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Interesting bit o' history, here. I'd never call Google+ a "Ghost Town" (though I have referred to it as a graveyard, since Google rightfully piled on a crapton of users from their existing services without those users necessarily wanting or expecting to engage on Google+ outright). This place definitely ain't dead!
*Is Google+ The Land Of The Dead? Not Likely. The Media Has Sung This Song Before*

We've read these posts for the last year, had countless stories, opinions, concerns, debates and sometimes out right rude comments towards people over a topic near and dear to many here but I've not seen anyone point out the very obvious... This tune is familiar in the media.

My offer still stands to any media outlet, company, or brand who would like to see how to make this space pop for them: 15 minute Google+ hangout, from my living room to yours.

Is G+ in fact dead, dying, or full of dead bodies?? Not so much a new story idea. We've heard these 'dead social network' arguments before... I remember them well. The media said the same thing about Twitter.

In fact, this beautiful article written by G+'s own +Mike Elgan in 2009 titled a familiar "Is Twitter Dead?" ( ) You could literally replace every instance of "Twitter" with the word "Google+". Take a moment to read it, but for the rest, here are some of my favorite quotes/statistics from these articles, Side by Side with the recent +Fast Company "ghost town" article we all love. (

*New Accounts*
TWITTER • Nielsen Online reported two months ago that most new users (60%) bail on Twitter after creating an account.
GOOGLE+ •Roughly 30% of users who make a public post never make a second one on Google Plus

*Dead Accounts*
TWITTER *• The Internet marketing firm HubSpot says more than half of all people who signed up for an account never posted a tweet (55%), aren't following anyone (56%) and have no followers themselves (53%).
*GOOGLE+ • Even after making five public posts, there is a 15% chance that a user will not post publicly again on Google+

*Same Users Making All the Content*
TWITTER • TechCrunch says that the ol' 80-20 rule is in full effect on Twitter: 20% of Twitter users are creating 80% of the activity. Harvard Business School says it's even more extreme than that: 10% of Twitter users post 90% of the Tweets.
GOOGLE+ •According to RJM's report, the average post on Google+ has less than one +1, less than one reply, and less than one re-share. Google+ simply does not show the same level of ravenous user adoption and engagement that we've seen in other social networks.

ಠ_ಠ Say what? The media sure likes to talk about how dead a product is, almost with eerie redundancy. Is twitter is 'dead' today? Elgin's points on "I signed up for Twitter in late 2007, looked around and didn't really understand it, then stopped checking it, " rings very true on Google+ too. How many of you did the same thing on Twitter, sign up, do nothing, return later, only to wish you stuck with it that first go around?

Remember G+ Ghosts... We are all ahead of the curve here... and in a few years will frequently talk of "the good old days." So take heart of the awesome amazing strangers around you and +1, share, and comment till your heart is content and worry not about our beloved product. +Google has things figured out I'm sure. :)

TLDR The media tends to often say a new product is dying with lots of stats. They mean nothing. Google+ = Awesome :)

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I personally like G+ a LOT better then facebook. But I believe that with facebook, EVERYBODY and there grandma is on it! With G+, it's more Youtubers and tech geeks. I hope that changes. I really hate the FB timeline!
+Amanda Blain G+ is a no brainer wouldn't you agree?

I'm going to start having some fun with this Ghost town buisiness!!
+Frank James Bailey Time line sucks, I don't know why they worried about time line. People care about what's happening here and now, not what you said in 2004.
Well, every now and then in a great while I wonder what I said back in 2009. But 9 time out of 10...I move forward. Like you said, I want to know what's going on NOW! Although....what's happening NOW is more of a Twitter thing, isn't it? I'm not into Twitter that much either.
Yeah well when I mean now, I mean we engage in conversations in the present, rather than wasting time looking at old posts unless we need to digg out the odd one for reference. But to me social media is about engaging in the present!
To me, Facebook isn't a social network anymore. It's become a dramaedy. Yes, a drama-comedy. Of course this is only relative to the people I have on Facebook. However, I've been on Google+ since day one of it's beta and, in that time, not one person on Facebook has posted anything meaningful, interesting, entertaining, or educational. On Google+ I get that in abundance every second of every day and there's no where else I'd rather spend my time online. I don't even know where to begin to express how much I love G+.
Media outlet, company, or brand. Since I am not really any of those, I'm starting to feel like my purpose here is meant to be a consumer of those former categories. I want to be part of the party, but so far the party just looks like +Chris Pirillo telling stories and the rest of the party goers standing around him nodding silently.
+Brian Pavlich, if that's been your experience before, that's unfortunate. I don't know how you started out here, but if you haven't done so, look for large circles of 200--500 people to circle of a topic that interests you and engage with them regularly. When you do that, you will separate the party people from the zombies and you're time will on G+ will definitely be more enjoyable.

I also just checked out your profile and what posts you have made available publicly. You should consider explaining more about your life and who you are. Your posts don't really seem to reflect that you are a Software Developer. What kind of software do you develop? How did you get to where you are today and what are some of your goals and aspirations? It's the people like this that are most likely to be interacted with. Hope some of these suggestions help you out!
+Justin Carruthers I agree completely. I'm not a power user of either, but I find much more meaningful dialog on G+ than on Facebook. Could just be the circles I keep.
+Justin Carruthers I think I see what you mean. If I want people to see me I should be more like a 'brand', then shape my public posts to fit that brand or else I am just a random poster and not really seen as an authority figure. I worry that one day I will slip up and post a cat picture or something, therefore damaging my brand and lose audience. I really wish I could post to a category, so people that don't want to see the cat pictures would never get an off topic post. Circles are too unwieldy if I have to be asked to put someone in a particular group. I want to be authoritative on Development stuff, but there are days when I want to be excited about +SpaceX .
Facebook hired a PR agency to spread rumors to hurt Google. May be doing so again, as FB burns to the ground.
+Justin Carruthers , actually I think I am understanding but maybe not what you meant.
I follow +Derek Ross because he posts about android stuff and that interests me.
I stopped following +Guy Kawasaki , because I didn't get what he posts about so it seemed like random posts. Great person, but such a flood of stuff that I was only partiality interested in.
I'm just trying to figure out where I fit in, talk about one topic or be a random post guy.
Is it coincidence that this "G+ is a ghost-town" sayings happens exactly the same time when Facebook's IPO flopped?
Technically is MySpace dead?
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