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I'm finally the Mayor of a +Starbucks Coffee! Where's my reward?!
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14 straight days at a coffee shop? Do you even sleep?
Rob Go
at first I thought this said manager of a Starbucks.
Does that mean you get the key to the town, or perhaps just the cabinet that they keep the Kona in?
14 straight days at coffee shops?! Yeah, I bet you're on an "all time high"!
you get to spend another 10 grand for coffee next year!!!
Wow.... that's a lot of coffee!
14 straight days indicates you have a problem.
Only fourteen days? What's your excuse? Were you in a coma or something a couple weeks ago?
What happened to Peet's???
the reward is you got an all time high.
Chris J
Hey, where/how did you play this game?
Having all that coffee does pay off in the end.
That explains why Starbucks numbers look so much better recently. It's +Chris Pirillo holding up the Seattle coffee economy. Way to go Chris!!!
Meh. I prefer their new "politically correct" name is...Biggby Coffee.
Now go across the street and check in to that Starbucks.
Mayor of bad coffee and good sugar. Congrats. Your reward is diabetes. Enjoy!
Let's see...fourteen days times four cheesecake or a bagel....yep, that's at least a hundred dollars for me to catch up with you. (walks into Starbucks) Here goes day one. : )
I became the mayor of Subway yesterday
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