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i don't think that we have time to think all these questions!!!!!!!!!
Statements that are both true and helpful are rarely kind...
Some theories of language would say this is impossible as language is required for thought. We don't think before we speak. We think-speak. Thus this is useless as the first premise is false.
If everyone spoke the Truth, in a helpful, inspiring and kindly way, and spoke or wrote only what was necessary, what a boring world would it be! I am reminded of a Seinfeld incident where Elaine, bored with Jerry/George/Cosmo, hung out with very polite, nice folks for a while and longed to return!, :-)
One who's words are true, helpful, inspiring, and necessary, won't often say anything that would be interpreted as kind.

One example, obesity:

"Does this outfit make me look fat?"
Truthfully, in this age of obesity, the person is likely somewhat fat to start with, especially if they are self conscious enough to have to ask.

Fact is, it would be helpful to provide diet and exercise tips to someone who is overweight, but they would not likely feel that way.

Many overweight people are inspired to do something about it because of the ridicule, embarrassment, or otherwise.

In extreme cases, losing weight is necessary for the sake of a person's health.

Telling an overweight person they are fat may not be kind, but it is the truth, it can be helpful, and it may be inspiring, and at times even necessary.

The same idea applies to most anything.
I am a wizard and you can just go die!
+Phillip Petty You realize you can be fat and healthy. Obesity is an extreme. Often people feel insecure about there body figure and yet they are not obsess or unhealthy. Another thing, it depends on personality type but most people respond poorly to ridicule. Social pressure can play a role in what people do but its hardly ever a beneficial role. It is found to be way more affective to reinforce someones good behaviors, with kind words, than ridicule there bad ones.

I however disagree with the topic statement as that means works of fiction, comedy and most conversation would be killed.

One more thing how could we tell only the truth when we are so often misinformed. For example, nothing can go faster than the speed of light. But, that may not be true the was a test dune in Europe and they think they proved that wrong.

We usually don't know the truth.
Conversation is about more than simply being helpful.
Dose my every word need to inspire?
I guess witty banter is out.
I need to go but I'm positive if given more time I could give a good reason not to be kind with every breath.
I agree with Joshua here, I know loads of people who say they feel very bad when they're in the 'normal' range of weight - it might not be best for their heart, but everyone's different and we have to accept that.
+Joshua Voshell, I was merely using obesity as an example to illustrate my point, not applying my point to all of obesity. I do agree with you. Also, words can be rather negative and harsh without being ridiculing.
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