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"With the iPhone 5, we see an average dE2000 of only 2.09, which would make it the best LCD monitor I would have reviewed at AnandTech to this point."

"The new panel in the iPhone 5 is simply remarkable in quality and if it were a PC monitor, I'd give it a Gold Award on the basis of it's performance."

"The iOS 6 Maps application gave me space herpes."

[Okay, that last quote clearly isn't the author's - but I didn't want to make him out to be a total fanboy of quality hardware.]
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Needs comparison with other high end handsets for a fair assesment
i would have to call that monitor fragmentation
The colours on the 4s were truly awful weren't they, this solves that huge problem. Next on the list, buttons which do stuff 10 percent more effectively :-)
Fandroids of this comment section… nudges head
Just accept the fact that iPhone 5 DOES have the best screen, bar none … and that it will take other manufacturers' lots'a time to catch up!

Embrace and improve - stop bashing.
+Hammid Shahrokni yes, its the best 4" display on the market. I need more pixels for doing stuff so its not the best screen for me. 
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