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yep verry tired! thank god youtube starting to use html5
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot thank you enough! You have solved my problem!
+Wendy Jenkins , I had the same thing, but one was allready turned off by default normally. So it's the one who's linked to chrome you have to turn off
Tired of Fla causing browser crashes on Firefox & Safari, too. Can't they just let that POS die?
I want to switch to the Windows version of Flash, but it's not listed in the plugins page.
Fixed me right up! Thanks a lot. Just happened to run into this problem today, and saw this post. Serendipity?
Any ideas of hot to intentionally get Flash in Chrome to crash so I can do this fix?
+Brian Booher you can try opening Youtube pages in different tabs and see whether it crashes or not. If it is working you shouldn't worry about this fix :-)
I'll try that. It does crash on me when I look at videos from Yahoo.
I opened like 10 youtube windows and they all played. A couple hiccups, but no crashing
+Brian Booher If the flash versions in Window and in Chrome are different then you will see the crashes, check to see whether you have similar or different versions in "about:plugins" in a new tab and click "Details" on the right to see what versions under the "Flash".
Holy cow, yes this happens like everyday (...or every other day) at work, including like, 5 minutes ago. Just disabled one of the Flash instances (the older one) and will restart.
Thank you so much :) You have solved my problem!
this started 1 week ago. something happened. Was there some update?
If you have multiple Google Chrome Profiles, make sure you do this setting in everyone of them otherwise flash will still crash like before.
oh i hope it will work,many of my friends struggle with this exact problem.that was one of the most useful information i have found recently,thx
doesn't work.... I disabled both, had to enable one, deleted firefox, guess I will have to go back to explorer...
Thank you for the article. It has resolved a long standing problem for me.
any plugins say could convert flash media to html5 media? I really wanna remove flash from my browser.
+Chris Veerabadran Google Swiffy need "re-compile" the original swf, anything else could just replace flash player directly in browser?
Shockwave flash crashes on the Chromebook so it's ot windows
What if you have 3 files instead of 2?
I have two Chome ones, one Windows one....
I guess I disable both Chrome ones?
It didn't fix the problem for me.
But I think my problem might be different.
I think it crashes because I'm using more then the allocated memory for the shockwave plugin.
Does anyone know how to increase the allocated memory amount?

+Jaidan Humphries I use about 1MB of memory seems to be fine. Try creating a new Chrome profile with minimum extensions but make the above flash settings, see it happens again.
+Jaidan Humphries At first it did not work. I had to uninstall flash and shockwave from my computer. RESTARTED!! Reinstalled the said programs. RESTARTED again. Cleaned my pc with ccleaner to fix any flash issues and internet files. Followed +Chris Pirillo procedure and voila! Smooth and clean flash video :)
+Jacques Njoya +Chris Veerabadran
I'll try what both of you guys suggested, but I'm still not convinced it's not a memory issue.
Cause it doesn't just happen out of the blue.
I only happens when I've got A TONE flash videos loaded up. Maybe it's a 32Bit flash limitation or something.
Yesterday I monitored my memory usage and I was using 8GB, closed Chrome and it went down to 2GB.
(Running Windows 7 Ult 64Bit, 12GB RAM).
I disabled chrome's flash a while ago and while it did help somewhat - It still manages to crash pretty often. Usually the site that does it is Very frustrating. I'm not entirely sure who is to blame, but I do know that, this problem didn't ALWAYS occur with Chrome.
+Michael Dolce I opened the site, no problems for me. Though I have plenty of RAM 16GB. The apps take too much memory I think, maybe you can cut down the extensions and see how it works.
I have 2 file locations, one is under Chrome/Application and one under Chrome/UserData. I've tried all combinations of disable and enabling them; any suggestions?
+Raina Lehto I enable the one that says C:\Windows\ if you have that, enable that and disable the rest that has the C:\Users\...
Both begin with C:\Users\ and I do not have one beginning in C:\Windows\...?
What's awesome about this video is my shockwave is crashing and I can't watch the video...big there a transcription of the video somewher..? thank you
Unfortunately, shockwave crashes on every single page and I can't watch the video. Will have to view this in IE.
Chorme is constantly crashing. Not connected to Youtube. It's very annoying.
You can also read the article or watch it in a different browser, Firefox or Opera, the article gives you step by step how to fix the problem, the video says the same thing.
+Tyron Rohland Chrome downloads its own flash player, actually they are the best because it gets the latest version of the flash player. Whereas if you use Windows, it has its own Flash program, which takes a longer time to update it. So you have a conflict between the two like we used to have when the video crashes. In Windows, it is better to have the Windows version (despite its not so recent version), so we can use both in Chrome and outside Chrome. That is the reason we have to disable the Chrome's flash version and enable the Windows' flash version in Chrome://plugins
would watch the video if flash didnt crash everytime i tried to open a youtube vid :(
+Brittney King You can read the article link and once you make the adjustments then you can watch the videos without any problems.
Ironically, Shockwave crashed while I was watching this video. Ha ha.
BOTH crash constantly on my Macbook pro - and sometimes when I'm not even using them. For example, I had the Udacity website up on a separate tab (hadn't even played the video) and tabbed back and shockwave had crashed.
I can't watch your video because ... flash has crashed
Go to Chrome://plugins in the URL bar and disable the Flash stored by Chrome browser, it usually says C;//users/.../Chrome...Sometimes you will see Chrome installing two Flash programs, disable both of them and enable only the Flash program by PC or MC. If you have multiple profiles, you should do this for each of them.
Okay, so I've disabled the plugin and Shockwave has stopped crashing, but now it says I need to download Flash 10 to watch certain videos or Flash 9 to listen to certain audio files. If I download either of these, Shockwave starts crashing again... Rinse and repeat process. :/ Help?
I'm on Window's 7, but it's a starter pack. New netbook and I haven't dl-ed the full version yet. Could that be the problem?
I'm unfortunately on VIsta - is there no hope? Chrome has been crashing my computer.
+Mareli Strydom I think it should be fine. Can you uninstall the flash and go to that Adobe link again to see whether you can get the right flash player for your system. Install the Flash again and see it works or not. It could be memory problem also, try installing more RAM as both Chrome and Flash can hog too much resources.

+Jamie Delman Did you try the settings mentioned in the link in the post. It should be similar for Vista also.
whenever i use fb and click on zynga poker . at the down of buddies. it shows half buddy names only, and did not let me see how many chips they got . it seems flash is loaded fully but i not fixed on the page :(

same problem happened when i open another app. which doesn't fix on the page or frame .
Thanks, Chris! Now my daughter can play Powerpuff Girl games.
The crashes prevent me from watching this video... oh the irony, lol.
+Raina Lehto Sorry it didn't work, can you uninstall Adobe Flash in Computer and try reinstalling again to see it works or not.
I find it very strange that you would make a video about this problem since videos on Youtube require Shockwave to be working to solve this problem. It's the whole, "Your internet is down? Please go to this website for help."
Hung Le
Hey, Shockwave crashed,WTF. Seem like Google too busy to make $$$$$$. What the big brother FFFFFF.
Hung Le, google isn't in charge of shockwave, adobe is, so blame them first if you're going to blame anyone. Also, google is a great company that puts in a lot of effort to give you tons of free stuff. When was the last time you paid for something from google? Probably never unless it was an app on android (probably not developed by google) or if you used their ad space.
...Dude Why make a video on youtube when I obviously can't watch it when my SHOCKWAVE IS CRASHED...
ok, my flash SORT of works in chrome now, but it stutters something fierce. Any suggestions?
+Ezri Silverthorn if you follow the steps what the article says then you shouldn't be having problems. Try to clear the web browser cache and rerun it again.
disable the skype toolbar..... wrench... extension .... then uncheck the skype toolbar.... i dunno why but it worked on me.... never had any crash incidents ever again
Thanks for the link and video. Chrome just went to shit yesterday and now it's fixed, thank you again.
absolute genius!  the most useful thing I've read in ages.
If I have a choice I will uninstall shockwave.
I was watching this and flash crashed 4 times before I could get to the end. 
I fixed it by updating my video drivers , hope this helps!
Thank you so much it really helped me and others
Gonna try this! Thanks so much - the bloody thing freezes and crashes all the time and thats not the Google I know! :)
I can't figure out which one to disable... sometimes I have 3, sometimes I have 2... which ones do I disable???   I'm really getting tired of the crashing and hangups.. I am just about at my wits end here... can anyone help me?  I'm not really a stupid person, I just don't understand which one to disable.  
Okay just looked. I now have an r300 and an r310.. which do I disable?  they both say shockwave... 
Another problem.. the video says to disable the google one.. but the ones I have say Shockwave!  I  have no Google one!  NOW what do I do????  in the string it says on the second one something about a "pepper flash"  the first  one  doesn't mention a pepper flash.......... and I still have nothing about a Google flash....  so .. in a fix I am.  Any ideas??   Should I just throw the whole computer out he window and buy another one when I get 70 years old because it'll be that long before I can afford another one!  lol!
Try looking at the Adobe Test Page to see which version is what you should have. And delete the others?
The fix didn't work.  So fed up with Google Chrome.
Mine either Dana Marshall.  I had 2 on mine.  I disabled them  one at a time and tried them both out  They both did the same thing.. I just guess I'm screwed because I cant' afford to take it in and hae it looked at. Even thought I do have Century Link RescueIt.  I do not have alot of faith in those folks for some reason.. :)   Good Luck  to you.. and Kieran, thanks so much for trying to help me!  I just couldn't understand why one had something called "pepperflash" on it and the other didn't . I switched them and tried them both and neither one worked.     but Than You so very much for trying to help me!
dude your video didnt work!!
thanks so much! I had the Chrome flash enabled instead of the one that is supposed to be. Hopefully this will stop my crashing issues once and for all! 
Thanks for sharing this.  I disabled flash in Chrome as the crashes were frustrating the crap out of me and I do think flash should be ditched.  HTML5 CSS3 and everything else should be used over flash. 
Another headache for chrome now is the multi-crashing in windows 8 (build 8400)!!!!!!!!!!!!! In previous build(8150 I think) I haven't problem with chrome... But in latest build I have crash allready 6 times from yesterday when I installed windows 8 new build...!!!!
Steve C
Thanks for the link; hopefully this works for me. Though I'm a long time Chrome user I didn't have this issue (at least not as frequently) until recently; maybe something in the update to 20.
unable to watch the fix suggested...funny when we are looking for a solution, this man has chosen the path to help us where we have the problem...shockwave flash crashed again! 
the steps to resolve the Shockwave Flash problem worked perfectly -- THANK YOU !!!
thank God for your text version! I had three flash installs and just played around with disabling them until I found one that did the trick. This has plagued me for over a year. Thank you!!!
well yay, I disabled Flash in Chrome and left it alone in Windows like you suggested and now I cant see any videos. All I'm getting is a grey box in the video window that says 'need Chrome Flash extension to play video'  *face palm*  The only thing I can see to do in Windows is to delete it? Will it work in Chrome if I do that? I'm not computer savvy and don't want to screw it.
can't see anything. no visuals from youtube or in this site, so i can't still solve my "flashy" dilemma.:)
I have 2 different Flash plugins and disabling either of them does not fix this problem.  All Yahoo Sports videos make my Chrome unresponsive and eventually crash.
Thanks for the tips guys - I had 3 different versions of flash listed in chrome and the article helped me get it working.

Two additional question:
1)  I had 7 - yes 7 - duplicate versions of quicktime listed???  I disabled 6 but was wondering if anyone knew why this happened.
2) Is this tip useful for other plugins?  I have 2 different Adobe PDF plugins: Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 10.1.3 (why would a FF plugin be listed in Chrome?) & Chrome PDF Viewer
yeah I disabled one of the shockwave from chrome://plugins but the problem is it didn't work; shockwave still keep crashing. I really want to get rid of this problem. so please i need a genuine HELP
I wonder if it has to do with my RAM.
its soo annoying,chrome shock wave crashes so easily,it makes me want to download safari.. want to kill Google chrome right now..  
I stopped website development after a majority of my existing customers began demanding flash site "upgrades". Why? Because they liked the pretty moving things they saw on other sites.

It didn't add anything to the site useability, it was just shiny moving things.

I think of all flash-based sites as pretty much the same as if they were gif-based now.

Old technology, never properly implemented, and only there to put the Adobe name out there. Bzzzzzt. Wrong software. Sigh.
Sadly... shockwave flash crashed during watching this video...
I am sooo sick of it too. I love the browser except for that. I'm going to start trying out foxfire and others. I don't remember it crashing when I used IE. 
Thank you Chris!! That problem has been annoying me for far too long.  Your simple tip allowed me to see that I just had two versions of flash enabled.  Disabling the older version fixed the problem.  
Dear Exparts, I published a FLV into html file using flash playback control in Adobe Flash CS6, it is working absolutely fine on all the web browser except Google Chrome. I have updated Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player version in my pc do I need to do anything special to see the video on Google Chrome? Please assist me and thanks in advance.
Silverlight is a monster! It works slow like hell! It may be stable, but veeeery slow!
I've seen this same solution everywhere. Still doesn't work.
I am having this issue with a Facebook profile. And only one (I have two). I try playing a couple FB games and they crash my flash. But only these 2 games. The others all play fine. I've about had it. Not sure why? Maybe because I have so many friends on the one profile (since it's my "game" profile). Any suggestions? I've uninstalled, reinstalled, used different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE), turned off all plug-ins and turned them on one by one. Same issue. Frustrated. The 2 games that crash are the ones I enjoy the most. :-(
which of the two files do I disable. The first one sayingC:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\22.0.1229.94\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll
Type: PPAPI (out-of-process)


since they both say flash shock.
After having this problem for more than 2 month now I suggest google is not able to fix this problem. A shame! All solutions including turning flash of or on in chrome:plugins and all the other tipps did NOT fix it. (win & mac with the newest chrome versions). It was a nice time to have a slim fast browser next to the other available alternatives but it is enough. No Chrome for me anymore. THX +Google. Very disappointed! 
-__- i disabled "pepperflash" and it still crashes da fuqq?
If I uninstall shockwave will this affect my games?
Jacques-Andreé - with respect please stop posting your solution - it is NOT a solution... I have need of many plugins and am constantly installing and removing Plugins...

Chrome should not crash under such circumstances.  It is Flash and Chrome that need to get together and fix this issue properly.

All other solutions will be listened to, but to constantly repeat bad advice helps no-one.
Hi, I did the whole "about:plugins" and I have flash installed on my computer plus whatever Chrome has, but the only one that shows up is the one for Chrome.  I'm playing a game on Facebook and it keeps doing that.  And it only started after I installed Chrome which I did cuz IE wouldn't let me post links to the group page of the game I am playing.  Don't know what I should do, any help?
Jay F
Disabled Chrome's Flash, left the system Flash enabled....but now the problem is the error message with every vid :
"Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it was out of date. [Update plug-in...] [Run this time]"
Do I just have to hit "Run this time" every time?? Really annoying when you need to autoplay vids....
I am on XP, so am I out of luck?
Update Chrome to latest and disable EXTENSIONS (not plug ins) as much as you can, then try the 3 combinations of the flash plugin (1 or 2 or 1+2) starting by disabling the chrome's one. worked for me as I explained here In latest Chrome updates, I noticed corrections and stability improvements. I now can use both flash plugins on some flash game sites but you try and decide depending on which is your most visited.
Well, it would be very helpful if I could watch the video, but I can't because of the shockwave crash.
Jay F
Installed the most recent Chrome, I have no extensions running, have tried all combos of the 2 Flash plugins... and it's still crashing all the time. Especially bad when I go to a website that has videos auto-playing...sometimes freezes up the whole PC.
Flash uses a lot of RAM, way too much. Try using Windows 7 Desktop right/click/Gadget/Processor-RAM usage to check if you're ram goes higher than 90% usage. Maybe you don't have enough ram. 
I disabled the flash in chrome and now STILL crashes - not because of flash but still crashes or stalls argh!
This has been going on for soooo long. If google is so smart why don't you fraching fix the fraching problem yourselves. Why do you continue to let users down by doing NOTHING ABOUT THIS FRACKING PROBLEM?????????? WHY?
Can you "always allow" Adobe Flash Player and Silverlight in Google Chrome.
flash crashed trying to view this video...what a bunch of shit
+Don Wilson You absolutely so Fracking Right. I'm a loyal googler, but, come on, fix this thing already.
nexus 0
chromebook crashes many times on bbc iplayer
i already did this fix and also disabled java - another fix i found somewhere else, and it still crashes sometimes. is there another fix that i haven't seen yet? whoever created shockwave should consider themselves a failure
Flash drives me crazy! girlfriend drives me crazy because he Farmville 2 crashes due to Flash!!!
 "Sort it out"
"Coming dear"
+Mantas M And exactly what did this comment add to the discussion? Just more chaff that people who DID have a problem need to wade through to get to a solution. 

If you don't have a solution, keep quiet.
You all probably know this too, but it is also crashing on IE... Thanks Chris, I am off to visit your page now... :)
this fix hasnt worked for me or alot of others. for farmville 2 .
I thought crashing was a feature, not a bug.
I only have one version listed but it still fails repeatedly. I bought this laptop just a week ago. I downloaded Chrome right away as I prefer it. What gives?
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