. There are so many good uses for NFC with contactless payments being the prime use. Of course Apple faithful will claim it is not important.
Also I see NFC or something similar replace other electronic and scaning cards, and other common tools such as keys (NFC built into cars would be awesome) 
What pass code? The apps find themselves.
You guys are using the wrong apps or they are not implemented well in the apps you are using. No pass code needed 
It's not using an app, it's pairing with Bluetooth... 
The apps, for iPhone, that use Bluetooth like bump or photoshare, set up bt as peer to peer. No pass code needed. It's the same amount amount if work as transferring via NFC but you can do it across the room and its been available for years 
+Robert Hirsch we don't need external apps though...dare I say, it just works, and if it doesn't it asks your phone to download an app via bringing that app's install screen up on the device.  It's more natural to use NFC.
That's a marginal difference (press button to activate nfc vs load an app) and the phone have to be near each other. With peer to peer apps it just works better. Heck they could have made android phone do all the same file sharing stuff with Bluetooth widget. Why didn't they? Or did they?
So, no passcode? and you want to install an app on my device mid range?
Also, when is the last time you've successfully got someone to install something JUST so you can do that?
Apple always makes choices for you. Sounds like communism to me.
I'm simply amazed that more people don't know about NFC and tagging.  It's not just about mobile payments and sending contacts and playlists to your friends.  

Put a tag (sticker) on your bed and when you put your phone down it configures whatever setting you want (turn off ringer, put calls in priority mode, keep the screen off, turn off wifi, etc.)  Put a tag in your car (turn wifi off, turn Bluetooth on, load certain playlists, give directions using GPS, etc.)  All without even touching a button.

These are a few basic examples.  The possibilities of NFC are endless...
NFC is awesome, anyone that doesn't think so should just go buy an iPhone. Because when Crapple reinvents NFC, iNFC im assuming it's going to be called, the world will be in awe and paypass terminals will go up everywhere. They already ARE up everywhere, no one hooks them up though, besides mcdonalds. But fuck McDonalds though. 
+Brian Utne I like McDonalds.  Just be sure to order the fries with NO salt.  That way they have to make you a new batch of hot fries.

Sorry... totally off-topic right now.
+Hector DeJesus HAHAHA, heck yes! I'm gonna do that...get like, a happy meal size fry,with NO salt! haha which is like, 10 fries.
Personally I use mine a few times a week. I really enjoy the ease of using it at the grocery store. It has also come in handy sharing a quick link or app with a friend without send it over email but I only saved a few seconds is all off of that. I think the security and banking options are great and useful.
Every time I want to pass pictures to them. NFC is on a tiny minority of android phones, what do you do when you want to pass contacts, photos or files to friends without the feature? Same thing.

I see this is quickly going to turn into an android vs iPhone conversation for which I am not very interested in participating in.
Well even now people are starting to program their business cards into little NFC chips so when you go to their office, you can just tap your phone on it and it'll download all their information to you. Apple really needs to get their NFC stuff rolling so that the world can be revolutionized and the usefulness of NFC will skyrocket.
+Robert Hirsch wasn't this already that type of debate though? The question was asked to both types of users.  When I want to send files, I use Drive and the same for photos.  Contacts I can use NFC, if I want.
NFC was on a minority of phones, then the GS3 came out and tons of those sold and now more phones are coming out with NFC - Note 2.  Heck, EVEN NOKIA has NFC in their phones and upcoming tablets.
+Jeffrey Young True! And since the Galaxy Nexus launch, a majority of phones coming out have it, and if your phone doesnt have it, you can just get a micro sd card that has an nfc chip in it. The downside to those is that the space isnt that high, like a gig or two i think..=/
+Robert Hirsch     Actually... NFC isn't an Android thing at all.  Nokia had it on a phone in 2006/2007.  Windows 8 phones have it built into the OS.  NFC is a standard that wasn't developed by Google in any way.

The main thing is that you don't have to pair the device in order to send a contact in that case.  Doing everything you mentioned is really a secondary use rather than a primary function of the technology.  
As I've mentioned like 100 times, for peer to peer Bluetooth, the method the file sharing apps use, you don't have to pair devices or type in a pass code. The apps just find each other and link.
+Robert Hirsch but, again, that also requires the users to have those applications installed.  Typically people don't want to just install an app to install it :/  At least I've dropped that habit.
well if youre in an app and put your phone to the back of another and beam it, it takes them to the play store and shows them the app "Hey what app is that?" "Here ya go!" buhdoop.
+Jeffrey Young yup and when it's more established, apple will take it on and utilize it. What was the point again?

All I've said is that the great majority of the uses for NFC are covered by peer to peer bt, or are used by ubernerds (no offense) too set up their phones when the go to bed and leave their house etc (I just turn it off, when I go to bed). Payment is one awesome use for it. And when that becomes more established, apple will take it on, in the same way every other technology makes it into their equipment. They are almost never first in a technology, but they spend the time on the software side integrating it well or use their muscle to make a standard which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

The best thing that will ever happen to NFC is for apple to,use their muscle to get it more used, to bring millions of new users to the technology, to make developers confident that this is going to be a firm technology. So far this has not happened. Google could do it too, but they have chosen to let the Wild West do it. I think that is a bad plan. The Wild West is great for developing technologies, not for employing standards.
Brian, and with p2p Bluetooth you can do that from across the room. What's your point?
I had no point, you're right, nfc sucks, until apple reinvents it.
I think Samsung has done a fairly good job at promoting it's use...I mean I don't want to make a Samsung joke in reference to what you just stated, but yea...
yeah but p2p bluetooth is better.
I don't understand this idea that Apple makes everything that they touch better. They take a lot of simple things and make them almost unusable.

Example. The new iPhone 5 is unable to successfully push emails and notifications on the Enterprise Exchange server for any reasoned amount of time. So, all of our corporate users receive emails at sporadic times throughout the day. Is that a problem?

No one seems to mention it outside of the angry callers but it's a much bigger issue than the iOS Maps issue by far.

It's so bad that we're pushing people back to BlackBerrys...
+Hector DeJesus no one says anything because its the iphone5. the most amazing piece of technology ever. With its 1400 mah battery.....and....4 inch display....and...5th row of icons...and....LTE....and...uh...uhhhhhh...mmm......I got nothin...hah
I don't think anyone will complain that they have an extra feature. While most users probably don't use these extra features that often, I think they are still neat to have.
+Jeffrey Young That looks great. I will give it a try.

Is there any way to configure a tag to send a Glympse?
+Skyler Call Not sure about Glympse as I'm not a user of that app, but I'm sure you can do something similar within Tasker to do the same Task.  There's Foursquare, FB, and Latitude/Places, Twitter options in NFC Task Launcher, but I think the last time I used Latitude checkin there was something wrong with the API as it didn't work out correctly.
Only deal with Tasker is the Task only pertains to your device afaik.
The rumor behind Apple not including it on their latest iPhone iteration is that a number of NFC patents they just applied for.  Maybe they are falling behind, but maybe they are getting ready to be a game changer again.....
Rick K
I feel in 2 to 3 years you won't want to buy without it. The future of not carrying a wallet is close. This includes drivers license, and all other cards. I think in 5 to 7 years wallets will be a thing of the past 
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