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Not in my opinion. Being that the Samsung line of Galaxy S phones have been the most popular for Android thus far, I feel as if this is the nail in the coffin for the IPhone. Making it a trend just like the Blackberry. 

I base this off of the fact that the Galaxy S II is already better than any IPhone out right now in my opinion. 

What do you guys think?
From reading the title alone I'd say yes, because it runs android... Although the SIII is ridiculously fast (I have the pebble blue). Even compared to the One X It's quite a bit faster. Anyway I'll read the article now!
Not sure if I should get this when it comes out...or to wait for the new iPhone. 
But the picture featured the original #GalaxyS
Today it is amazing, in 6 months no one in tech news will care about it... it will be "slow"!
+Ray Lema Just out of curiosity, what in your opinion makes an S2 better than any iPhone? I own an iPhone 4S & also a Galaxy S3 & I'm really struggling to find any way other than some GUI customization where the S3 even comes close to the iPhone.. 
The fact that Samsung is calling all the models Galaxy S III instead of having vendor-specific names is a subtle but major change. It means they want the customers to ask for it by name, instead of seeing it as one of several phones offered by the carrier. Like the iPhone, it is a step toward shifting power to the manufacturer and away from the carriers.
+Steve Taylor Customization is one of the best things about Android. I can't imagine going back to a phone where the screen can't be a custom dashboard of weather forecasts, voicemail messages transcribed, and email counts.

Plus, apps like tasker can change settings in response to environmental changes such as GPS location or getting into a particular Bluetooth-equipped vehicle.
There's pro's & cons for both but in my opinion iOS is so slick, stable & very fast.. My iPhone 4S is way faster than my Galaxy S3 but Android is fundimentaly flawed at IO level which makes it very sluggish.. It is a very inefficient OS which is why all these new phones need such big processors.. 
I have this galaxy s 3 and an iPhone, for me the two are equal
+Steve Taylor use what works best for you :)

(I use Android on a Galaxy Nexus, and on my computers I use OS X, Linux of all kinds, FreeBSD and OpenBSD, Windows...)
Feels so plastic & cheap in the hand though.. I really feel that Samsung just took most of the inners out of the S2 & bodged the rest together.. That screen is way too big, you need hands like shovels to operate the thing properly.. Still like it though.. LOL
Yes, the GNex does - but mine lives in an Otterbox case anyway (just as an iPhone would) so it doesn't matter much. Plus I have hands like shovels :)
I guess it's each to their own, lol. My S3 is so smooth and fast, no lag or stutters at all after having it 2 days. I also have no problem with the size and love the colour. Others hate the "over saturation" though.

I just can't wait to see what stage tech will be at in 5 years! Competition is good, makes companies innovate faster.
There pros and cons to both. For me I like Android for phones, I would choose iOS for a tablet and I am still using Windows for my PC. Best of all worlds.
Re Ge
+Steve Taylor I base this off of the fact that the Galaxy S II is already better than any IPhone out right now in my "opinion". 
What makes the S II better than say your IPhone 4S you ask?
Reason 1
The screen on the S II sports a 4.7 inch Super AMOLED screen that looks brilliant and takes less battery life so I can actually enjoy my screen.....Because its actually on.

Reason 2

Its Android.

Reason 3

Since it's Android I get free turn - by - turn Navigation for free from Google. 

Reason 4

The design of the actual phone may feel "plastic" and "cheap" to you, in my opinion I like how it feels.To me it feels almost like I'm not holding anything at all. In my opinion I like the design of the S III more than the design of the IPhone 4S (Or 4) (Well all the IPhones kinda look the same) = BORING!

Reason 5

Did I mention that it was Android?
+Steve Taylor my father moved from an iPhone to the Galaxy SII Skyrocket and he couldn't be happier. A few of his reasons included: no longer using iTunes, less restriction on content, and the ability to root. On top of that, the larger screen and speed of the LTE device added a lot. After using it for a few months he said Apple would need to significantly overhaul iOS to go back.

I love Android, but recommended the iPhone to him and that is what drew him in. After using that for a while, he felt like whatever he did was controlled by Apple and hated that.

Just my two cents (or my father's).
Android is more customizable but ios works right all the time. IMO phone has all the options I need, plus cloud is a necessity for me. All pics, music, and apps auto-syncing on all my devices is amazing. No 3rd party software to deal with.
+Steve Taylor one other note, I know what you mean about the cheap plastic feeling. I have the HTC Evo 4G LTE and it is a solid phone. Nicely crafted and amazingly smooth. I think the build quality ranges from Manufacturer to Manufacturer. I think the thing to take away from this is what is better? iOS vs Android? HTC Sense vs TouchWiz? etc.
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+Steve Taylor I'm glad to see that there is a start up out there trying to take a slice of the Nav "pie" but I still would rather use my Google Navigation because it hasn't and will not fail me now because with the new update I'm going to have all my maps offline. Can Waze say the same?
+Terry Prevatt cloud feature has been with Android for a couple years now, works the same plus does more than what apple has to offer. No 3rd party apps. Although it was quite fragmented until recent.
+Ray Lema no but 3G is pretty good in the UK & so far I've not been let down. It's pretty good.. 
+Mawdo Jawo In this article I wrote about the history of the line, so this is why the original is in the preview box :)
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+Steve Taylor Don't get me wrong the IPhone was an amazing phone when it came out. It really is the reason that phones looks and feel the way they do today. But now the game has changed. Apple should switch up their game because just like Kodak if they don't they are going to be left in the dust.
Technically, iOS is far better than Android for good reason & the majority of people want 'user friendly' & like the whole Apple ecosystem because of its ease of use. Even Windows OS is technically better than Android as both iOS & Windows OS have been developed from scratch specifically for their respective jobs whereas Android has been botched together from some Linux desktop OS & adapted for touch phones.. For example, installed, iOS only take up just over 1GB of space & ICS uses nearly 5GB.. Wow! 
Off to bed, goodnight all, it's been interesting.. Nothing like a good debate to get me to sleep.. LOL
re: GS1: "Samsung followed this all up with plenty of updates to the operating system when necessary, and delivered them a lot more promptly than a lot of other manufacturers."

My Vibrant got a grand total of two updates, none of which were "timely." The infamous GPS fix took at least three months to roll out, and Froyo took another three months or so to arrive. 

LOL, sir. LOL.
+James Wiles  The vibrant is a variation, I did mention how updates are hindered by variations. with the S III this should be different as there are no variations. 
I agree, the variants were causing all sorts of updating delays and confusion. I hope those days are long gone. I want to be the one who customizes my phone, I don't want my carrier to do anything but give me service, period.
There shouldn't be a debate.  There's no such thing as "best" when it comes to phones.  Each has it's advantages and disadvantages.  Android is based on a linux kernal and the UI is designed for mobile and it works remarkably well, handles multitasking, etc.. etc...  Stop with the "mine is better than yours".  Clearly +Steve Taylor , people do indeed prefer Android on its own merits, myself included, but I'm not going to claim Android is "better".  It's better for ME!  iPhone is better for You.
As I understand it, iOS multitasks differently than Android. Android let's you have lots of background processes running and sync'ing, while iOS limits that so "background" tasks are mainly notifications. While that sounds like it gives Android a (functional) advantage, all of those background tasks and apps slow down performance compared with iOS which can apply most CPU processing to the foreground task for a smoother experience. So it still is a matter of preference as to the type of multitasking. What is "better" depends on a user's needs and preferences.

For me, I'm generally OK trading some smoothness 9in iOS) for functionality (in Android). Even then, if Android's "functionality" means waiting too long because of multiple processes running, maybe iOS is sometimes more better (with less multitasking).
Is the S3 cheaper than the 4S? I guess so. 
ok S III is better than iphone 4s
Nice debate ! My 2 cents :
Price : my samsung nexus Galaxy was cheaper than iPhone4s

Smooth :
My sng is so fast, reactive and smooth that I can't really get how it can go faster. So maybe iPhone can go as quick, but quicker than instant I seriously doubt ! (Speaking about all apps including browser).

Fragmentation, customisation, update frequency :
Unlike all android phones, nexus is not overrun by any other layer, so updates are being rolled the same way as for example chrome browser on a Windows desktop.

So, for me, no contest as these points are the most important for me (productivity).

This being said, if the most important things are :
Arty Design
Quality of finition
Pleasure to feel in the hand

Then iPhone is no contest. The only problem being price and captivity, but prada runners will always cost more than nike ones and oblige you to wear other expensive clothes even if the latters allow better sport performance.
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