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Do you spell out words, or use abbreviations when texting?
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I spell out words. As someone with an English language and literature degree, and also as a technical writer, I just can't do the texting stuff - I just figure out which grammar crime to commit. :)
I spell everything out,punctuate sentences, then truncate words as needed. The grammar nazi in my head won't let me do it the other way.
abbreviations ... does that make me a bad person ;)
Sometimes I spell things out.

Smtmes I abbr. them.
+1 for complete words in this world of smart phones with real keyboards.
I wholeheartedly agree with +Rachel Houghton although I don't have anywhere near the same credentials. One of the reasons why I like G+ is the fact that you can use whole words rather than twit-speak.
I abbreviate..... for: 4, you: U, just kidding: J/K, etc. It depends on how long the message I'm writing will be. LOL
I use iOS 5 keyboard shortcuts. I type the abbreviations and it autocorrects it's to the full word. Ex: omw = On my way. I have a whole bunch of these set.
Full words all the time, with punctuation and everything. I can't stand abbreviations.
A pet peeve of mine is when people use texting acronyms on non-mobile platforms. You've got a whole keyboard right there, and you can't be bothered with spelling it out...
I very rarely use slang, be it within a post or a text. In fact, it's not uncommon for me to write a paragraph before I hit the "send" key. Those to whom I am writing will often fire off 1 or 2 quick lines, but I tend not to function that way. Not only that, there's been some instances where I have had to look up some of these insane abbreviations to know what is being said. I have finally got many of them in my head now but still tend to use longhand.
I try to limit my use of texting abbreviations even when texting, while a g2g, or AFK once in a while is fine, I find myself wanting to strangle people when I see them in E-mails, Blog Posts, or things like G+ Comments.....
I very rarely use any sort of abbreviations. I find that my friends will text me back in this manner too (with a few exceptions who insist on unintelligible abbreviations and slang.
I always spell out, unless I'm specifically using a shortened version for effect.
I've not become lazy enough to abbreviate everything, yet.
I spell and punctuate correctly (even using an old keypad cell phone) and then, if I run out of room I go back and attempt to compromise on which grammatical crimes I'm willing to commit to make it fit.
Texting abbreviations are the devil, and with current prediction and auto correct they are not even any faster than using the whole word.
I mostly spell things out.
Dan C
I've never understood the drive to use abbreviations outside of the old clamshells and candybars, now that we have solid QWERTY boards on the average feature phone, it's just sort of the end of that necessity.. And it's never made a lick of sense on a PC.
I've never liked texting slang, it's just lazy. Considering keyboards like SwiftKey will take care of the oh so laborious task of having to hit a few more keys to spell out a word, I don't see a reason for it.
Im ttly down on teh whale. Coz thats jst awesome. lol.

It seriously kills me... outright deads me, when people can't have a conversation without injecting texting amorphisms.

I didn't grow up in the TEXTING scene, though. I was in the chat boards, IM and email scene. I'm a generation or 3 apart from those who solely texted for constant communication.

I think texting and crappy keyboards have done far more damage to the English language than some people would believe. Knowing it ... is one thing, doing it is something completely different. :D

Oh, and get off my damn lawn.
I never intentionally leave out vowels or use numbers instead of letters unless it is purely used for mockery. I HATE reading texting shorthand everywhere I go. It isn't that I can't read it or figure it out, it just makes the other party look juvenile or stupid.
I wonder what are the age ranges for comments on this thread.
Dan C
+lerato majikfaerie , 24. I grew up using email for most of my back-and-forth internet communication, so maybe that's why typing in that shorthanded lingo is a feat that requires actual intention for me at this point..
Normally I write it out. I have a real pet peeve about the use of slang and text slang in place of proper grammar at inappropriate times. I cannot count how many people's applications I threw out because they didn't know how to write let alone speak. Or, they come to an interview (for a customer service position) looking like they could open a can with their face and talk "like dis n dat an u know whut ah mean?". That said, I am guilty of quick comments being text shorthand. I do use text shorthand quite often but the auto-complete usually fixes it. However, if I desire you to take me seriously. I am good with language and use it accordingly. I am hooked on Phonics!
Awesome post! I thought I was the only texter out there who used full words and sentences. Hooray!! I am cool!!
I prefer to use full English sentences with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and only resort to abbreviations in order to get the letter count down below whatever the cutoff is. But I do use "texting language" for the emoticon-type additions, such as LOL, ROFL, etc. Those are just awkward to read as whole sentences.
No I don't. I spell my words out. ; )
I spell my words out. I have a hard time figuring out what those slang words mean.
I still use "lol". I feel dumb using anything besides it.
Spell things out just about all the time. I really don't like "text" speak. 
TBH I like to use both. Variety is the spice of life! :)
I have never been one to use abbreviations when writing in any form including texting. I agree that with full keyboards at our disposal now, there is especially no need for texting abbreviations.
It's rare for me to abbreviate. I can understand why people did before full keyboards but now it just irritates me.
I properly spell out my text messages. It's a bit annoying when you receive a confusing message, I will end up ignoring it. =p
I spell out everything and use things like capitalization and punctuation. It irritates the hell out of me when I see some of the text-based abominations that people's fingers unleash into the world.
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