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It's National Face Your Fears Day! Are you brave enough to conquer whatever it is you're afraid of? Better yet, are you brave enough to tell all of US what that fear is? 

Wicket has big plans for today. He's finally going to show that little rosebush in the yard who the boss is. 
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I am scared from fear :) If it make any sence:)
I hate the feeling of fear, and I am usualy scared from "something."
If I should name some specific things it is dead of my pets, family etc.  
I'm afraid of leaving the job I've been in for 12 1/2 years.
Diarrhea and middle of the night Charley Horses are my biggest fears!
Derek, ooh, good call... I hate those cramps.

Natalie, you're so right. I should've done it five years ago... trying now.
Afraid of letting my family down.
I'm afraid I don't fear anything...
I've got a family to support, I can't leave my job in one day... Lol, I've sorta got to have a really good one lined up. Hitting likely employers as we speak, though.
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