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Congratulations... I assume you two are registered at the Lego store ;-)
congrats !! Proof that nerdy geeks who spend all day in front of a computer can pull a hot girl! :)
Congratulations! I love being married...I suggest running off to Fiji and getting married on a secluded beach without all the hoopla of a big shin dig! We were snorkeling 2 hours before the ceremony and it was the best experience I've had in my life. Have fun!
Congratulations and God Bless you both!
Congratulations to you and Diana! Best wishes for a happy life together!
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Congratulation, and god bless you both ... Wish you have a wonderful and happy married life. 
Yay! Congrats and best wishes.
We will be there, expect us !! anonymous LOL :) , Congratulations ;)
congrats you two, my wife and i are going away for the weekend to celebrate 30 years............................
Congratulations Chris and Diana!
congrats. and surprised she is real and not a Lego character.
Congrats....much love and happiness!
Is't she cute? In addition she likes to eat, explore and ice cream We love her and welcome Diana to the family. 
Make sure you Livestream it to SXSW so you can liven it up :-)
i wish you guys all the happinest their is
Good stuff bro, all the best to you and your beautiful bride.
This is awesome, Chris & Diana! Congratulations and welcome to the club! :D
Congratulations! To the both of you. God Bless!
Every good wish. As the Greeks say, "Many years!" (only they say it in Greek of course).
Congrats Chris & Diana. Wish you both a very happy married life. God Bless You.
congrats on the marriage id join but thats to far to drive if you stream it that would be lucky sob
Congrats! But what happened to the fiance part? Were just boyfriend and girlfriend just a little bit ago. And doing the ceremony in a few days? Talk about needing a wedding planner. Hope you can get a venue in such little time!. 
Mega congrats to you both - have a great life together!
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