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This is what we covered in the most recent Geek Out:

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Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad Review

35 Years Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Five Ways Google+ Could Improve

What is a Denial of Service (DoS) Attack?

Why Good Developers Make Bad Software

What is a Jump Cut?

Pirillo Vlog 032 - Diana Locks Herself in the Pantry

Microsoft to offer 80-inch Windows 8 tablets for offices — "Steve Ballmer has an 80-inch Windows 8 tablet in his office. He's got rid of his phone, he's got rid of his note paper. It's touch-enabled and it's hung on his wall."

TheNextWeb reports: Facebook to acquire browser maker Opera? Maybe.

Yahoo Kills Livestand After Just Six Months — did anybody even know Yahoo had something called "Livestand?" Now, there's Axis - a free app for iOS.

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dansermeddrenger on YouTube asked:
Hey chris, do you drive every day to a coffeshop for a cop of coffee? Don't you have a coffee machine? ;-)

PJ Hanna from Gnomies asked:
How do you get all those great discounts?

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spinach into chocolate !?!? HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW !?!?!?!!?

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What is the artist that Chris likes?

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Chris, can you please show us your whole collection of Lego minifigures? :D

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Hey, Chris, I just wanted to to ask you a quick question: What is the best webcam for broadcasting?

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what are you doing for Geek Pride Day! Star Wars Marathon? Going out and about with a towel?

Have you tried GoToAssist?
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If it's geek pride today, I've already won by reinstalling Ubuntu 12.04 from scratch TWICE while adding hidden repositories in XBMC to find season 10 episodes of Law & Order and sipping on a can of Dr Pepper made with Imperial Sugar. Beam me up Chris.
i want to back up my laptop and my external hdd's online (probably about 2tb), i dont want to be throttled or anything, i want fast, and cheap!
any ideas on the best places?
or would it be cheaper to keep buying a new hdd every year?
Hey Josh, unless you've got an enormous internet pipeline to your laptop, that's gonna be the biggest issue fighting fast (and cheap). Online storage space pricing is coming down, but with 2tb of space to store, I think you'll still find backing up to a hdd (or NAS) to be least costly and least problematic. Just imo...
cool, my internet is really fast (around 1.7MB/s downloads, but i did think that was the case :( i just hate buying these hdds all the time, i got like 6
Hmm, fast is...relative. 1.7mb/sec internet doesn't hold a candle to USB 2.0's 60mb/sec or typical lan's 12.5mb/sec, much less a gigabit lan's 125-1,2500mb/sec rates. With 2tb of data to backup, backing up to the cloud will seem sooo slow compared to what you're used to. I have a gigabit lan (nominal 125mb/sec but I see rates more like 800mb/sec with jumbo frame) and use a Synology NAS (DS509+) with 5 1.5tb drives (gives me 4tb of space with RAID6). I store stuff on the local hard drive with auto-syncing to the NAS. Never see a problem. I'm still testing out cloud-based storage, but it doesn't appear to be ready for prime-time (to replace what I have) yet - fine for file sharing and spot-backups though.
yeah true. thanks for the insight, now i need to get me some NAS.....
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