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Here's a look at Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and just how good it really is.
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It really is good, especially with Nova launcher, try it, you won't regret:)
Having recently picked up a Galaxy Nexus (which has ICS), it really is a fantastic update to the platform. It's just flat out more elegant and intuitive than their previous platforms.
Im debating between the galaxy note and galaxy nexus for my new phone when I go get it on tuesday, how long it takes before the note gets that ICS update will play a huge role, but overall very good video! +Chris Pirillo
Great timing..I have been waiting to update to the ice cream..I was going for the nexus...any thoughts?
+Anneliz Hannan I like the larger screen size of the nexus, but it is definitely "big". So I'd definitely take the time to see how it feels. The only other problem I have is that I wish they put in a camera that was worthy of the phone. It's a perfectly fine camera, and can absolutely take some great pics, but it's definitely a step behind the Apple 4s glass.
+Anneliz Hannan Yes, do it. As +Josh Hall said it's rather larger, but it fits fine in my hands, the only issues I ever have are with the extreme upper left corner. I know someone who just used both hands for it, and they have no problems, because they've done that all their lives. Yeah, the camera could have been better, but it's still a pretty good camera, and the no shutter lag is amazing. If you're into ROM'ing, there's a great development community around it, at +xda-developers and +RootzWiki. If you're going for a custom ROM, I suggest AOKP with imoseyon's leankernel. A screen protector is not needed, and the screen is gorgeous. At really low brightness you can tell that it is PenTile, but just barely, so it's not an issue. The onscreen buttons are good, even though I was a physical button guy, I love them, because they can go away to take advantage of the whole screen. ICS is great, even on stock.
I'm curious as to how long before the Galaxy S II 4G Touch on Sprint gets ICS, been waiting patiently :(
Yes there is, a lot, been using for a month on my SMGS2
Cool I'll head over to XDA and check it out; been running Caulkin's rom for a bit but its based on gingerbread. Thank you.
+Chris Pirillo From what I've seen ICS is definitely better but the flavors are not all the same. There is a huge difference between ICS on the Xoom and ICS on the Touchpad for example. While there are many features that make it attractive, some of the roms that are being rushed out sacrifice so much just to get to the 4.0 framework that it isn't worth it just yet to upgrade (e.g. HTC Flyer).
+Josh Hall +Chris Pirillo +Michael Grasser Thanks for your input. I like the idea of the larger screen, especially for those of us with eyesight waning!! The camera always seems to be the issue on all the android phones. Apple just always seems to capture that market, but I shall not eyes can't focus that well with any of them!
+Matthieu Hausig That's because ICS on the TouchPad is made by CyanogenMod, a third party, and ICS on Xoom is made by Google. And they're still pretty much the same anyway.
I've been running ICS on my touchpad and I must say that its awesome. Cyanogen has done a great job porting it to the touch pad with very few glitches. Only ting I have noticed that is wrong is no camera or mix functionality. Other than that its unbelievably stable.
I have been using ICS for a few months now. I think it is a good evolutionary step from 2.3.7 and 3.2.
I love my Galaxy Nexus, and ICS, but I do not love the way it drains the battery twice a day. Definitely order an extended life battery if you are considering the Nexus.
+Adam Geerdes You must have ridiculously high expectations of your phone if you run out twice a day. I last at least a day on normal battery.
+Hirofumi Nakano Nope, it was probably just a story speculating on what could be in Jellybean, there's been a few of those.
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