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Sharper than Retina? This I'd definitely wanna see! :D

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So ole goog is bed hoping with acer n Sammy :D
That's all well and good, but until Google starts taking tablet apps a bit more seriously they really don't need to step into the 10" tablet space first-hand.
I'll buy one if Google is truly making one with Samsung.
I seriously doubt this. But let's see. I don't doubt that they are capable of making the device I just think Google is trying to get a pad into as many people as it can so it does not make much sense to be trying to hop for the top segment of the market. They will leave that to the OEM's
I still think they need to a larger budget tab, maybe 9-10.1" with similar specs and design to the N7 at $299 or less. This is another high end Samsung.
+Duarte Molha why not? I think Google is kinda tired of the bad reputation in terms of upgrade timing Android got because of the manufacturers and their questionable skins. About time G took the situation in his hands, providing full AOSP experience to anyone interested.
Hell Yea just what they need to make a device to compete with iPad
+Matteo Pirelli I'm not saying they won't release another larger tablet... I'm just saying they will try and keep it as affordable as possible and because of this I doubt it will have a higher than retina display.

Time will tell if I am right.
I love my nexus right now. I love the fact that it is 7 inches and works perfect. I would not upgrade.
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