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Geek > Nerd
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To this day I still don't know the official difference between a geek and a nerd. 
Geek greater than Nerd ???
Ok here it is....once and for all. 
Geek: The way you respond to things you like.
Nerd: How much you know about the things you like.

Geeking out = Getting excited 
Nerding out = Educating those around you

Nerd = “The problem with a vehicle like the Bat is that it’s going to have to generate enough thrust to hold itself off the ground,”
irish d
I thought geeks are just computer /tech nerds.
Would you dare say that about Bill Gates?
irish d
+Josh Shannonhouse so geeks are hipsters? I like the nerd movies better. and the nerd gadgets and the nerd jobs.
.So neither a geek or a nerd nor a hipster has commented yet...(mother of a total nerd)
Fortunately I am at least both of these ;)

y ur lockergnome site no loading 4 me?
Geeks rule the world and if you don't already know that then you my friend live under a rock
Okay, the homepage loads, using the header link. But clicking through to that article from the homepage just loads the same page with no content. From the looks of it, others are getting through and enjoying that fine infographic.
I'll just sit here forever alone with no infographic. :'(
Weird, Kirkda. You're saying that this page is still sticking for you on load?
same here, I tried it with IE9 and It tells me that is it blocking activex "Your web browser has blocked this site from using an ActiveX control in an unsafe manner. As a result, this page might not display correctly."
I only use Chrome or IE9 when a site needs activeX so I'm not sure if Firefox users experience the same issue
Hmmm....yes, +Chris Pirillo, that page and when I click any link on the homepage it refuses to load the content (aside from the What's New on Lockergnome link carousel and the page header).
I'm not getting any activeX warnings or anything. When I have some time later I'll fiddle with my security settings and see if I can fix it (altho, like I said, I've never had issues before).
Are any of y'all running ad blockers?
I am on Chrome, just disabled it and tried reloading - no dice.
My Firefox is add-on free though.
nope, Just Avast and I disabled that and still nothing. Played with ActiveX on IE9 and despite being told that running my browser in such an insecure state is bad.... Still nowt.
I am, but have had Lockergnome on my exceptions list for a long while (As with any site I read and consume content from - Though in that screenshot it was blocked, as I forgot to add the exception on my laptop). 

I had initially noticed it on my desktop where the exception is, re-added the exception on my laptop and still nothing. 
Turned off the Avast WebRep plugin and it loads.. Unless of course you just did something lol.
Yeah, must have been something you just did, I turned it back on and it still loads.
THERE it goes!
I can't help but fear the infographic will be anti-climactic now.
The Geeks shall inherit the earth!
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