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Here are some tips to help you upload to Box for all your cloud storage needs.
I have had a (now known as Box) account since late 2011, when it kindly gave new customers 50 gigabytes of space on its servers for free. I realized recently that I was letting all of this spa...
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Nice tips, thank a lot. Before I was just sending one file at a time via the Word integration.
i dont even know that they offer dav support.. it is slow tho..
+Chris Pirillo No being smart but Chris how many alive and dead accounts do you have? I have been swinging on the internet wire for -12Mts now my list is mounting the uninstaller comes in handy (have to open one account to get to another... ) A bean counter by you should give us the answer (First you have a deep think.... that's enough =.
And the conflict between the programs......,.....,... We have games, how many dam wordprocessers are there, and all the other shit with icons on the home screen blarr, blarr, blarrrr. And for the life of me i will NOT touch another button while typing this as the consequence is dire.(gota be a way of saving this as we go!! And hitting a key wrong somewhere another, well I just sit there beside myself....Go Google Go Love ya!!>>
I can't wait to try this. I've got the free 50gb too, but haven't used it because of it's lack of a local client/folder. Thanks!
It works no installation required.Thanks for the Tip. Am not as lucky, i only have 5gb. How to do this on WinXP or Linux?
I think there's no way to get extra space now (atleast not 50GB). Box were giving away free space for a limited time to users who downloaded and used their Android/iPhone apps.
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