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Its close ...but I think the iPhone is better.
I don't know if there's a winner. I'd take the S4 for sharpness, and iPhone for color representation. I would not choose the HTC ONE over either, though.
Yeah but for a camera once you have the resolution (8mp is plenty for most) then color accuracy seems to be more important.  At least that's the way I see it.
The S4 looks much better to me. But I can wait for the next iPhone release if I want a better camera.
Agree +Chris Pirillo

I would prefer S4 clarity. I like to see little details on my photo. Was wondering if u try to shoot with macro and auto focus and compare it, is it still the same result? 
iPhone 5 is still the best camera of all of these phones. I like the colors, they are very pleasing to the eye. Samsung makes all colors look dark and depressing.
Looks a bit washed out to me. The one on the right is blown out.
+Luisa kuntz I'm sure he can afford to use both. Besides, what would then happen to the hundreds of iOS apps he purchased over the years? Can he move them over to Samsung Galaxy?
I've already answered that question on YouTube, Luisa.
+Chris Pirillo Looking at this on an iPhone 5, using the Google+ app, I see the S4 as over sharp. If I look along his helmet, I see jagged edges between the good and red. The images shot with iPhone look smooth and natural. The HTC is abysmal with the window shot.

Do you see the jagged edges?
Paul, the edges aren't as pronounced when I view it off-mobile.
So.... is it me or did the S4 make iron Man actually fly? 
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