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This image is most likely from

[Thanks, +Dennis Coble!]
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By free minds for free minds...
dunno, I've seen it floating around recently too
if you're actually looking, try Google Goggles
Thanks for putting this question out to your prodigious fan base, +Chris Pirillo. I've been wondering the same thing myself as this image has been making the rounds in the last few days.
Holy crap looking at it I think i'm gonna puke for motion sickness
The artist was last seen with two men dressed in black, talking into their sleeves...
+Dirk Talamasca that's one of the main sources. I am not sure they created it though. They didn't link to other sites so ....
well it's must be not from my country... 'cause some of product in my country isn't there...
I don't get it, is this supposed to be news or something?
saw that at reddit's front page yesterday... so cool. haha. ;)
So all the brands that surround the larger icons, are the corporations. The arrows shows which corporation owns that brand. (i.e. Coca-cola owns Monster)
Esto es sólo una pequeña porción de la gigantesca torta capitalista que controla la alimentación humana.... Los precios de los alimentos suben día a día aca en sudamérica, Y SON MAS BARATOS EN EUROPA k AcÁ !!
+Dennis Coble seems to have the earliest posting so far. Certainly seems to be the original as it isn't compressed and lossy.
I seem to recall seeing this (or something very similar) at the end of "Out Foxed".
I don't know who made it. Not totally correct though. Coke is actually (at least) 3 companies. Not sure Pepsi owns 7-up either. It gets delivered by different companies than Pepsi does.
It used to be distributed by pepsi under an agreement, but no longer
Guys, Obama taught me that billionaires keep and don't spend their money. This shows me they invest in small business, I'm so confused !
I think a big bank is behind the whole scheme...
And these 10 companies write the regulations that keep you from starting a small business to compete with them.
Adam: politics aside, these aren't small businesses. Even when the big ones buy the smaller ones I still don't think the smaller ones are 'small businesses'.
Some of those companies are large enough, the probably have their financial company for employees and smaller business partners.
+Chris Knutson +Chris McIntosh I think you missed the point.
And Government passes the regulations they write. Staples was a small business(1 store) till Romney Lent them 10 million. Doesn't mean they weren't small at one point.
Most of them were small at one point. Nestle didn't start out making chocolate and bottled water for the entire planet that I am aware of.
...and cue the (libertarian) "free market" trolling. Gross dude.
I'm not missing the point. I was just trying to say that putting an Obama tag on everything that is wrong with the world is just foolish.
+Chris McIntosh And you did that by pointing out that these aren't small businesses? I can't follow that train of thought, sorry.
Ok, then take them as 2 thoughts. It has been a long time since any of these icons on this map were small businesses I'd bet. I can agree with the fact that some were likely small when they started.
+Chris McIntosh My whole point is big business is good for small business. At any given point in time, the smaller business got investment money from a larger one. I'm a business owner, I can confirm this. How many lawyers here want to deny this, raise your hand !
+Adam Wyson I would disagree with your poorly conceived statement lacking in historical context. Also, I'm not lawyer. I won't debate you here, though. Sorry.
+Chris McIntosh Alright, then you were simply stating an observation, got it. Well, in the morning the sun rises and it's warm.
Publix Inc. has never layed off a single employee in its 70+ years in 5 states
+Adam Wyson Evidently, you don't understand the words, "I won't debate you here." Reading! Twenty fictional business owners agree it's clearly worth the investment!"
To say a particular situation applies to all is being short sighted.
+Kenneth Gerber Although Publix is quite unique with its commisions business model. If you get a job and sit at work doing nothing, they stop paying you and scheduling you to work. You won't get laid off though. They also don't consider part time and seasonal lay offs to be actual lay offs. Most applicants are hired for long periods of time as part time so they are able to let you go without ruining their perfect record.
Now somebody just needs to put an image of the FDA, Monsanta and US Tax agency in the middle of it all with all arrows pointing to rome and it would be just about complete.
Joss X
Guaauuu!!!!! solo 10 marcas controlan el mundo, debo estar ahi...
Wow,I'm a student,and I think this picture will help me to find some interesting job in different companies.It also make us understand that we live in a world that occupied by some very huge companies.
I thought there are many people know that in other countries.:0
I'm not sure if anyone would take credit for this chart. Image the law suite if all of the companies that owne these trade marks decided to sue! :P
10 rings of power
10 rings to rule them all
scary crazy stuff, we've been globalized, people!
I don't recognize too many of these brands. The only branded food I buy is the occasional sauce, oil or vinegar.
I think Lipton belongs to Unilever and not Pepsico
Now to play spot the (mostly minor) errors...
Moral of the story: next time you tell someone "Why are you using product A? It's sucks and you shouldn't support the people that put it out, use product B instead," chances are you'll be supporting the corporation that puts out product A the whole time without realizing it!
i used to believe that Milka was branded by Nestle, not Kraft... and the mars-m&m-twix box too...bah... i still like most of those :P
Haven't we known for at least a generation that our world order is moving towards a giant conglomeration of corporations. In the end there will be one large company running the world, if we are not careful.
okeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy... so people/someone starts their own business and company, and makes THEIR OWN MONEY! or decide to sell THEIR BUSINESS!! to another company. and that's a heinous crime, why???! people are dumb.
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