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Because you wouldn't want to try something called WimpyText, right?
With the number of Android applications increasing daily, it is sometimes difficult to find one that actually does what the developers says it will. In this case, MightyText has a huge advantage over ...
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I'm personally a fan of DeskSMS for android
I just use Google Voice.  Have since two weeks into the beta.
+Chris Pirillo I have been using that application for a very long time. I am in the beta testing for their web app as well, making the interface much better. Great app, great share Chris.
Not that I'm really concerned over what I say via texts, but if this app could /encrypt/ sms and mms then I could see myself getting onboard
Is there a plus to using this over say, Google Voice SMS? I have the same capabilities, it seems to me via my Android or my PC alone via GV.
This is an awesome all, been using it for months. They're making great improvements. Just be aware if you're giving a presentation, there's potential for embarrassment if you aren't careful
Has anyone compared this to Phonedeck?  I haven't used MightyText yet, but so far like the possibilities.
I have been using this app for a month now and it works pretty well. I keep forgetting that Google voice does the same thing and I have an account :-\
Is there something like this that handles voice calls over WiFi? I've been wanting to use the headset on my pc for sending and receiving calls instead, but use my phone's number and plan. Google voice doesn't work because I'm in Australia.
Mighty Text is a must have, it has grown quite a bit in the year I have been using it, could be cleaner, but that is why we add suggestions.  As to the transfer of calls, I am US based and Voice works for me,  seems that there was a Chinese competitor on the market.
+Matthew Nielsen I can only think of bluetooth - works for car systems & wireless headsets, so presumably, IF the bluetooth stack in the PC supports it it could be used for making calls. I've not tried though.
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