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10 Reasons Your Google+ Experience Sucks:

1. You haven't circled enough people. Click "Add Circle" below to fix that.
2. You are treating Google+ like it's Facebook.
3. You spend only five minutes a month here.
4. You don't engage / comment on threads that are of interest to you.
5. You don't like sharing anything. Ever.
6. You haven't experimented with a Hangout yet.
7. You have social media needs that are being met better elsewhere.
8. You hate animated GIFs.
9. You are waiting for a better mobile and desktop user experience.
10. You _____________________________________.
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lol Thanks Chris...only you can make it this clear :)
Chris, can I ask you a question please? I'm having problems posting pictures. I click on the camera icon, then click on "+ add photos",...but nothing happens. I have gone through the settings several times, but cant seen to fix it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time!
Hey +Chris Pirillo That's an amazing circle..... I'd like to get a little more exposure, could you add me?
L. Wulf
#10 You can now no longer add to your community because you have reached your daily limit. Come again tomorrow over.
#6 is true for me but that's only because I don't have a webcam, lol.
Let's make June 28 (G+ birthday:-) G+ Awareness day and all change our Facebook profile pic to G+ logo and post stuff like this on Facebook.
I'll provide an obverse list because I'm bored and I like moderation:

10 Reasons Your Google+ Experience Sucks:

1. You have circled too many people. Click "Remove From Circles" to fix that.
2. You are treating Facebook like it's Google+.
3. You spend a month's worth every five minutes here.
4. You engage / comment on threads that are of interest to you too often.
5. You like sharing everything. All the time.
6. You have experimented with a Hangout and join every one.
7. You have social media needs that are not being met here.
8. You hate in-depth posts.
9. You are resisting a better mobile and desktop user experience.
10. You ___________________________________.
Well, adding circles is not really encouraged by the daily limit :-(
Numbers 4 through 6 are major ones. As for 7, that may be true for some individuals, but if brands think their social media needs are better met elsewhere, I have to wonder if they understand the social ecosystem, and Google's role in the success of that ecosystem. I mean, it's just not good SEO to ignore your Google profile.
#10 - Notifications don't work properly and you miss comments/mentions or you get lost with too many.
10. You are more worried about #whitespace than how the product functions
You play minecraft for a whole year with only eating and sleeping,
Like me.
So if you were going to describe your circle, what is it? Tech? games? Just good people in general?
+Jim Lewallen - I'd say it's definitely a mix of people, but many of them are intent on growing engagement. It's my #Gnomies circle.
I saw people mention a thing called facebook? Whats that ? :P
10: You have to look at the blank white space (I know that +Vic Gundotra and the rest of the +Google+ team has something great in mind - but until then...argh!)
well written i think u r right but i have enough friends so i dont want to add this circle.sorry!
You said it all, Chris. Now to add some more circles . . . .
Chris, just a great job in describing the challenges facing Googlers in raising the engagement levels for G+. For number ten I'd add, "You haven't found "Farmville" on G+, so why bother with it at all.
i dont think its good to add people from this circle cauz we dont know them
+Nathan Bake it's not working on mobile devices yet. “shared cicles“ only on a desktop version ...
Even I am trying out how to use this
I have met some excellent people from around the world through the hangouts! :-)
see i mean that i m not interested in adding people i dont know
Hell no! One of the better features that G+ has are the animated gifs. We love them!
Excellent list Chris! Possibility for #10. You have baby duck syndrome and can't handle change.

I think the biggest hurdle towards adoption is #2.
guy yak
i love to share but others delete their links | but i will heed your ten points |
You can only circle 500 (or so) people a day, so circle management can be a pain.
how to find friends i have no friend in Google + can i send request facebook friends to join me in Google +?
10. I keep getting posts in my stream that start with “10 reasons…”.
agree with your points. most of the users are treating google plus as an replica of facebook but they need to learn that it isn't the one they are assuming.
guy yak
by the way | g+ responded that i reached my limit for adding circles today | but i only tried to add you today | g+ needs to get it together |
+Daniel Dybing When you're getting everyone that is on #EAv to send you their circles (to create an aggregate list), you have hundreds and hundreds.
You added Chris Pirillo to your circles and now he's saturated your feed.

What I hate about G+ is lack of basic gmail experience. When I read an email on my mobile its already marked as read. On G+ I have to mark everythink separatly.
Definitely need more real life friends on here, most still love their FB.
#9 is the reason. The experience on an iPad is horrenndous. If they would make it easier ... And perhaps fun ... To use it would gain a lot more traction and mindshare. 
+Orion Wills Hmm, strange - I have added just around 800 people today to my circles - and no issues so far..
Most of my friends are still in love with facebook
G+ is great on my Galaxy Nexus. Who cares about iDevices?

Flamer War! Aaaannnnnnddd..... GO:
Agreed FB abandoned takin up my g+ and alas..I'll make new friends =)
306 people?!? are you actually high?!? No one can follow that many people if they all post once or twice daily.
Hahahaha... #10 seems to be fairly accurate :p
no, i don't think it sucks because i don't spend time here. i think i don't spend much time here because it sucks. sucks is a strong word though - it's mostly that there isn't a critical number of people here that i want to talk with.
Gee, and I thought my G+ was good because I try to avoid most of those things. Especially number 10.
I would use google+ more often but basically no-one that i know has it :(
+Rasmus Sindberg Yeah, I don't know why I can't add more. I'm not even adding more people really. I'm just combining circles.
+Alex Nolan its not about who you know, its about who you meet along the way :)
LuciO M
Haters:Don't go away mad, just go away. 
I like Google+ just fine, but if I had to pick a reason it would be #9. The mobile app(iPhone and Android) is lacking quite a bit in my opinion and could stand some improvements.
#7 is possibly the one reason......

Yeah true, but remember that it took a really good amount of time for people to get familiar around Facebook.
I picked two names at random from that circle. Neither person had posted within the past two months. Such circle curating does not enhance the G+ experience.
I'm quite new to it but I'm loving my Google+ experience!
The reason I don't engage in thread's that interest me is because my inbox becomes filled with garbage.
Example: A photo is taken of something that looks really cool/ interesting. The next 500 comments that show up in my inbox all revolve around the words "cool", "beautiful", "wow!", "amazing", and so on.
Another reason why I rarely engage is because no one engages me back. The only reason someone would engage me in conversation is if I said something to piss them off or because the want to "prove me wrong" that no one will engage me.
I like Google+, but really it's just facebook for hipsters.
#8. But not enough to ruin my G+ experience.
Or maybe google had a bad idea.
10. Still waiting for an iPad app that doesn't suck.

I think they're gonna work on it sometime soon after they make the slightest, teeniest update to the GTalk desktop app, and just before hell freezes over! ;-)
April Summers and Jessi June are the 2 best reasons to come here.
+Chris Sherman notifications have granualar settings, notify when someone comments on a thread I have commented on. Uncheck.
I've only just joined and I find it hard to fathom frankly
+Allen Shockley Thanks man. Now my inbox is garbage free. However, I still believe that Google+ is facebook for hipsters, which I don't mind. I enjoy the lack of volume of petty social garbage that fills up my stream. On Google+, it's me and 10 of my closest friends who interact in ways that we ourselves can appreciate. There is no contest to get the most likes a post, there's no reason to post fragment sentences
(EXAMPLE POST: I hate you all. Why don't you just stop.) Where's the context in that post?
I like google+ mostly because everything posted on it has relevance to me, which is all I care about.
I have enjoyed my Google+ experience, did not so much with Facebook. #1 is true for me. I do not add recommended shared circles I have done so in the past. Some will not circle you back, you are left with a bunch of people in your circle that do not engage with you. I engage often and a lot with what and who I find interesting . That is what is important to me. Not how many people I have in a circle or how many people have me in thier circle. I think the experience is different for everyone, because one thinks it should be this way...that others should feel that way and follow .
10. You can't create events. 11. You can't convince your friends to join. 12. You can't interact via an API.
i love g+ i think it rocks so stop being haters
I'm new to G+ too and I think it's awesome, but are you saying that G+ is bad or good.
11. you think circles are just a way to split up who you spam to ?
Why does everyone always argue over google+ and facebook? Just pick wich one you like and use it, who cares wich one is better, to each his own I always say.
I agree +Sam Dunbar I have never enjoyed Facebook although I find it useful for connecting with extended family. Google+ and Facebook in my opinion offer very different experiences and I appreciate the differences. I am enjoying Google+ for the interests and the fact that you don't have to be my friend! I like the recent changes and I love Hangouts.
+Chris Pirillo,remember G+ is still very young,it takes time to build users. I am sure Google+ will be hugely successful, i'm totally loving it!
You shouldn't treat Google+ like it's Facebook - you should of course treat it like the knock-off version of Twitter that it is.
+cp simit that is actually a very good idea. Twitter is pretty much spamville right now and Facebook is only good for staying in touch with family and friends. Google + is where the real social interaction can take place. Also the privacy features of google + are pretty fool proof. At least to my lay man's eye
Um like non of my friends are on here so not much to do, plus its kinda hard to figure out what to use G+ for. Especially when you don't already have a massive blog and/or Youtube fallowing. (I really wish one could integrate blogger without having to have that profile changed to their G+ profile, I have different needs out of each profile)

Not to mention it dose not have "groups" which one can have thongs in common with, but that are privet so only those in the group can see discussions. That is one big reason I still spend lots more time on DB then G+.
10. You don't work for Google.
Has someone already mentioned getting the sheep to let go of crapbook and join Google+?
11. There's no iPad app.
#5 is me. I hate sharing anything. When employers start hitting up facebook and g+ and judge you because of it, that is why.
Too many guys on here.. Where is all the sexy women ?
To be fair, if you add a group that your interested in, you'll like G+ a lot more. Its a lot better at spreading information than Facebook. The body of people I get information-orientated links I don't know, but the interest is shared. So its like an intelligent-filter on what you want to know about. As far as a social hub I really have no clue. But Google+ is definitely better in the spread of beneficial information.
+Tod Anderson I'm not worried about employers but I do think about potential clients of my businesses. That's where circles come in so handy. For instance, I'm starting to only share my political posts with a specific circle.
I actually don't engage enough. That's a true thing.
G+ sucks on a windows phone 7 at present, and everyone is afraid to leave FaceBook in case they miss something so its a bit empty on 'actual friends'.
Me neither, I do not, but trying!
Google+ honestly isn't Facebook and it's purpose isn't to really to connect with friends but share information with people with similar interests. [: I personally love G+
Or not enough people that I know are willing to come over and try it out. :-(
I like to attack the dumb Liberals in Canada and BC on with an election
Google+ I feel is more targeted than Facebook, which is kind of like a shotgun approach to things.
i think G+ is starting look like twitter and facebook
It sucks because it's terrible.
that si true but i still like G+ cause it is safe for kids that have an email! facebook is bad 4 kids but G+ is good 4 kids.
am i right or am i wrong???
also wouldnt he have to have a G+ to postr tht?!?!?!
I think its starting to look like photoshop and I think I like it lol
Eh, any social media probably has pitfalls for kids.
like Gena, cant figure out what i'm doing,
however making some progress
Yeah, I also use Facebook. More people use Facebook, which means the experience is better. I definitely compare G+ to Facebook. I have over 400 people to talk to on Facebook and only 20 on G+.
I feel less bad sharing shamelethings at random on Google+ than on Facebook, for some reason. I feel like Facebook is more for personal connections, while Google+ is where I feel comfortable just linking my blog or the news story I found on CNN.
خنگا :|
یه کم از گودر مثه آدم - ما - استفاده می کردید این جوری گیج نمی زدید :))
I think that one of the main mistakes people make with google+ is that they use it like it's facebook. When in fact, google+ is a totally different experience.
Funny but true...
But now i Share time with g+
So true, but I don't worry about that. Do I have to?! :)
I find G+ easier and more straightforward to use, organise, and separate content for different audiences. I find Facebook has more people I know, but is less than intuitive when trying to share messages with multiple audiences. Oh the conflict :-S
funny, HOT ON GOOGLE+ shows me your post
10 Reasons Your Google+ Experience SucksI don't really like HOT ON GOOGLE+ actually... that's my number 10 on your list.
another problem:
1X. Language: Maybe everyone that speaks your language thinks google+ is facebook.
+ Sucked to me, until I accidently swaped it from portuguese to english.
Nah Im On It Alot, I Dnt Get Treated Like Its Fb & I Comment , But Its Used To Be Me When I Was New x
I'm going to give you all a chance and circle everyone. maybe ther's something that interests me.
G+ is good bt it can nt do the thing in jst few months which facebook has done to have so many users.
So, using this shared circle; it doesn't seem to have a name. Should it automatically be named and updating?
Reason #10. You real time with real people in real life.
Good advice! I don't know what I'm doing, but I am trying, so thanks for the circle!
10 you just can put facebook down whats so good about it if it not + its not worth it
Hmm. I never had the whitespace problem I've seen screenshots of, even when using Safari instead of Chrome. Is it a PC thing (I'm on a Mac)?
Wow, this doesn't come off as defensive and awful.
That is so true. You really dont understand how good G+ is until you have used it properly.
are superficial and give a priority to small-talks and nonsensical conversations (read Facebook) over informative and in-depth ones. :).
I agree. You have to dive in and use it to appreciate it. I actually, am even a little addicted. Ha!
10. You feel like a stalker every time you comment on a post because there are so few quality posts to comment on, they are always by the same people and those people are strangers you started following just to have something in your stream.
+Mac Menchaca Who is to say what the purpose of G+ is supposed to be? It should be whatever you want it to be.

If you have ever seen any of the tutorials or promos for G+, they talk about "Sharing but like real life". Here are a couple of them:

Google+: Sharing but like real life
Google+: Sharing but like real life

Google+: About Circles
Google+: About Circles

In the above clips, you'll see the friends, family and co-workers are one of the first things they show. This tells me that they want this to be a place where the people you know are included.

That said, it is also an opportunity to meet like minds and to explore things about yourself.

Animated gifs can get annoying, especially when I've seen the same one over and over. Eddie McBride's gifs are a bit of a break for the norm in that respect.

A public hangout would not be something that would interest me. I only tried one with my brother and it was only a small test to see what it was like. If more of my friends and family were here, I would consider it. For now, I'm fine interacting in posts and sharing what I can. I will also watch the streaming hangout for Dan McDermott's program Google Plus Week and participate in the chat room. I'm much better at writing in public than I am speaking in public.

For now, I still have Facebook because that is where most of my friends and family are. I also have some pages that I follow that do not have a presence here. We all have different circumstance and due to the fact that I work M-F, have other things to do and divide my time between two networks, I must interact wherever I can (even if that is only a few posts).
Can someone tell me a good GIF user to add to my circles ?
One great way to alienate new users in a social network is to say they're using it wrong. In order to get more active users, it's gotta evolve to meet their needs.

It's not to say this instruction manual isn't great, but really, who ever reads the instructions?
My Google Experience has been Awesome, you did type 10 Reasons YOUR Google+ Experience Sucks. why do you presume it sucks? Oh maybe you should have typed ( If your Google Experience Sucks here are 10 tips) that's better.. Oh and sorry if your Google Experience sucks Chris.

Have an Awesomely cool day :)
Ya but some of us don't hav FB cause of what happends and who is on there. My mom wont let me on there cause she herd of a chick killed herself over what crap people where saying on there and G+ is way safer and my mom don't have 2 worry as much
having been semi-trained in graphic design, I HATE animated GIFs period. Please Please Please don't put any animated gifs on my page ever.
No, the reason why my G+ experience sucks is that THERE'S NO ONE HERE. All of my friends are over on Facebook, and seeing as nearly all of them aren't 18 yet, they have no way of joining.
Thomas hofmann what mobile devices do you use cause + has allways worked on my android devices
say you have nobody to be friends woth so whats the point of gettiing one..
I'll have to second Point number 2 , I think a lot of people think G+ is another FB clone , sure there are similarities but there are also a lot of differences and not just technical ones ;)
Hahahahahaha.... I'm going to have to agree to #1, 4 , and 6
Shared ;) I've deactivated my facebook today, and have turned to google+ not to replace it, but to spend more time on here and hopefully my circles will join in a bit more too
When all your friends and family are already on FB, not really sure what G+ can actually replace?
i wonder who came up with this, this place is boring, very doll
And goggle+ loads up quicker than facebook,you can correct me if I am wrong.
10. You enjoy Google+ as is but you do not enjoy being told why Google+ sucks for you.
11. You resent the advertising thinly disguised as not so.
12. You like Google+ because it is mostly celebrity free (yet some how they still try to impose themselves upon you).
13. But most of all, you like Google+ because it has "Block this person".
I think the idea is that FB is a way of connecting with people you know whereas Google+ is supposed to function as that plus also as a way to explore the world and people you've never met. Thus the whole explore function and the circle sharing stuff.
G+ isn't intended to replace Facebook. The audiences couldn't be more disimilar. Facebook users are interested in the mundance details of daily life as shared by their friends and family. G+ users come together to share their interests in life. Don't add your freinds and family to G+. Seek out the topics/people that really intrigue you and meet new pople!
10 - perhaps you have a life?
10. do not actually know any people who know what Google+ is.
Another "blame the users" post.
10. You're not interested in converting the majority of your friends, family, etc... who all see no need to add another social networking site to their list and the idea of circling a bunch of complete strangers isn't appealing.
+Pedro Ramos exactly! You wouldn't see a post about how to use Facebook on Facebook--people just use it. Here on G+, posts like this get re-shared >200 times and ''liked'' >500 times. It's definitely just a different user-base.
You can love the G+ experience and never do a hangout. Just saying.
Yeah, +David Cox , I wonder what the percentage of G+ users are hangout people. The family often voice conferences over skype, but we're not the camera type, and I'm certainly not going to rely on a browser for voice chat on a continual basis -- so our imminent skype exodus will not be to hangouts.
10. There is no inbound RSS capabilities and to create an outbound feed, you have to use a third-party site. When I post to my blog, it updates Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn automatically via RSS feeds. If I want to share something on G+ I have to do it manually. I don't care about G+ enough to make that effort. Plus, there are a lot of dicks on G+.
I love google plus. I just wish more of the people I know would utilize it.
i made a google+ profile to get away form the drama facebook brings. im not here to make friends or hook up with any one im here to network and that is all
if only more people i knew were on here
For all those people saying "your not using it right", how the heck are you supposed to use it. Simply saying your not using it right really ticks me off, as on one ever says what the purpose is, even G+ is muddled on that point, so why not elaborate. Other wise your just alienating to those of use that do find the experiences sucks/a new to it.
google+ is way better than any other social network and you can do way more with it.. I love It....
If you dont share photos of locations what is this about ?? (Green)
And of course people, Love people and what they are into, anything, tired of facebook!!
If you don't want people to treat G+ like Facebook, why do you keep making it look more and more like Facebook?
Most of then are true but I top of them the Google + is not too friendly when it comes to your pictures our creating your profile.
You're not doing G+ right unless you've been banned at least once :-)
...spend all my time playing triple town instead of doing anything else.
Besides those things I agree with Brian. I remain in Facebook because I can't get my family and close friends to switch. The have told me not too many spanish spoken users.
10. Your friends are all on Facebook instead of G+, leaving you far fewer people to interact with
wat do u mean we are treatin it like facebook it is kinda the same as fb with the whole chat thing and cover photos brian is right facebook got there first
I thought id give it a try too, i love to take pictures of my Beautiful roses i grow myself, or deer in the woods good time or see your cool pics
I made a joke about the lameness of Google+ and the next time I logged in this was the top story on my feed. At least FB tries to be a little obtuse with their cynical marketing and self promotion.
Hey guys, i don't seem to comprehend whats going on
you r waiting for people u know, to join G+..... :)
I signed up because my brother told me to. Now everyone is here! Yippee! Your list is a good one.
Oh. I didn't realize my G+ experience sucks. Thank you for letting me know.
I like G+. It's better than Facebook in a lot of ways. I like the Circles, the picture uploads and being able to choose on the fly who I send my posts to. It just needs better integration into apps like Gun Bros. G+ needs more sign-ins too. What I mean is a lot of sites allow you access to their...Site using Facebook. I want that for G+. I have friends on Facebook, but I like meeting new people and bring able to see who is posting in my area.
IMO, I thought the whole purpose of social networking is to network with people. Finding friends is very easy here.
It doesn't suck.. And I don't confuse it with facebook since I'm not on facebook.
In Egypt there is no much people using G+ i think you have to Advertise for it more than that.
The fact that this list is what is "Hot on Google+" is incontrovertible proof as to just how utterly room temperature Google+ is.
The really need a better ipad experience, they just have the iphone version for iOS devices.
You forgot #11: you could give two shits about plus.
the bigest crap ive ever seen in my life this circle system leaks in concept and logic, since its just a manual "group function" implemented deep into the g+ there is absolutly nothing new about that.
10. I don't want to talk to random internet people I'll never ever meet ever in my lifetime.. I really don't want them making useless comments on my photos.. Google + is a failure
Being used to facebook is def something l experience as a new member of this, you assume it will work the same ..
While I agree there are key differences with G+ compared to FB, such as circles, hangouts among other things, we did recently have a UI update on G+ which gave us cover photos that are reminiscent of Timeline.

I am also hoping that a lot of this gray disappears in the future, at least for the text. Putting gray text on a gray background is not the best idea. I heard on another post from someone part of a hangout with an Google rep said this should be changing, which I hope is the case.

I will make the best of what I have on G+ and use it in a way that works for me.
If you dont like G+ people, just go back to facebukake and leave the cool kids alone lol
11. The mobile site is aesthetically equivalent to Craigslist.
Or how about an 11th reason? It could go something like this:
11: oh no wait, Google plus still sucks....a lot.
Because u haven't added me = P
You're right. It's all my fault. How dumb of me.
I just wish my friends would come over so I could finally delete my Facebook account. But they stubbornly refuse to.
10. Do not fully understand the technical prowess Google has provided us all to date free of charge...
10. You....don't know what a circle is o-O
Totally not related but: Chris,1 051 072 people have you in thier circles. First thought: DIDNT KNOW THERE WAS SO MANY PEOPLE ON G+ !? O.O
I really like this format but I haven't spent enough time or really shared enough on here to make it work, today is a new day so add me to your circle peeps!!!
I only use Google+ on my galaxy nexus and hangouts don't work. Any advice?
My experience has been great since the 1st day, thanks to all of you:)
And Have Fun! And Enjoy your week a head !!
well the reason I don't circle relatively random people here is that I don't want it to become another facebook
#4 I had alot of people in my circles mostly people that I found interesting and followed, but most of the time when I would make a comment or shared some of the photo's I taken I got totally ignored. Most of my family and friends are on facebook. I thought I try to meet new people on G+ but after being ignored for a month, I deleted everyone in my circle.
Anna H
number two is the worst one of all.
Following 306 people is like following none of them! I guess you've mixed up G+ with Facebook...
Also I'd like to know how many of those 306 people have +1ed this post. #viralmarketing #dumb
Its always the same with me Maxed Out!
This is great I'm totally new to this! But I just find it so perfect compared to other social networking sites. Its just cleaner, more logical to use and less intrusive than the other ones! Hurrah! Well done Google +
11. Google plus can't even send an offline message? They will be lost though you can send them.
I'm not even going to compare #Google+ as #facebook - Standing on its own... +Google+ is one hell of a platform to be social. Hangouts are exactly that...not video chatting as you think of when chatting with one person. You're chatting live with multiple friends or family. It's great implementation across the board on +Google+ #recognize
I use Google Plus More then facebook and i do Hangout for 4 to 5 hours every night
Stop treating this as it is facebook if your treating it like Facebook why Is there the point of being on this and treating this like d Facebook when you could just be Facebook 
+Susan McHugh I'm pretty sure Facebook will shortly (if they don't already) integrate with Skype. However, it would only be video chatting 1 on 1
+Jake Lee its called Google Messenger. At least on any Android powered phone you will find it. You can send offline messages as well as start video chats from it. Can't do that on Facebook.
ivan G
Still trying to learn this whole thing called g+.....but I'm definately digging it!
You have a Google Apps account that you can't merge with your Google account and have to use Google+ in an Incognito window.
O.K. I'll give it a try...add circle you say...O.K. here goes nothing...i suppose lol
+Matthew Ussia how can you day it was room temperature, yet you clicked the post? Even if you didn't read all of it. You engaged in the conversation, thus being social. #totallybro
I keep trying to get banned on FB and on G+. I post obnoxious, inflammatory statements, pictures and memes that are bound to seriously offend someone, usually regarding religion and/or politics (I'm atheist and Libertarian), but to no avail.

Closest I've come is when FB deleted my profile pic, which was of a pancreas, for not meeting their obscenity guidelines.
2. You are treating Google+ like it's Facebook.

I think a lot of things get treated like Facebook. In general, when people think "social network" they think about Facebook. I didn't use Google+ when I signed up for it during its beta phase, but I'm on it almost every day now. I didn't use it because my friends didn't. They still won't. They have an account, but they prefer Facebook, yet complain about the drama on there. They barely talk to me anyways online or offline. Out of all the social networks I've been on, I like Google+ the most. It's clean. It's not filled with crap I don't need. I know where stuff is without having to look through a lot of links/drop down menus. It's fast. Photos and videos load fast. Videos actually load. I also don't get stupid requests like I do on Facebook (birthdays, photo contests, events, etc.) When I read information shared on here, it's actually information, whether it's important or entertainment, and not just someone complaining about a relationship gone wrong. Oh, and the Google+ app works way better than the Facebook app. Like the desktop version, it's fast and not filled with crap you don't need.
I agree with everything but number 10
# because we can't find people through their personal information (like the school we graduated together, or the city we lived in, or the place we worked together) that'd be helpful to get more of our old friends (or to make new ones).
Nat Fer
nice #10 sarcastic
You have to see trash promoted into your feed you don't want.
Weli A
Lot of my friends are doing #2.

+yasin ramazan I totally agree with u..hopefully big G is working on that.
I want circle hierarchy. Circles in circles for example 'scout friends' being a sub-circle of friends...
At Google Plus, interesting things search for you.
10. Google+ censors #testcicles when they are trending.
0. You use the better options out there.
I really like G+ more than fb. More and more people are catching on too. When I first came on beta hardly anyone in my vicinity was on here that's no longer the case. I've connected with some cool people so far.
I'm afraid to add a circle this big. I like my modest, more immediate circles - but I'm tempted.
A. Will
Haha he's completely right, or atleast everything there was spot on for me but I kinda just got here. Hope I can learn from all of this in the future.
Dont use facebook cause its full of wanabes talking crap
Numan K
google+ isn't that bad but it will go down soon
For years I've been wishing that FB was just like G+! I love it! The settings allow you to see what you want when you want and with none of the "what you had for lunch" crap! Love love love!
10. You haven't learned how to search within G+ to find posts on topics that interest you, and to subsequently build networks of people that share your interests. I have as many saved searches as I do circles, and I use these searches all the time to find interesting content and discover new people. This is one of the things about G+ that most distinguishes it from FB, but Google doesn't promote this feature at all.
In my opinion. The two biggest things with any new technology.
1. Keep an open mind.
2. Allow yourself to live in that new environment long enough to learn the good and the bad before making a decision where it fits, if it fits, in your life.

I circled a few of you...hope you don't mind
you have invested too much of your lively hood into facebook and want to maintain your image as all your friends only use facebook
I love Google+! Don't say things about it like that! It's awesome!
So true... sadly. Maybe G+ came a little too late...
I think people just don't give this a chance and just crap on it without using my opinion
I'm new to the Google+ experience and so far am very impressed. It feels like I am part of a community where Facebook feels more like a competition. Also there are a lot less flame wars that end with everyone calling everyone gay.
G+ is clearly a better social platform, and if it can stick it out and grow it's daily user base then it will compete strongly with FB. remember MySpace? Remember Blackberry? Just because you dominate a market for a period it does not mean you will forever.
I like g+ more than Facebook, you have a better experience here and the sharing part is not a boring feeling like in Facebook. They are friends alright but every now and then just keep talking about something that just not moving into a deep thought.
I love G+.
google+ is pretty cool but I think they should have made it staright after facebook or something because now there are so many social networking sites and some of them might never be as popular are facebook or twitter (maybe this might be one of them) :/
Actually its a process no one wants to leave facebook just but they will just like they did myspace
then don't treat google+ like facebook.. facebook is completely out of the rail...
10. you only read posts that are listed as "hot on google plus" and follow any steps they tell you to do you... :)
I just have to say, one of the things G+ really gave a hard sell on when it first came out was privacy settings. So now it's expected that I post and share everything publicly if I want a good experience? Lame. I don't particularly care what strangers are doing online, nor do I expect them to care about me.
I have found Google+ useful for keeping track of tech things, but its no substitute for Facebook or Twitter.
they are trying to hard to make it like facebook. it kinda failed. plus, random strangers add you to their circles.
i would really like it if g+ had themes like buzz did on gmail...
I prefer Google Plus because you can choose who sees what you share, 1 thing which is very difficult to control in facebook. However, Google Plus needs I facelift in its design, to make it more user-friendly in my opinion.
I spend more than five minutes a month here.
+Hollie Barnden "random strangers add you to their circles" -- I think you are missing the point -- that is precisely why this place is awesome.
Funny how most agrees with OP when he lists that G+ is not like Facebook, and then proceeds to comment on how much better G+ is.
There are a lot of great things here. My issue is all the profanity and sexual references, especially on the hot topics. It isn't very family friendly.
+Brian Sullivan In the past 2 weeks close to 100 random people have "added" me out of the blue. The problem is their walls are full of reposts and shares and just one picture. What does that look like? SPAM! I hope I'm wrong though...
It's true ,just until 5.After that,its nonesense. But i should say : 10. You don't have any of your real friends on google + just unknown people all over the world (USA).
First time on Google+ so can someone add me I don't know how to start
I'm confused and I only just joined :(
I dont wanna add someone I dont know ;)
I like animated GIFs. I kinda miss Google Buzz
... circle randomly without looking at the person's posts to see if you have any interest in what they're saying. I ask people to accept Shared Circles into a clean new circle so they can preview the resulting stream and remove the people from whom they just don't want to hear.
Dude .. This just makes no sense ! aren't we using Google+ right now
10# You can now no longer add to your community because you have reached your daily limit. I'll be back. I've got to say that for all the #socialmedia platforms I'm involved in, Google+ is the best for the results I'm searching for. I have no problem removing folks from circles if its not a good fit. Love the post +Chris Pirillo
Lol true on all accounts. Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, but you can post on other friends walls for all their friends to see like FB and that brings all teh wind out of my sail here.
I wish google + was more like FB. I can not figure out how to use this
You got it! I like the ones about G+ not being like Facebook and you have to spend more than five minutes here to Get It! Heck I like them all for that matter. I espeacially like how Google takes care of Trolls and Spammers..don't get that on Facebook or Twitter.
I have 400 plus people in my circles... for the life of me I have no clue who they are... or really how they got there... (I just found Arianna Huffington in my circles and I can't stand that women)

I must say I feel that Google + will fail just like their New and Used Car Project they tried a few years ago... Once the 4000 pound Gorilla gets out (AutoTrader) its hard to over come...

Like many, I have sent out invites to over 700 facebook friends (and all of them I know) only 3 have joined me... Like so few I embrace change, although very few people do... most will not move after spending years developing their Facebook Network...

I'm going to get bashed for these comments... but its my perception and perception is reality
Can't figure out how to mute a person when they post too much.  So you just end up deleting them.

Or you can't figure out how to get past all this news that you sometimes like, to just see what folks in one circle have said.

Or you just don't know why all your chats load on this page and then go off the record.  Chats =/= circles. 
Thanks, I'm new to Google+, and like your posts the best.
Doesn't this statement take a MASSIVE SQUAT on all of your other options or premises as to why most people's experience on Google + is about as equal to sucking goat crotch (not that I know what that is like, but just imagine... That sucks axx. lmao!)?

"7. You have social media needs that are being met better elsewhere." 

Great Point! Guess I won't be needing Google+ then...
hm, Im rather satisfied with g+ ... what can i say, but: nice and sometimes funny thread
You can't delete circles on mobile website or app=fail
I guess some people just aren't ready for an actual SOCIAL network yet.
Sharing g+ photos outside of g+ is horribly clunky
10. You have facebook that fucks google+ and leads it in all the things .
I'm sorry but Google+ is terrible, I feel like I am hacking it instead of using it. I only use it so my stuff shows up on Google searches. I share tons of stuff and engage in lots of convos, spend at least 30 minutes a day here. Still blows. 
I signed on with Google+ and found it so confusing to use, I deleted my Google+ account and staying with Facebook, the evil monopoly of social networking. 
+Kay Brown I hope you're joking. You need to be a freaking rocket scientist to use Facebook, or at least the way they intend you to.
Then no one uses Facebook as it is intended to be used since there are definitely no rocket scientists on it. 
Hi all let's go to facebook and
like photos of friends,
share funny stuff,
images, videos and blogs,news, articles, useful information

upload stuff,

chat and contact with friends,

POKE new people,

play games,

use different apps, etc etc
# 1. I scrolled through the page and the entire UI changed.
No, it's because Jewgle crams this piece of shit you don't want or need down your throat whenever you can and forces you to use it on Youtube.
They force YouTube users to signed up to Google+ and with Google+, they make YouTube to be more resembling generic social media site instead of video sharing site. Not to mention the fact that it will never tame the comments. EVER. If you disagree, then you're not a YouTube veteran user.
҂._.)                        People of YouTube we must get google+ OUT of here!
  <,︻╦╤─                     Grab a weapon and copy and paste this!
 /""""""""""""\=======     ,︻╦╤─   ,︻╦╤─   ,︻╦╤─   ,︻╦╤─   ,︻╦╤─
 /"""""""""""""""""""\     ,︻╦╤─   ,︻╦╤─  ,︻╦╤─    ,︻╦╤─  ,︻╦╤─
The main thing I thing I hate G+ because Google instead of trying to attract clients with new features and convenience is forcing it on them. I feel raped when this happens. G+ sucks big one. G+ Locations is a joke if you compare it with retired Latitude. I liked google for producing functional apps up to the point. Now it progressively getting worse and worse. Media-community oriented BS not my thing. Looking for alternative...
Because I signed up for YouTube as a video sharing service, not as a social fucking network I want forced on me.
Reason No. 11. No Facebook like for this.
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