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#I #Need #Hashtags #Here.
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Maybe they could make them ++# tags. It's like # tags but only one better!
I'd rather just have hash. Forget them tags.
Very much do. Especially without search.
Empire Avenue is sulking that the (e) isnt considered
By the way, I don't recommend trying to type a sentence on here with + before each word. It gets icky.
#morehashtags (Why does FriendFeed get all the fun stuff?)
Think so? Once google realtime starts making it searchable keyword based searches maybe as good. We can all try to trend keywords instead of hash-tags then.
I just don't understand how you could "forget" #hashtags at this point? If they REALLY want to beat Facebook...
I bet that sparks and hashtags could become very close friends.
Also how is it that G+ doesn't have search in streams when you want to look up and old post???
Vijay V
God no. Hashtag is a band-aid Twitter had to come up with because of the text-only medium and the 140-char limit. Google+ has no such trouble, and I love reading posts and comments in plain English.
Just wait until G+ combines with Twitter.
I christen it....Glitter.

It will never come out of your hair.
#there #should #be #spam #free #hashtags ....
How about just regular tags? Do they have to be hashed?
+vijay v Twitter didn't come up with hashtags. And the person who did, now works at... Google.
#hashtags work forTwitter.. #ThisaintTwiter
Google is classier than hashtags. Expect metadata.
Hashtags are annoying. Specially when people use them outside of twitter. One of the things that annoys me so much about Facebook. Keep them in twitter.
The like button works for facebook but this is Google +, not facebook
Negative Ghost Rider. No hashtags. I repeat, no hashtags.
well +Louie Garcia, Text does not inherently convey emotion, much like emoticons, hashtags can help to convey emotion, meaning, and subject in a quick manner. making topics easily searchable. I don't think Hashtags would work for Google+ because there isn't a character limit. But Post metadata or tags would be perfect.
I have never received so much spam in my life in one day just by replying to this post #hashtags sucks end of story
+richard glowacki, mute the post from the dropdown?
Let it be new service #GoogleWords, may be #GoogleHash, at the least #GuttenTags ...
Full ACK (but I "think" they'll come ;-) )
Hashtags weren't invented on Twitter, they where used on IRC and migrated from site to site until it emerged there. Twitter didn't have hashtag search at first, it was an emergent behavior and they adapted to their users behavior accordingly. Personally I love the idea.
+Paulo Schlup when did IRC have hashtags for categorizing chatter? I've been on IRC for 10+ years, on dozens of networks, and I have no idea what you're talking about.

If you're referring to channel names, those aren't "hashtags". It was just a way to separate the difference between a channel and a nickname. IRC has also had "@","%", "+" and other symbols to identify operators and voiced nicks. None of which has any resemblance to @-replies, hashtags, etc.
Google use to #twitter trending system yesterday.. For hashtag & trending G+ need streams.. That's what we just doing for testing..
With #hashtag we can connect circles & build the #global circle..
I just asked about Hashtags earlier today. They evolved into the Twitter universe, what's going to be here? I see some people use them, some not.
+Charlie-Helen Robinson I guess that's possible. But that would just be ignoring what's emerged as a useful convention just for the sake of it. At least +Name, for example, also supports @Name.
You got your stupid #hashtags. Happy?
(hovers over word "#hashtags", sees no link) I don't see any #hashtags highlighted... Do we need to bug Google some more?
+Acey Tech Must be an extension, then. I'm using Chrome on Windows and I don't have clickable #hashtags yet...
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