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Oh no not a drink with calcium. Won't it calcify your heart valve?!!!
I wonder what it taste like. I'm lactose intolerant, so I've been trying to find cheap alternatives to milk products.

I can't imagine they'd be able to sell it if there was THC in it.
Warning: If you drink the whole thing you will become one with the couch, and even cookies will become very heavy.

Actually hemp doesn't get you high because it doesn't have a high enough THC content. Hemp is a product that should be used more often for lots of things. Look into it.
+Michele vonHild, I don't really like the taste. and it bothers me a little that they can't really be grown locally for me. Hemp on the other hand is a very productive crop that can be grown local, so learning about this is fascinating.

Living just down the road from a cow-farm, I know how disgusting and wasteful they can be, so I'm glad to be rid of milk from my diet.

We've got some powered coconut flour that works pretty well for baking since I haven't found a good alternative that I can source locally. I'm trying out a gluten free diet to see if affects me or not.
I wonder if it's made in America? :) I've had cannibutter before and it's actually more complete with EFAs then anything 3,6,9 fatty acids very healthy
Hemp has practically zero TCH. If you smoked a pound of hemp, you'd probably only have a headache. Calling this product "Hemp Bliss" does a disservice to those trying to get it legalised to grow.
Legal to grow in Canada, not in the US. And to add to the  hypocracy, the US is a big importer of raw hemp.
+Frank McCauley, I think the branding is meant to allude to the THC aspect for marketing reasons. It also looks like they are trying to knock-off the branding of Almond Breeze.
+Nicholas Perry that's exactly my point. It's alluding to hemp being more than it is. Because of that very thing, it's made illegal. Hemp is not a drug. 
Hemp is a sort of 'cousin' to the cannabis plant right?
If I have my information right, hemp is the male version of the plant which doesn't produce marijuana. Either way there are a ton of uses for hemp, and should be sued more often.
I love the typo by Mike :D
I agree it should be used more often, but in America they would sue everything related to the stuff!
Just had a look, the US imported over $10 million dollars worth of hemp products in 2010. I would think US farmers would like a piece of that!
Flax seed oil is also something that is lacking in  the American diet. I should research hemp as a dietary supplement. I am very ignorant about these things.
Hemp seed products are legal in America and very healthy for you. Hemp Seeds are made into hemp seed flour, protein powder, oil, butter, coffee and more.

Hemp Milk is very easy to make: 1 part hulled hemp seeds to 3 parts cold water and run through a juicer. Let hemp seeds and water sit overnight before juicing for extra goodness. Hemp milk has a nutty pine nut flavor and can be used to make ice cream to pouring over cereal.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I'm here to help everyone!
Get them omegas. Chia is a good seed for that too. 
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