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"With the iPhone 5, we see an average dE2000 of only 2.09, which would make it the best LCD monitor I would have reviewed at AnandTech to this point."

"The new panel in the iPhone 5 is simply remarkable in quality and if it were a PC monitor, I'd give it a Gold Award on the basis of it's performance."

"The iOS 6 Maps application gave me space herpes."

[Okay, that last quote clearly isn't the author's - but I didn't want to make him out to be a total fanboy of quality hardware.]
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Needs comparison with other high end handsets for a fair assesment
i would have to call that monitor fragmentation
Fandroids of this comment section… nudges head
Just accept the fact that iPhone 5 DOES have the best screen, bar none … and that it will take other manufacturers' lots'a time to catch up!

Embrace and improve - stop bashing.
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