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It seems many people wanted further proof to back up my claims that the Surface is a dog (after they watched my Surface vs iPad video from last night). Okay, you asked for it:
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Glad I didn't buy one. Thanks Chris keep up the good work.
Josh A
They must know the truth!
Not surprising at all. Thanks for the info.
Yep...she'll out the extra bucks and go with the fruit
No no save the dollars and get the Nexus 10!!!
Happy I never got one, performance on that looks terrible.
I played with a surface at the MS store last week. After 15 minutes, I was "meh", and walked out. That was that. 
I still prefer. ANDRIOD TABLETS over any ipad, ihate ios software too many iRestrictions
PhiL PhiL
After 3 generations of ipads to base on (and now 4) this is all they can come up with?!
Nice, but I am looking forward to get a Chromebook. 
Tom Kelly
why don't you scroll through how many apps you had open in the background to slow your surface down that much. I repeated everything you did with nothing else running and it doesn't look like that at all. totally biased review by not showing us all that was running
Windows should stick to there desktops, laptops, netbooks and notebooks and leave the tablets well alone.:-)
THANK YOU Chris.  Much needed for those "it's just as good as" (anything but Apple) folks.
+Chris Pirillo You have to understand that my comments (see icollectlulz) where in how you reviewed the tablet.  In a lot of your statements you made questionable statements (again see my tag name) to compare the two.  There is nothing wrong with comparing a lesser product with a greater, people do it all the time.  But you need to use practical benchmarks and keep statements similar.
+Robert Delaney The Windows RT surface is the leading product in the line and pricey compared with all the competition, therefore it should hold its own against all competition, it does not.
+Tom Brander Did you even read what I said?  If watched his first video that sparked this one, really listen to it, you will hear things that are not consistant with his review.  Here is one for example.  When you buy the surface keyboard for $100, it puts it out of the price point of the iPad 4Gen?  That is true, because if you compared a 4Gen with a 4Gen and a keyboard, I am pretty sure the 4Gen with a third party keyboard is now outside of the price point of the 4Gen alone, AND THEY ARE THE SAME TABLET.  And he used Peacekeeper to compare browser speed.  Are you kidding me?  What the hell does browser speed have to do with anything when I ran my RT using Chrome and got in the low 800's and he got in the high 300's with internet explorer?  This is just one of many if you listen to the original video.  I have watched his stuff for a while and for the most part it is very reliable.  I am calling him out this time because it is biased to its core to Apple and a review site like his should not be headed that way because it becomes slippery slope.  Look how many tech people believe CNET anymore.  After his original video, the only three sites to trust are Technobuffalo, The Verge (most times), and MobileTechReview.  If you want to be biased, fine, it's your right.  But then all that crap about not being biased in the past are lies and everything going forward can't be trusted.
AHAHHAHAHAAHAHA dude this video was hilarious! thanks for it xD
Huh, I haven't had nearly as bad an experience thankfully. Still a funny video.
+Stephanus Koeswandi windows dominates the world market, yes quite the failure indeed, this time next year they will clearly go out of business and Linux will reign supreme at last
Ace E
Thanks +Chris Pirillo. was definitely thinking of buying one this christmas.
I would never bother with RT....Pro all the way!
Chris, do you have a fish eye lense on your camra? I don't recall the Surface having curved edges, or did you buy a cheep tablet and install RT on it and trying to pass it off as a Surface? I also love how you count to four while trying to show how slow the Surface is but your lips don't move.
He has a stereotypical nerd voice.
OK he is a nerd. He has 4 xboxs
Isn't it kind of obvious why the ipad performs better? IOS is way less resource intensive. Fanboys. I'm not even a fan of Microsoft but I'd buy a surface over an iPad any day.
I expect crappy performance like that from my cheap Compaq $250 laptop I use mostly for school stuff...not from a tablet.
I like apple, but i love microsoft. Hell yesss!
+Mike Pike that's not true. There are many free lite version of the game that you can download and try. If you like the game, you can buy and down the full version.
Hey, that's not bad for a $200 tablet. Oh, wait...
I have an asus note book , and has kick ass speed performance .
+Steve Young, Microsoft being almost 3 years late to the tablet party doesn't mean they get to benchmark against old hardware.  Their customers will benchmark vs. what their competitor has out now.  It's the price you pay for being late. :) 
Surface is a joke and so is W8
iOS and Droid easily are better in so many ways
That cut the rope demo is more reason to believe something is either a) wrong with the 32GB model or b) funny with your unit.  I am assuming you have your device fully updated of course(OS and apps), last friday and monday's updates did a good number to real world performance and consistency.  Cut the rope is as smooth as I've ever seen it on an iPad and my HP Touchpad+CM10 and the map panning is probably sitting at 25-30FPS.

If you are posting all this today, on a device that isn't updated you should feel ashamed
All the trolls who think Win8 rocks need Ti watch this video
+Josh Biggs seems they don't have their update act together either, 2 places for one device?? How old school...
maybe you just stink at touching tablets so.........
It's the Barack Obama of tablets. All "Hope" and Hype.

A fad. A clever marketing strategy which a product is advertized as the thing everyone must have, to the point where people begin to feel they need to consume it.
+Chris Pirillo thanks for that review. My work was looking to buy several tablets so we would not have to lug around some laptops, looks like we should avoid window tabs.
+Dana Williams you had to bring a political analogy into the mix didn't you. Everything you said applies to Apple more than MS, not to mention Mitt
To be fair, this is windows 1st stab at ARM architecture.  Over time MS will get the ARM OS better optimized, as they did with previous OS transitions Win XP and Win 7. I never understood all the fuss about the Surface when MS introduced it earlier this year. I'm like OK, it looks like XBOX, and has a KB as the cover, and what else ..... I think the media went way overboard with accolades just to have something to write about. I mean for the media it's all about the next Michael Jordan, a media darling; and the Surface is not the next Apple iPad, and not by a long shot. I mean I'll give them credit for the xbox, but that also took few tries to get it right,.
Not really related, but come to think of it, I've never seen any reviews complain about performance on Android-based tablets (and phones), even though almost all the models I've handled have frame stutters. I guess when performance issues happen on Android, they don't count?
Wow, weird, I have a Asus Vivo Tab with RT and I have no problems at all! You might test the Acer or any other RT tablet also before making general statements about RT. Otherwise it looks like a weird induction argument based on just one test case.
Took like 3 mins to boot
That's nice
Better flash the BIoS
Or upgrade the mobo
Or put in 80 gb of RAM

Chiris pirillo is a _¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ 
And I was just thinking it was going to be good. Boy was I wrong!
I have apple, samsung, and kindle fire and asus, their all good , but when i get my fa im going fli !
I figured this would be the case for Windows RT. Why would people buy a device that lags out of the box doing simple tasks? 
The proof it speaks for itself. Thanks...

+Todd Bostwick The booting he shows is the general setup of the tablet. So that's not a problem
What a piece of crap.  The X86 one should be better though.  Will wait and see.
Maybe you've got a point, but your condescending tone kinda kills your argument, IMO.
Wait a minute... comparing anything to an apple product and he's complaining because he's locked itnto buying apps from the store? Makes me feel like he is looking for reasons to justify his opinion, sorry. 
I've been afraid to go back to using any non-apple product for this reason. With the exception of Sony. I have a Sony Vaio laptop and its incredibly fast. Apple just makes great products that make it challenging for other companies to compete with. 
I actually like my Surface just fine. I use it every day to write for #NaNoWrimo, surf the web, and play games. No issues here.
Android 5 : Apple 1 and now Win... who will they bite more? - both 0.5%? Mac was in graphic industry #1 even though they were covering 0.1% of computer market for more than a decade. And, it's not all in toying around with fish tanks, useless tablet hardware, and  billions of apps no one is using, no matter who makes the product U actually do not need since it limits the creativity.
Love mine, writing this comment on it right now. Blows my iPad out of the water. If you want a laptop get one, if you are tired of iThings then get the surface.
Tim T
Windows surface RT not worth buying...
Anyone think this guys voice sounds like annoying orange?
Dang, had my hopes up for MSFT.     Metro's Gota Go. 
Right tool for the right job, IMO.  I bought the Surface principally as a productivity device based around a highly selective bunch of applications, and for that it just works dandy.  Low number of apps, sure, but then many OS suffer from this--it was a common criticism of Android, but then so too with RIM.

The only thing that slightly bugs me at the moment is that with the lack of population of the Store is that it feels like a "closed ecosystem," which is the common criticism of i-Gadgets.  On the other hand, despite this and other possible short-falls, the expandable memory, the form factor, the useful cover...

With reference to only being able to install from the "store" and not side-loading?  I seem to recall that's not something that is uncommon to many tablets and tablet-OS without some modification.

As a point of reference, I own three Android tablets, one stock Kindle Fire, have an Android phone, and regularly use an iPhone 3/4 (I forget--they all look the same... sorta) and iPad2.  And throw in an ereader or two.

Windows 8 on my PC, on the other hand? You're going to have a harder time selling me on that.  But for now it's been kind of nice to be able to do some power-Word and Powerpoint use without having to double my workflow by taking a Word-styled document into Android (or iOS), playing around, and then having to go back into Word and fix everything once again (and paying for that privilege).  

Then again, when I'm out on the beach in bright sunlight, I find that a piece of paper does a bit more than my tablets, but one.  And that piece of paper has real trouble with the fish demo.  It just makes a mess of everything--the paper gets soggy, PETA gets involved and it's just not cricket.

(Yes, the last was tongue-in-cheek.)

There are some solid advantages to the Microsoft Surface and, yes, some let downs for this "first gen" product.  For me the positives out-weigh the negatives, as well as introducing some interesting workflow components that are a little bit more than fairly minor incremental advances.  It will not, however, replace my ASUS Transformer.  I also have doubts that I'll buy into the Surface Pro, but mostly because by the time that comes out I'm hoping to have an app that will handle all of my real-world workflow considerations (it's being worked on).  That and, as someone noted above, when I'm wanting a fully-operable Windows I'm normally wanting 3-4 monitors, multiple specialised I/O devices and, well, blah blah.
Ok, it's not great. It's a first gen product, in most accounts. It's an admirable attempt by any stretch. However, this WILL become a dominant platform over the course of the next 2-3 years. Doubt it? Even the sucky Vista had more marketshare and OS X until just last month. If you choose now to get involved with this platform and Microsoft's offering chances are you're going to really be into it in a few years when Apple's is still about the same place as it is now. Android has a great one, and I like their ecosystem but I think it will also dominate. That being said, if I wanted a 7 inch tablet, Nexus 7, if I wanted a 10, I'd go Surface or Windows 8 RT. Wait two months and I bet you can get them at even a better deal after Christmas
I agree with +Robert Delaney . This review is unfortunately so biased, I would consider it to be misleading for the same reasons Rob mentioned. I recently bought a Surface and I have yet to experience any of these issues. To the contrary, the Surface is fast, has a beautiful interface (granted, it takes some getting used to), and versatile enough to be effective for fun and for office work. Don't get me wrong, after hearing all the hype about the other tablets, I wondered to myself if I made a good decision. HOWEVER, every day I use my Surface I am amazed at how productive I can be versus my friends with other tablets. The bottom line is to find a tablet that fits your own personal needs. For some, it will be an IPad, others, a Nexus, but for me the Surface is a beautiful machine that fits my needs. And yes, it is worth the money, even accounting for the keypad.
More proof that Appleheads are brainwashed, PC's are not perfect, but they still sell 6 out of every 7 for collage students. And that is the strongest market Crapple is in.
Seriously, you show the intial setup screen and be all sarcastic about how slow it is, you have no credibility from that point onwards as far as I am concenred. being a first gen product it will obviously not be as refined as future products. I will wait to see creditble tech assessments that dont sound like apple fanboi based from the outset.
For me, I will have a look at the pro when it is available and make my own judgement. I dont care if it is double the price, if it works and lets me run regular microsoft apps, which kill anything apple does minus the condescending or philisophical restrictions.
To be fair, developers never had a chance to optimize their apps for the RT since they only got access to them on the same day we did.  Cut the Rope was a direct flash-port and not a 100% native RT app if I'm not mistaken...and if you look it up on YouTube you will see a demo of the Unreal 3 Engine running on the SurfaceRT.
You seem surprised Chris. It is Microsoft Windows after all.
Processing speed is way slow...I got the concept of the device but not acceptable speed.
suuuuuuch a nock-off of the ipad
Do you hear that? People at Apple are laughing so hard right now!
All in all, Apple nerds and die-hard fans should stop talking shit about other better-than-apple-in-the-future-products.
I like your video. Good presentation though clearly just rattled by criticism. I personally like my surface RT and have no regrets. I used a tab 8.9 before and I liked it too. I would have probably enjoyed the iPad as well if I had decided to go for that one.

Thanks for the speed tests though they are all seem pretty fast to me in the end.
Haha that's funny microsoft can't compete with anyone even android is faster and more reactive than that and I have a 4gb janky resistive coby kyros and it is so much faster than that crap
they should have made an os just for tablets and an os for traditional desktops. They want to force the desktop to work with touch.
Ryan R.
Even honeycomb will beat it. Hehehe. :D
But I can see myself using Windows tablet in the future rather than iPad. :D
Wow that is unfortunate....
(Random pro Android, anti Apple comment here)
The return rate for the RT is turning epidemic!
Surface is still the first generation and it got great ideas ,it is still better then Apples ipads boring OS and overrated Apps money is for Microsoft. i believe Microsoft can really innovate rather then sell inferior products by marketing stunts like Apple. dint want to include Google here because both Microsoft and Apple could not come close to Google in the Mobile Space.
yes Chris I think you got a shit one because everyone else loves there's and works great, unless your making it look bad
Forgive me but the hiccups on that thing, my goodness. I thought the Kindle Fire (when i first bought it on release day) was bad. 
At this rate, it will drop in resale price right after Christmas. Would this be a better value at say $300? $200?
Other that. Performance I think many expected a lot from surface that is being put into Pro
Yer what i said was about hardware and such i only said about the background because others also said about you being a apple lover and everyone has there thing ya know but i thought it was a bit nonimparcial. so yer anyways keep doing vids and such k.
+Chris Pirillo if you want to really piss off the MS contingent, how about a quick compare of Office Suite pro editing a MS Doc/spreadsheet/powepoint on Android Nexus 10 vs MS on surface?
Thanks so much for your post...never thought I would say this, but I'm so over Microsoft.  :-(
This isn't fake. Apparently, if u copy and paste this to ten comments in the next ten minutes u will have the best day of ur life tomorrow. U will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in your room tonight ,in 53 mins
what did you want
+Chris Pirillo nice work, don't be so sad about what ppl said about your last vid, you proved it, but I'm happy that MS didn't surprised us, same old Slow PC and windows problem in nice package, hey Steve Ballmer its 2012, wakeup and don't try this shit again, you already lost it. 
I'm not sure what problems you are running into but I have not seen any of the thing you are mentioning outside of the office problems on my surface... It looks like you opened every single app you had before running those tests. Mine isn't near as bad as that.  
Why does it always come down to the suggestion of "camps" rather than consideration of individualised workflows?

+Tom Brander -- Would you explain that?  I use Office Suit Pro and it's not something that I would think to compare to the RT versions for UI, UX, or functionality.  Admittedly, I don't have the N10 only having older hardware (ASUS Transformer 101 being the newest).
This is one of the most dishonest reviews i think i have ever read. I haven't seen these issues at all. I love my iPad but the surface a much better product imho. I would like to know exactly what he has open in the background. How many open apps does it to achieve a review like this? Sorry Chris but this is a very bad review. 
Isn't Chris a "Has Been" Evident by his videos from his studio apartment. Get a career Chris. Noone listens to Surface Runs Fine!
"What's Hot" is usually anti-Apple or anti-Microsoft for some reason.
Mark C
I like Windows and am reasonably pro-Microsoft, but this video on Surface has my worst fears.
There is no way I'd buy the Surface. Metro interface is one of the most counter-intuitive interfaces for a long time.
I'm also anti-Apple so that really only leaves Android tablets.
yeah, I've F'd around with a bunch of them in the store (tryinig to break them) and haven't had any of the issues that he is showing in the video. I'm not sold on the Surface yet and am holding out for the Pro anyway, but in attempts to find problems have yet to do so...except when I dropped one. it made a similar click sound to the commercial.
In the screen shot, it looks like you're flipping it off...  priceless!
+Mark C Blackberry playbook perhaps? They are bringing a new OS, it may be promising, if you can wait
Microsoft.... Still catching up to the competition. Still got a ways to go...
maybe your just an apple fan.but great video.thumbs up. :)
I did not believe Microsoft can solve their software and hardware issues at such a short time. I got my proof.
Videos don't lie and 16 GB for the system is insane wth did they put in it?
I'm not sure that the Metro interface is counter-intuitive, though of course any suggestion of that is going to suffer from personal experience.  It seems like it tries to blend the static i-Gadget "app grid" with Android-esque "widgets."  If anything, it might be viewed as a more transitional step, or even a "path less travelled" kind of thing.

Again, though, I wouldn't touch this with a PC but it works fine enough on the Surface.  I even kind of enjoy its idiosyncrasies.  It kind of reminds me of the good elements of Notion Ink's "Eden" skinning of Android 2.x (though thankfully not all of it ;)).
Meh. I still don't get Microsoft's point with RT (like many other people.) I planned to wait for pro anyway. As for dogging them about the possible price of pro while comparing it to an Apple product - are you serious? Wanna talk about the price of the iPad Mini, with respect to its specs?
Rome wasn't built in a day. I see promising things for the surface in the future 
The surface is ok compared to the 1.0 ipad. It is different but i am not opposed to learning something new... I am also not into religious hardware/software wars :-)

There are a number of features I want to enhance usability but I find it easy to use now. I call it a "typical microsoft 1.0 release"...
Such a shame because they are only hurting themselves with garbage like this. Will they ever learn?
Dvd pc version 32/64 bit is no better the last week and a half has been pretty much horrible since i put the windows 8 disc into the drive. it feels like only 50% of windows 8 is complete nothing i had in windows7 was compatible anti-virus/webcam/steam/games would not work on win8 pro. and when i got the game to bring up the install.exe it tells me i need 2 call microsoft and give them a 12 digit code WTF! so i did and was told its not compatible with win8. and that was my steam account and games i bought from steam. its another pushed out the door unfinished product from microsoft and if u use this product for bizness u wont have a bizness to much longer its 1 of the worst products ive seen from microsoft. And if you backup on dvds before installing win8 make sure you use a flashdrive instead because none of the backup discs would even work on win8 even though there bootable and work on everthing else i have and have been verifide master 8 is a turd with sprinkles on it.
This quelled my curiosity about the surface tablet immediately thank you for the video review I'll stick with my transformer for the time being until I see some serious improvements
...Trying To Decide If I Should Watch The Video...I Know The Result: With Chris, If It's Not Apple, It's Horrific. Ah.....Decisions. 
Tegra 3 is just old news. They need something better for rt processor
That video was horrible and annoying. Yes the windows maxi pad sucks, thanks for pointing it out. 
Cognitive responsibility is a virtue.
+Richard Agnew is it possible that Ubuntu could be the dark horse winner in all of this with its new found steam compatibility?
One would think that a company so late to the game would put out a more quality product. Surface is just sad and pathetic. 
This video is quite stupid and biased .... Watch a real review ... 
Give them 1 year to update, androids first tablet version honeycomb also suck ass so much that my user experience got 2x better after upgrading to ics
ipad is better but i love my nexus 7 the best. all of my ipads like to restart on certain apps, on the nexus.. it never freezes. i will be getting the nexus 10.. only works when you do the programming for it
He pointed out the things that annoy me most in both iOS and Android.
OK. So I Watched The Video. Admittedly, The Surface Is Disappointing To An Extent. However, It Looks Like Chris Was More Intent On Being An Asshole About It, Like, Dude, We Get It. You Have An Shrine For Apple Products. 
It looks like you are flipping it off. After watching this video, maybe you should lol
Odd.  My G+ stream had a post underneath this one that boldly stated that "The Future is locked Within the Past."  I found that strangely appropriate.
I was wondering if you did this type of detailed review for Apple Maps.
KL Tah
+Kok Hong Poh the minute you say android lags, someone will replace stock with rooted ROM and show android flies. So no one bothers. ;) 
+Frederick Tatum I like parts of the nexus 7 but apps crash for me all the time and battery sucks. I get about 3 hours reading time.
That review does nothing but show that you are a moron...  
iPad wins... Like always. Macs may be complete garbage, but Apple makes the best tablet money can buy.
I am no MS fanboy by any means.  I do however think this guys disdain for the surface is completely unwarranted.  I prefer Android; however, I do like what MS is doing with Windows 8 and tablets.  OF COURSE, there are going to be missteps in the beginning.  The first iPad was a bit rough around the edges at first as well.  

I see potential in Windows 8 and the surface.  It may be slow but it will grow better as time goes on.  Is the surface the iPad killer... no way.  I do think that if MS plays there cards right they will be a real player in the tablet space son enough.
My iPad 3 is straight up terrible, every OS has its issues.
SOO he thinks he is funny but he isn't. YAWNINGGG!!!
surface pro, otherwise known as the samsung series 7 slate. 
No lag on that puppy. 
Holy crap, that's just horrific! XD
Looks shocking happy I didn't purchase thanks Chris!
Something about your face just makes me want to punch you in it. Review, RT, performance, benchmarks blahblah. Your face just sucks badly. And stop being so smug and annoying. You're not on SNL. And change your stupid face. I just..i just cant stand it.
Doesn't it look like another Chinese Tablets which flood the market with low end specifications?
Poor M$.
Wow, you're a really big douchebag.  And extremely annoying. 
want to get one since i'm PC/windows user.. but this is kinda "boner killing" lol, i'll wait till surface II comes..
Ok, get rid of yours on eBay. I like mine. The browser handles multiple tabs open much better than the other tablet browsers so far, and renders better. YMMV
why man have you any with my face
No more ipad no more iphone, I don't believe Microsoft. For mobile devices now Android the best. Other see later.
just get a transformer infinity like me or go for nexus 10, case closed.
ala kau shaun ling , kau la ang slow!!!!!!!!!!!.
There is a rule, never buy the first version of any device, os etc. iPad 1 was pretty sucky when it first came out. There were problems with iPhone 2, 3 etc when they first came out. Windows 95 was terrible, 98 not so much, XP until service pack 2 was terrible etc
While I get that this is a 1st gen product, this is 2012 and anything released at this point, especially if it's priced like the Surface, is expected to perform well.  Comparing it to the first iPad is ludicrous - technology has come too far.

I have yet to try one, but I find it hard to believe that it runs this bad under normal circumstances.
+Michael Rosabal I see can MS having a significant tablet market share in the next few of years, simply due to the fact that it is windows and most business users will eventually chose a MS tablet as they will in no doubt become more of a productive device than an iPad or Android tablet. Keyword eventually
Who cares everybody knows its the users who fix bugs, find work arounds blah,blah,blah and yeah I don't wanna either but who doesn't optimize, customize? I mean really man if you've said it once its equal to a thousand times "my experience my not be the same as yours" " my opinion my not be the same as yours".So thanks for sharing none the less.
My bet is that it's Windows 8 that's the dog, not the computer (the Surface).
I'm surprised at the number of people simply dismissing Surface because of this video. Let's be honest, you probably weren't going to buy it anyway and were just looking for a reason, which is fine, but for those who are really serious about buying a productive tablet I would strongly suggest reading/watching other reviews and trying one out for yourselves, i know crazy right
Lol...that looks pretty bad. But I guess if we can put the AMD A10 APU would be as fluid as anything can be. The test done is obviously visual/graphics heavy...which the APU handle bloody hell good. Just talk about the possibilities of manufacturers freedom with hardware choice...unlike an Apple branded controlled hardware.
chris pirillo is an internet gladiator,crusader,champion and defender of faith on all cr'apple products..amen!
Hey did you do a review of the chromebook yet the new one? 
Metro and Windows 8 on a laptop is HORRIBLE! As a developer its completely uses to have a colorful touch screen OS on a non touch device!

And where is the "windows" in Windows 8??? Why didnt they create Windows 8 for PCs and The Other Crap, version 1, for slate and mobile?
It's the worst tablet ever!! I can't believe it's that bad! And what's the point on having two OS'? It's stupid, as also Microsoft Surface, I'll stick to my iPad 3 once again...
+bernard royer You Really Wanna See That? If It Doesn't Have A Glowing Apple Logo Behind The Display, This Is What You're Gonna Get: Chris Pressing The Spacebar Like "See, it's not turning on now, it's completely unresponsive, power button is broken" 
that is ridiculously horrible. Thanks for the info.
I'd rather just run Ubuntu on a tablet 
I do not understand why you hate Windows so much. There are a lot of valid points here but in my opinion one can not compare the Surface with iPad. In fact iPad doesn't really run Mac OS but iOS isn't it? Spare it man, do you always keep open 10s of apps in background, I do not. Though, I am also waiting for pro.
Also, for your kind information the Windows RT is not meant to run heavy apps like Photoshop and all. It's the pro version which is designed for using legacy apps and other Windows software.
Windows is overated.
It's not a serious software.
At least, iOS is better, it's an unix-like kernel OS.
Serious guys do prefer Android of course.
So, you opened as many apps in the background to slow the thing down before making the video just to somehow validate the claim you made in your first vid. That´s quite low, dude.
Look at all the widdle Microsoft crybabies on this thread :D
Some even saying that the comparison is unfair because this is a 1st generation device! It's the same price as a new iPad! Why would the average consumer buy something that costs the same? You would have to be insane to say, "Well, at least it performs better than the original iPad!".

The review is fair in that it is trying to mimick how a normal user would run their computer. 
I've seen most people have a gazillion tabs open on their browser, with an Office app running in the background, and some Windows explorer tabs open. Gamers also have the habit of minimizing their games. Granted, that is on a PC, but then, the surface claims to be a PC...
Enormously biased, that people even listen to this is ludicrous. I say #iSheep ahoy!
+Alok Meshram The surface does not claim to be a PC. MS actually often said that it is not a PC. Not a tablet either though but rather an inbetween device. So stop making stuff up.
And no the Surface does not cost as much as the iPad. Surface basic model vs. IPad 32GB (you know the same amount as the Surface) is 100$ cheaper.
And third, a gamer who wants to game on a Surface RT is an idiot. It´s clearly not a gaming device and anyone who classifies himself as a serious gamer would know that. If you pick it up to game you clearly do it with an agenda in mind.
Which invalidates your opinion.
That doesn't look like the Surface Tablet from Microsoft. Are you sure you are using the correct hardware? By the way, you come across as a douche on camera, perhaps work on that. Really annoying and stuck up. Anyone who blindly trusts you're reviews should stay away from sharp objects.
To Mike Pike: Most Apps on Android have free versions or limited. Some of the common top apps do. Mainly because they with Google Ads.
The Apple Store has similar far fewer from my own research; it being one of the key reasons I didn't buy an Ipad..

On a side note I believe the Surface was created to Merge Microsoft's product line under one UI like Apple and Android. Now, they don't have to create a portable device. 
And the Surface is NOT a PC. It was never intended to be one either. Tablets to me are like snacks to hold you off for a few hours before Supper. Anyone purchasing a Device like the Surface, iPad, and Android Tablet needs to look at what they want to do when they're AWAY from a Computer. The current device lines for all Tablets aren't replacements yet unless you grab Microsoft's High end Tablets that are the same price as Mac Books.

I think if you have all Macs it makes sense to get a iPad
If you're running or going to be running Win8 machines or an environment close to it.. The Surface might be up your alley.

Hardcore gamers and Tablets.... Don't fool yourself... Its not happening for a while. 
Excellent review....I was hoping for more from this device.
I thought that would have been the case, just needed someone to say it how it is. I will not be buying. Cheers!
Windows Mobile and Symbian both have try before buy apps. Concept isn't new and it didn't help either. 
I want to see a comparison to the nexus 10. 
Wait, not by this annoying dude tho. 
Wow...if the purpose of this video was to show how biased you can be you succeeded... Armando reviewed the surface and it ran flawlessly... and he actually took the time to figure out how to work the damn thing..
+Tobias Hanich : $100 less. True. But the OS occupies ~15 GB of the 32 GB the device offers! So effectively you're buying a 16 GB device. That's sad. 

I have a hard time imagining what a device that claims to be "inbetween" a PC and a tablet is useful for: It runs considerably slower than good tablets that are a bit costlier (iPad) or cheaper (nexus 10) while it does not support the x86 applications desktop windows could support. 

So what am I supposed to do on the tablet? Microsoft Office? No thanks. I'm used to having several browser tabs open and other stuff running like a media player or explorer windows while using Office, and the video clearly shows that is going to be a horrible experience on the Surface. Most people who're going to buy a device expecting to run Office on it would come with similar expectations. They don't want an "inbetween" device. If the thing can't do multitasking well, why provide the full-blown Windows desktop?

As for Gamers: did I mention serious gamers? Did you even read my post before having your Microsoft fanboy kneejerk reaction? I  just said "gamers". There are people who like to play games on tablets. It would be nice to be able to pause and minimize a game without crippling your system. The Surface is clearly not made for that job.
By Feb, Ebay will be filled with these things for $100
Installed all the updates? That was clearly still the preview version of office....
Well, Surface is still a first gen device it's not that developed. I think the later ones will be really nice.
+Alok Meshram it does not run considerably slower. At least not the on I tried out - settled then for the new Chromebook though, not because the Surface was bad but because the Chromebook did the same for half the price. You can run office, mediaplayer and a browser without the thing getting slower. I tried it, it works.

The Surface is a complementary device for people who want a highly mobile device you can do more than just consume content. And it works very good at that. As good as a ultrabook? Hell no. As good as the iPad or Nexus10 in delivering content. Nope, it is not. It is a jack of all trade, master of none kind of device. Something, I´d take when I visit relatives to surf the net, write eMails, watch a movie on the journey and perhaps send a CV or work on blog post or something like that. And it´s great for that. Not perfect but certainly an advancement in terms of priductivity over pure consumption tablets.
But yeah, right, because I don´t buy in the ops BS I´m a Microsoft fanboy. Right. I buy a product that fits my needs for the best value for price I can get. I don´t give a sh*t about the company that produces it.
I defend the surface here because the the dude who does the review here, 1) has no clue what he is actually talking about, b) is extremely biased and c) tries to blind people with lies.

As we say where we come from, those who name-drop are wrong. Thanks.

btw. If you really want a good review read this one:
From an Apple fan too thus, no MS cheerleading to be expected.
Actually, +Dean Holyer , at University of Colorado Denver campus, where I attend college, over 60% of the traffic on the campus network comes from macs vs. pc's that make up about the other 35% of notebook traffic. About 4% is ipad traffic & the remaining is Android devices. I don't know where you get your info from, but mine comes from a network admin at a campus of approx 50k students.
+Tom Kelly So you're saying that it is acceptable for the OS to not be able to self manage its multitasking feature? iOS and Android both handle it beautifully, and they arguably have less emphasis on multitasking 
Build a PC for yourself and all performance problems solved...
Oh you want to bring it with you everywhere? Tell me more about how useful a tablet is and can not be replaced with a notebook or even a smartphone...
I figured as much u just can't beat an ipad
MB Aman
WTF is this? Mickymouse-soft is taking the Micky Mouse with this... They should have called it Scarface not surface!
Pathetic post. I have one and it shits all over android and ipad. Sad people you are
I get what your point is chris. But alot of your complaints look like user error. Alot of the time your just tapping at the screen inaccurately. I could do that with my ipad too lol. And get the same frustrating results, or lack there of. 
Regret to update my Windows 7, it just merging the window 7 and window mobile. Keep changing screen within desktop and mobile screen, dual boot or virtual pc is better than it. Hopeless OS.....!
Sorry chris but you are apple apple apple all the way to the bank
Thanks for posting that Chris. I think the most telling thing about WinRT from that video was how unresponsive menus in office and resizing explorer windows was. For a machine in the $500 - $600 range, that was just unacceptable. 
I think releasing the RT ahead of the Pro was a mistake.  I think (hope) the pro will be better but by the time it's released it will likely have a bad reputation.
Same happened with first gen Android tablets. I see Chris reviews lately biased. 
Window workgroup, show us the blue screen, viruses and security vulnerabilities! Industry enterprise and government can't get enough of those year s after years!

Reasons why big businesses still on Microsoft cool aid are in red ink and government agencies have cyber security issues. Duh!
Wow that is insane how shit this is. Why would microsoft brag about this and make this their first dip into that market. Or maybe thats how bill gates likes his computers to feel. Breif pauses before everything and lots of lag lol explains explorer even though its been round forever
Your reviews would be decent if you weren't such an Apple fanboy 
another thing yet, it seems to me that the screen is kind of rounded on top. The MS Surface does not have that kind of shape on it, as much as I see it from advertising and reviews of others. 
I am totally not surprised. Yet one more reasons not to buy products from MS. They really lack the intelligence to make a better product. Boo
Used to own a Microsoft based Windows computer made by Toshiba, glad I switched to my new 8GB macbook pro.:P 
At the risk of being called unintelligent by two thirds of the world tablet users, I'm going to ask this question... what makes WinRT tablets any more "productive" than an Android or IPad? Is it MS Office? If so, then it's not WinRT or the tablet itself that's more productive, but an app written for that OS. If it's the keyboard, all tablets have access to those.

I ask this because I own an Acer Iconia A500... one of the first gen Android tablets. Spec wise, it's downright archaic compared to the Nexus tablets, the IPod 4, and the just released surface. Yet, after plugging in an off-the-shelf $10 full sized keyboard I have used an SSH client app to connect remotely to a virtual machine running on a home computer and update and compile a linux kernel. I have written a number of multi-page documents and stories using the Quickoffice app, which I had no issue bringing over to MS Office. Obviously media consumption is no issue, but using a $10 capasitive stylus and Autodesk Sketchup I've been able to even produce some nice painterly images (to be fair, though, I am not a professional artist by any stretch of the imagination). All together, I say I've been able to produce content with this almost two year old tablet just fine (by the way, my tablet also has a full USB port which obviously helps).

That said, the only limitation to my productivity on my anchient Android tablet has come from lack of apps geared to content production. Android (as well as IPad) are perfectly capable of content production, but very few people seem to care to actually produce such apps... whether for believing there is no need for such apps or because they do not want to take away from their pricier desktop counterparts (the latter I believe to be the primary case).

Lastly, I find people's equation of a productive tablet as being one with a keyboard accessory. Whether thin, detachable, or stylish, what's being done is bringing a tablet into laptop space. A screen and a keyboard sitting, one in front of the other, on a desk is a laptop, regardless of how you want to spin it. Sorry, that just one of my pet peves.
Are you killing apps? Because anytime you use an app it continues to run the app in the background unless you shut it down properly. You prob have a million running in the background.
Does that mean it's loyal, or, are wii getting a divorce? (Yep, that's my last car wash 'with' you +Chris Pirillo I don't have time for pettiness).
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Not that I'd recommend a Surface RT to anyone, but this is kind of a pointless comparison don't you think? I mean my $200 Nexus 7 gets a solid 59 FPS on that fish test, so I guess it's officially superior to +Chris Pirillo 's iPad,huh?
I was intrigued and, I must admit, frustrated enough from the... perspectives offered by the review from which this discussion spawned.  After reading through the comments, it seems that it is very hard for people to avoid the "One True Way" mentality.  This particular thread seems to be supping most heavily from Apple, which is perhaps fair enough if one is to believe the claims of bias against the reviewer.  One imagines that if the review had been put together by someone charged as being an "Android fanboy" we would have seen the typical "Suck it, Apple!" comments and a bit of Android One True Wayism.

Now, it seems, the only thing that might be considered a tongue-in-cheek positive is that both camps can unify to bash the "new kid on the block."

I wonder if reviews would be more tempered if they were performed by people that had put their money in the till on more than one device?  That they might have a preference is understandable, but so often in these reviews I do come away with the impression that the reviewer has made their choice and nothing is going to change their mind, thus even the merits of a device are brushed underneath the carpet.

For example, the IE HTML 5 browser test that measures, obviously, HTML 5 elements and it performs at one-third of even an iPhone-x.  The i-Gadget is put on a platform and lauded, while the Surface sucks.  Let's be truthful here, though, it's IE that sucks.  It always has done. 

How about another batch of truth?  iPhone-x and iPad-x kinda suck when compared against, say, Chrome on a desktop PC.  But... but... It's kind of going to.  Apples and Oranges.  I ran the same test on Chrome and, from memory, it scored over 4,500.  IE9?  Just over 2,000.

Apples and Oranges.  I cannot carry my desktop around with me.  Even my laptop is a bit of a pain sometimes.

What about one of the strengths of the Surface?  The rear camera.  When in keyboard configuration it is angled slightly so that you get a view that is perpendicular to the surface (ha!) upon which it suits.  That's an awesome idea for students wanting to record video of a lecture, so great feature.  Well, except if it's an auditorium-style lecture hall in which case you get to take some great pictures of the ceiling joists or you have to hold it and waggle it around just like the greater majority of devices out there.

Of course, it's not specifically designed for that, nor are most tablets.  (On the other hand, awesome productivity gadget for private detectives and stalkers.  "What, being creepy?  Me?  Noooo.  I'm working on a budget report in Excel <left swipe>  See?")

Software issues?  Personally it's not the lag--real or hyper-analysed by users of one gadget or another--but considerations of the UI.  Windows mail, for example, would be much more usable if it happened to do something other than use emboldened text to show an unread email.  It would be great if Calendar would actually sync all of the calendars that are attached to my Gmail account rather than just the main one (obviously I have them attached for a reason).

There are of course going to be workflow issues.  I illustrated one with regards to "power" use of documents on Android and i-Gadgets (at least in my experience).  Surface is fantastic for this and my Prime and iPad2 lag significantly behind?  On the other hand, as a general carry around device that integrates my various apps, Android works very well for me because I'm invested in it--Droid Razr Maxx and ASUS Transformer (and another couple of tablets that are used in very specific circumstances such as needing a daylight-readable screen or not).  i-Gadgets lag behind in this in both the UI and UX, though I could certainly make it work if I were to wholeheartedly switch over.

So come on!  Consider the features, be they flaw or merit.  And if you're going to stamp up and down on anything, let it be One True Wayism.
not soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good it's bad realy it's bad
Oh, and along with One True Wayism, let us also kick Spin Doctoring in the teeth as well.  MS is going to put Surface on a dais to triumphal music.  We all know that.  It's a company.  But if you're going to go with One True Wayism, surely looking at the PR around the iPad Mini should raise the same kind of eyebrows, especially after years of pointing and laughing at 7" Android tablets?

Redefine the experience, or the industry?  It's just a smaller iPad, just as the "iPad4" is just an incremental upgrade to the recently-release "iPad3," which has a better screen than the "iPad2" which didn't really do anything significantly different than the original iPad.  The software has changed, for sure, and for the better, but form-factor hasn't really merged to workflow in tablets since that initial (great) concept.

In short, don't trust what you hear in an internet review or a keynote address, especially by someone that wants your money.
wow, come on Microsoft pick up your game
Now do a ipad vs nexus 10 see who wins :) 
I keep seeing comments that apple made the first tablet... You guys are idiots... Microsoft made a tablet back in 2002, dont believe me? Look it up...
I love Windows 8 but disappointed with the surface performance.  I WANT the surface and Windows 8 to succeed - I have an app there (taskorami) but I have to  also be objective.  The surface is not that good - my verdict is.  It's better than android devices but not than the iPad.  But if you factor price into the equation then Android wins.  Surface should be priced at $249 max.
Let me repeat... And I have mother in laws wifi and cellular ipad2 was over a grand after taxes and shipping. You all can stop birching about the price..... 
The best things about these comments are when people make stuff up to make +Chris Pirillo look like he's full of it.  "My surface is fine, your running to many apps, all the one's at the store run better than the Ipad. etc etc."  lol  Proof just isn't enough these days I guess.  Chris you do what you need to do man and do what you do best!  Thanks for the vid updates.  Remember you don't have to prove anything to anyone but yourself.  
Totally biased. Let's compare when the Pro comes out.
+Clarence Flowers The Pro might be pushing $1000.  I would expect better performance.  You're right, there is some bias here, but for the amount of money the Surface costs, it should be better / faster / smoother.
I like this guy. Straight up nerd with no apologies! 
I was really surprised to see this kind of performance from the Surface when other video reviews have shown it to be extremely fast and smooth.

Was this a first time boot? If so, you are being a little rough on the Surface as it booted up pretty darn quick. Also, I believe there is an update that improves performance. Looks like you are running an early build of W8.

In any case, this video does not hold up against various other tests/reviews that I have seen. Something isn't right.

Typical iTroll
IPad is still the tablet of choice. Android will have a shot with Nexus 10. The problem is nobody wants to make Android tablets any more. They don't sell have razor thin margins. Very few software is specifically designed for Android. I think the only hope is Samsung really getting behind the platform and building on the S3 and Note success. Nexus is not for the mainstream consumer due to the nonexistent customer service and no physical stores. I want windows to go away forever. Keep Mac, Linux and Chrome for desktop, Android, iOS and possibly RIMM for mobile.
Trolls and haters... gotta love their stupidity and incoherent rambling.    
+Larry Reed I don't want to be a hater, but I'm starting to think the same. Armando, and others, gave a much more comprehensive review. This just seemed like an excuse to harp on a product.

I don't care if Pirillo is an Apple fan, which he obviously is, but I do expect some professionalism when reviewing products. And this was a review, albeit a half-baked one.

I want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this kind of nonsense makes it extremely difficult.
You stick with Apple... I'll stick with Android.
Easy :) 
After this, I think its best to wait for pro. 
+Chris Pirillo Good video although obviously made expressly to make the Surface look bad, but you come off as a snarky asshat. My personal experience with two Surface tablets have been quite the opposite. Fast, fluid.
Just preordered my iPad 4. But in all fairness Microsoft is a shitty company and after all its their first try
I'm sticking with the Nexus...
Every time I see that screen shot, I feel like he is flipping Windows 8 off.
Gi Gi
Fail.... its so slow.
Although an interesting video, I don't understand your inclusion of "the only way to install apps is from blah, blah, blah". Isn't the Apple AppStore the only way to install apps onto iPhones/iPads, too? That seems like a nit-picky point, unless you explicitly compared it to an Android device, which you clearly didn't.
this guy is a troll, move along guys. 
Not surprised by another Microsoft let down. 
This video makes me want to BUY a Surface tablet.

The harder the Apple enthusiasts trolls other brands, the more I want them.
+Nathan Crause   No I can install apps and files through my wireless network and computer for my Iphone and ipad.
no competition yet to android.
+Shreyash Nigam you're getting an Apple iFuck and saying Microsoft is a shitty company? And no, this isn't their first tablet, and yes, it does work MUCH better than depicted here. Apple has had MANY tries to do better, and all they can do is make it smaller and hope people don't notice the suck. Thats the only reason people don't notice, they'll take new over improved any day. You just proved that.
...another apple fanboy.  BS.  I haven't experienced anything he's shown.
 you can't test more things unless it comes thru the Microsoft store.  What do you call the iOS itunes, apps only thru iTunes?  
I don't usually see many Apple fanboys on Google+, boy did they come out the wood work for this one.I hear this all the time from Apple fanboys, "try the device out before you claim its shit", I suggest you guys do the same. For the record I think Apple make great devices
I used to think that it was possible to have a rational conversation--hell, even a healthy debate--on the relative merits of devices.  You know, discuss things like the UI/UX, form factors, interesting alternatives, pie-in-the-sky dreams, but it always seems to come down to the hate-fest that is propagated by these combative threads.   

Ah well.

I didn't realize a dropped frame during a transition while a machine is truly multitasking hampered my productivity! Oh yeah it doesn't! Oh the icon flickered while resizing, oh whaa.... Uh can you even have Windows that you resize on an ipad? 
+Mark Trickett  There are many people that clutch onto brand identity as if it was a religion. I think most people just want what is good. Unfortunately, reviews/posts like this are just flame bait. The Surface isn't perfect, as no device is perfect - not even the iPad...gasp. The problem is that Chris doesn't offer the good with the bad, which completely discredits his opinion. He has a lot of subscribers that may just benefit from a device like the Surface, but instead he chooses the low road.
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+Chris Pirillo I just watched one if your reviews for the first time. It was awesome, most are boring and you're hilarious. Keep doing a great job!
Now I see the value in the extensive benchmarking that they do at Tom's Hardware. Hardware manufacturers have used benchmarking programs that favour their products for years. Benchmarking using a browser presents a lot of variables and is hardly conclusive. I was amused how the video was presented 'warts and all' when using the surface but the iPad was barely touched. Hmmmm you'll get there, at least you're having a go.
beny xu
I tried surface and fell in love with it. The multitasking is great. I always wanted to do video chat while reading RSS. Can't do it with ipad or android
Ipad looks like a Chinese toy compared to windows rt
No more proof needed
Tested one and experienced similar
Surface is 3 years behind in getting to where ipad is
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Thanks Chris be we all know you when it comes to apple products you are pretty bias... I would factor other reviews in order to get a better judgment
Glad I didn't buy one. Thanks Chris keep up the good work
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