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Want to learn a new language? Here's how Google Chrome can help.
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sounds intresting...but i'll stick w/ rosetta stone
Cool idea, but English and Japanese aren't supported O.o
While its a fun program, I think I would prefer the option of don't translate the word and just highlight the word so I can move the mouse over it to hear what it sounds like. While I can get it to say the word out loud, I have mine set to Novice Korean and I can't understand the letters so I have to keep clicking the word to show me the english and then wait a second or 10 for it to speak it out loud.
Nice, guess I will try with a few languages :) 
It is the definition of spam. Grow up! You are not on Facebook anymore.
This better be true... lol :)
( even though these are NOT true )
More Apple haters??? Get over it yo.. lol
Guessing this wouldn't help me much with my American Sign Language proficiency.
thank you very much
I want to learn English. Does it work?
It work very well, Godwin Hao, but, speak translate is very bad
great idea, will be nice to brush up on my spanish vocab
Veni kimari, your link have problem, i can't see it
I have installed this. Let's see how it goes. 
+Baby Pro I am using it. But it doesn't contain English option. So I only have to open a English page and translate it to's still translating.
Weli A
I can finally learn French.
Doesn't work very well... I was disappointed.
This has a lot of potential. Thanks for sharing.
Que bueno, ahora puedo aprender como hablar Portuguese. Brasilia baby!!!
Just tried it and it worked well. I look forward to trying it some more.
nice..! Its great to hav some knowledge abt different languages.
Excellent! I have at least two languages that I would like to attempt this with!
How much tyme u will take to learn a new lnguage
Thanks +Chris Pirillo! Can always count on you for the most informative content.
Doubtful it has the languages I need.
Considering how much time I spend at the computer this is a great way to learn a language. Learning by osmosis!
yea i tried it only one day into it will keep you posted on my progress learning spanish
Chris...good info..hope it will be including Malay language too,I'll check it out soon..thanks..
i want bengali... its not there
I have developed a theory about knowing exactly when your post hits the 'What's Hot' column based on the quality of comments. I think i will make a graph about it.
Thats a really good idea!! Might download Chrome now to brush up on my French
This would have been really useful 2 years ago when I started my French GCSE - I have the exam next week -_-
yes i learn to english perfectly.
Haven’t tried it out yet, but I do really wanna polish u on my Japanese..
useless till google translate is here....
it is such a nice app... IT JUST NEEDS JAPANESE ><
EXCELLENT,G+ is indeed full of geniuses sharing genius tools
Good that this is going viral now, although it was shared by few (including me) a week ago. It might increase language learners around the world.
I will try it. This kind of tool always help when learning a new language. Actually what you can do is double check the translation in other tools by the time it helps you to understand and remember when to use specific phrases or words
Not bad, but the translation is sometimes poor.
i Would love to try this hand whisper thing, can anybody tell me what will happen, i just wane knw before i try it :-)
this is awesome and works great for me. I can keep up on my Spanish that I am losing through non use.
Very interessant.
Hey this looks really helpful. I am trying to learn Thai and I didn't even expect to see it as one of the supported languages but there it is! Thank you Chris!
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