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So, which direction do my YouTube subscribers want me to go? The answer seems EXTREMELY obvious:
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however, the latter gives your channel identity. The first is just filler content/extras; in my opinion.
I have to admit +Chris Pirillo I have been subscribed to you for years, and your new Pirillo Vlogs has been so far your best content and seems much more involved. Keep up the amazing work Chris and Diana!!
+Matt Ryan - yes, but even after I show people these raw statistics, they still want me to go a direction that's completely counter to them. I think we'll see success with the 'Geek Out' tweaks, but I don't know if the tech content will stay on YouTube or come here / Facebook.
I'd say, since the vlogs are getting a lot of attention, probably since they are "news" like, keep them; just don't let the geek out's vanish. no?
I understand what the results tell you but DO NOT forget what built you up. I still think you should upload the full 30 min TLDRs!
What I mean is Tech Videos right? TLDR is the new thing but I really enjoyed TLDR and his tech videos in general.
I liked the two of them put together but whatever as it was said in one of the latest TLDRs my vote does NOT count unless it has 1 million dollars
I honestly only watch your vlogs although i have been subscribed for a while now. Personally i would stop the TLDR's as clearly the views are ratings are not up there. The decision is yours but if I were in your shoes I would just do tech news such as Iphone and new and upcoming stuff that YOU like;)
Your vlogs ones are awesome, hate the tldr's, but like the short geek out ones...
+Chris Pirillo Vlogs... What can I say about them... they are kind of meaningless to those who subscribed to you long ago, because you did awesome tech reviews, critique and other geeky stuff like that. You introduced us to many services we would probably never find ourselves, helped us choose products that fitted our needs, showed us products that we would never own ourselves.

What I see now is a wasteland, with tiny scraps of useful information randomly scattered around, that, to be frank, rarely worth salvaging anymore.

Sure, stats don't lie, but the numbers are probably coming from the bulk of newer members, not those who cherished you as a tech geek.

TLDRs were Okey-ish... at least they retained a bit more of original value we subscribed for.

But its not all about our needs and wishes anyway, you have your own life, which is certainly more demanding than it used to. And we have tons of alternative sources to nourish or geekery from. That said I don't see myself staying subscribed to random bits of some stranger's life.

And GeekOut? It is somewhat of a joke. Unfocused and hardly informational...

Thats what I think about the direction the channel is going, but I am just one out of millions that probably think otherwise. Thus, keep at whatever that brings the most to the group you are targeting. If its not geek crowd anymore, than so be it. But don't expect us to linger for much longer either.
Just hire a bikini dressed assistant to do a very boring nerdy software test and see how it soars! :)
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