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That looks like my Grandma's Internet browser.
Another reason Windows annoys the hell out of me, but did I really need another one?
I can still see a little bit of the web page.
yo dawg i heard you life tool bars in yo toolbars so we added some more toolbars to yo toolbars.
Holy hell! That's worse than MySpace!
[opening trench coat overflowing with knockoff jewelry, watches, rings, cell phones]..."Whatchya need man, whatchya need? i got watches, i got page rank, i got addresses, jobs, reverse lookups mofo, anything u need bradah...."
This explains why IE doesn't care about web developers.
warst das ?...:)))
Welcome to every computer I have ever fixed
Thats why i use chrome!!!!!!!!! Google win. Windows #fail
Wow. Now that is crazy. That's why I use Google Chrome.
There is no way that can be real. They had to have loaded all those toolbars as a joke.
I wish I could say I've never seen anything like this in real life. Maybe not so many, but enough.
Whoa! Who the heck has that many toolbars? lol
Some of those toolbar names, the icons of apps running and the format of the desktop that screen pic is about 10+ years old FYI. Pre-win 2000 era. IIRC that a Win98 desktop.
...and a lot of people didn't realize it!
It looks like someone has an addiction to toolbars. lol
Wait they're missing the Stumbleupon bar! :-)
Next question , do you want to install a web browser in(under) your toolbars?.
Compound this disgusting amount of toolbars with the fact that's IE6. Seriously, who, other than corporate users actually puts up with that hunk of crap browser?
LOL at all those crappy tool bars taking up a lot of your viewing real estate! I hate when I see those on a family or friends computer!!
I dont remember giving you a screen shot of my browser...haha
holy crap dude! do you want a browser with those toolbars?
But... but.. but now everything is easier to search. I just click in the box and type!
Gen Lay
So sieht ein aufgeräumter Explorer aus.
probably one of the most offensive pictures in the universe
I bet they are super productive. So productive in fact that they broke the Internet.
Why is my internets so slow....
Counted 20 toolbars on the browser.
I bet someone out there has all these toolbars installed and doesn't know how to uninstall them or why they're there in the first place! LOL.
I don't understand why some of you believe it's Microsoft's fault that the user installed multiple toolbars... We should blame them for what you had for dinner last night too following that logic
Steve would say: "There is room for one more thing..." :-)
i have seen this before buth worse you cood only read microsoft on the site
That looks like my mother's laptop when I came home on Holiday.
Sorry +Phillip Croxford, I am afraid that a lot of people have to at their work. I don't know what the percentage is but it is still much higher than Vista will ever be. It is dropping though.
The best thing about this is that the same stupid people who accept all those toolbars, are the same people converting to mac every day :D
Too funny. I actually USE one toolbar (Netcraft). Only toolbar I'm in hate with at the moment is the Babylon toolbar taking over my search every time I translate with it. Grrrr...
The only toolbar that I have is the Google one that is actually part of the web page. I would like to turn it off if I could. Google knows this. That is why it is embedded into the HTML.

I suspect that someone will eventuallyfigure out how to recover this stolen screen area at some time. Perhaps it will be something like adblocker.
Bloody helll!!
Hpw can you view a yt video with that thing?
Looks to me like when someone clutters up their desktop space with useless icons because they haven't bothered finding proper places to put them :p
my conclusion is that you need a bigger screen. :)
ينعن رومااااااااا !!! شو هاد !!!!
Shit on Roma ---- what is that thing !!
At least you can search something a hundred times.
This is seriously what my grandmother's computer looks like.
Jay Mee
funny as hell I fkin h8 all unnecessary tool-bars there so gay
omg how long does internet explorer take to load on ur pc lol
How long did it take to start? 5s. How long does IE9 take w/ one toolbar? 545s
iexplorer.. only good for one thing... and that's downloading another browser.
That looks like my grandmother's computer. :P
Ha ha ha! My eyes are tearing up!
That's flippin funny! Looks like my kids browser.
And this my friend, is the browser for which we work the most to optimize our websites.
Someone edited out Bonzi Buddy from the bottom right corner lol. Should have left him in for effect :) Hilarious picture!
The guy at the bottom in the picture seems to be laughing at all the toolbars
I would skip uninstalling and go straight to Dbans. Kill it with fire!
+Chris Pirillo Is this really how many toolbars you have or is this just showing us how toolbar mania can get out of hand?
You have been chroming too much!! Ha Ha
Jake B
I see no issue here.
Ummmm, where's your screen? Do you actually get to DO anything on that computer? :)
How does a computer run with that much crap going on in the background, LOL! My wifes computer looked like that the day before I had to re-format it...
no there not, Facebooks GAAAAY
geez laweez must be a newb; for it looks like his button is stuck on "OK" or "YES" download
I was surprised until I saw it was Internet Explorer
thi's very very scrable,how your screen like this.i can't imagine...
This toolbar took some talent to create. And there's still so much room left in the browser window.
one more toolbar and windows XP will crash again!!!
The guy in the middle - priceless.. Hahah.
That's easy to fix this problem, just get a monitor with a much higher resolution, then the toolbars make up less of the screen real estate haha.
That's one hell of a toolbar 
Re Ge
I can't believe that Internet Explorer was once king of the browsers.
omg!! :S algo parecido me sucedió cuando opte por descargar programas para windows en la pagina de
I almost barfed when I saw this.

1. Because I hate clutter. Especially clutter caused by unnecessary, advertisement-riddled search bars I didn't even ask for.

2. Because it's Internet Explorer, which is notoriously bad for said search bars; and notoriously bad for a slew of other things.

And 3. Is that Windows '98?

This picture blew my mind.
Dang!!!!! Do You Have A Virus On your pc?
I think they missed the AOL toolbar? :P
I just added everybody in this thread who said this makes you more productive. Hahah!
My mother-in-law's was close to that. 
How long did it take to open? Did you use a calendar to time it?!!?
به کس مغزیت بخندیم؟؟؟؟مرتیکه کیری
when it all goes wrong it really goes wrong!
omg how ugly, and seeming impractical. why i have a mac
wow those are a lot of tool bars!!! lol
that dude really needs to delet some stuff
They say that the toolbars on your browser are just like the stickers on a modified Honda Civic. The more you have, the faster you go! 
+Jory Riggs Although I agree there are reasons to have a Mac, this isn't one of them. You can't discredit Windows for allowing you to do more on one browser out of many to choose from.
xD Thts Alot Of Toolbars It Must Run Slow.
That looks just like my little sister's browser.
lol..tool bar mayhem! Didin't realize there were that many.
So many tools, all of them useless. So many bars, none of them can get you drunk. All you have done is limit your ability to view the internet
Thats a lot of stuff... i would love that life!!
(if it was computer crash free)
I'm officially dizzy right now!
OMG, Ask Jeeves toolbar!!! Jeeves' life must be so much quieter now no one is asking him questions..
this is what happen when you install programs with next, next, next.....
people stuck in the 90's still use explorer, Firefox and Chrome rules !
I'm lost. All this for just wanting to get on the internet! Wow!!! It takes up too much of your life. Soon you will have a button that opens your fridge and gets you a beverage and a snack! Heed this and DELETE 85% OF THOSE BUTTONS PLEASE!!!
im happy with just my tab, address and PERSONALIZED bookmarks bar in chrome...
hmmm - reminds me of the caller I had on the phone the other day. She managed to lock her password 5 times in succession over 20 minutes, every time I reset her. I asked her if she was using the new password I'd sent, "oh, I didn't need to - as soon as I started to type in my username it showed up with the password box filled in" (doh! that would be the old password saved on your machine - not the one you've just been reset to). I asked her what browser she was using and she replied, "umm? McAfee Safe Search?" (no) then proceeded to read out the list of add on tool bars on her browser. She had to call her external IT guy to come and delete the saved password - even though I sent her explicit instructions, including screenshots, on how to do it. She even asked me "what's a tool bar?" (one step up from the guy who asked me "what's email?")
Shawn M
I can add more. 
Toolbars... providing hours of unpaid work for the family IT guy since 1995.
Been a lockergnome fan from the beginning! Great to see your stuff on here Chris!
As an IT guy, Oooops I think threw up in my mouth a little.
This reminds me of my relatives' browsers.
Many peoples' response to this would be to get a bigger monitor.
Now open any Google property with a big fat Googlebar ;-)
Thanks for the advise. Babylon toolbar & search came with jdownloader. Completely overtook my computer and took me some hours and google searching to remove it completely
wow thats a lot of toolbars.. that would be confusing and it would drive me crazy
Isn't the Ultra bar from a root kit? Either way this user really should think about reloading!
There's no anti-virus?
Search for something and come back after a nap!
wow wt?
Oh, so this is geek, so called !!?
Meh, seems I am not qualified, coz I never use IE nearly all the time.
The dark days of Internet browsing. I think my SOs parents still use about 5 or 6 concurrent toolbars. I typically remove them whenever I can but, lo and behold, they reappear the next time I use their browser.
Hehehehe! Looks like my dad's desktop.
Yeah i agree! Umm tryin to figure all this crap..... i will eventualy get down i guess.
he probably haves alot of virues inhis computer
Nothing works on that computer. The toolbars use up too mush memory
That is painful to look at. Makes me itch like poison ivy.
OMFG! welcome to toolbar hell?
Leo T
lol, one click porn probably.
must have a crap load of viruses.......
If installed internet for computers like that they always ask "why is it running so slow?"
I had about 6 when I first got my computer set up and it took me a week to figure out how to disable them....and it's a shame I (a 30 yr old) had to ask my Mother....and she didn't get a computer until I had been out of the house for several years...So behind!
That's pretty much like browsing on a netbook.
Can anyone be this stupid? For Starr you can't even browse with that many toolbars!
Sure Cool idea; it just depicts the state of local servers that can TOTALLY let you down when searching for some particular info that maybe censored from certain regions i.e. "genie out of bottle" kind of info :(( but that maybe available on server in Sacramento but not on LA server and vice versa :))) 
LoRen H
How did you get a picture of my wife's Grandmother's computer screen... looks like this each time I am asked to fix it.
If I had this many toolbars, I would cut out my eyes.
Sharing my end-user's screenshots are a violation of our confidentiality agreement.
nice, reducing the actual content to the size of a toolbar among many :)
Why does everyone have to say "its so gay" it has nothing to do with it.. bt who the hell uses IE anyway..
instead of toolbar thats bar actual tools :)
Unbelievable. I had clients using IE with toolbars taking up 1/3 of their screens.
I can only imagine what that User-Agent string looks like.....
o.O you need to get rid of some of them.
Not to be afensive.
it's lucky that the browser doesn't crash
wow WOW!i thought i had a little too many items on my page.
I swear I fixed someones computer that looked like this. I wanted to stick USB drives in my ears.
I hate having just one of those. :/
one of the many reasons I switched to linux.
Why do you have a screenshot of my web browser!?!?!?!?
With that many search bars, I bet you never get where you want to go.
I'm jealous ! Need a quad core just to browse..
That's hilarious. My daughter's browser looks like this after awhile. 
what the hack! all of those toolbars are just have the same function.
It missing the new google toolbar :) 
whoa! thats a lotta tool bars!
I have fixed computers with that many bars. They were amazed at how fast their computer worked when I was done. :P
My dad has a computer set up for my kids at his house and they use IE, its sooooo annoying and worthless and never works, so i introduced my kids to chrome and im working on switching it over to chrome. Ya the kids will come crying when the whole(24') screen is covered in toolbars!!
toolbar collection
Wow ! Thats So Much Of Nets Applications
ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu many toolbars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love the the over-intrusive nature of the top toolbar, placing itself high above the window parameters. OH YEAH...and he's using internet explorer (as if...)
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............................
My mom. I try to tell her she doesn't need all that. 
oh my. That really grinds my gears
This looks like my mother in laws PC. She calls me over to complain her PC is too slow and her POGO games won't load. Takes a rocket scientist to get them off the computer. Then she brings them all back and says "I never loaded them"
Amateur, I've got twice as much
Hahahaha! Thats my grandma's computer! Its a bitch to use...
those extra toolbars were the shit back then
is it computer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seen some bad ones, but that is tops. 
you need another monitor to view the web pages properly... nice collection of toolbars though... hope you like everything in one little room leaving no space for yourself...
Having anything other than just the address bar on my browser annoys me. I would just turn off the computer if I had to deal with a browser with this many toolbars on it.
I saw the address bar and though that was Microsoft's new website! Perhaps they should pull out such a prank... April 1st is coming soon! :)
Yes... Toolbar r awonderful thing
as more toolbars
Thanks God the Toolbar time is over now...
San Dy
what sad!~~~
Ras cr
há há.........:))
Chan Li
you miss baidu toolbar
Best part were the toolbars
and I bet that computer is riddled with numerous viruses and spyware as well...
so when you search on one search bar, does all the search bars look for the same thing? or do you have to manually search for them for each separate bars? This is a funny screen capture..!
what's worst is not the amount of tool bars, but people spamming on commentary posts..!
i've got a headache looking at this
You forgot the Norton toolbar lol

I remember having my browser look like that back when the ad bar places would pay you to view their ads in the toolbar. I actually made some decent money with those as a high school student at the time. Now everything is Google AdSense and we all use AdBlocker Plus to block all the annoyances that are ads. No more toolbar crap here.
More reasons for me to hate IE!
Where is the tool bar to order coffee?? 
I love it, ditch Internet Explorer, get Chrome.
I can go along with that... But remember.. it's not just IE that's in danger of toolbar insanity...
km ban
My friend, a church lady that lives in El Paso Texas, beats you by FOUR!! (24 tool bars!!!!)
She said she needed them for the groceries coupons?
I didn't even bother, I sent her strait to the local CompUSA.
Wow that is a ton of she's backs
im scared to even just look at this picture... oh wait i use fedora
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