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Google+ Unveils Three Game-Changing New Features. The disabling of animated GIFs was not one of them. So, what made the cut this round?
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Animated gifs - the herpes of the internet?
They (Google) can keep "What Hot" and give back "Sparks".
I like most of the gifs that come through my stream. This one however just peeves me off to no end.
Inb4 people raging about animal abuse / poor parenting.
I want resized animated gifs to animate.. maybe a 1-click disable of any individual animation. But disable all animations in my stream? psh
2 pts cat.. yeah... put him in a body bag kitty.. hahahahhhahahhahahahhahahahah yeah !! hahahahaha.. ok.. i'm done.. i guess.. :J
I haven't seen enough gifs in my lifetime so I'm far from feeling anyone's annoyance with them.
how build a projector???? howww???
Бугагагагащеньки))))) А че с ним стало кстати???
That's why I don't like cats ... a dog could protect the kids
Geert Bleys
the little bastard had it coming!
Looks like it's time to take that kid "out to the country"
This is awesome I am so on the side of that cat.
That cat can take a punch like a MMA fighter
I wonder if the cat had claws...

That kid won't hit the cat again.
what about the parents.?? they should get them to jail
Next time kid, use a Smith & Wesson!
Too freaking hilarious. See the look on the cat's face? Like ... 'Oh yeeeeahh!???" haha
I'm a dog person, but that gif makes me want to adopt a cat.
WTF..... and the parent enjoying it ...!!!!
Alex Ruiz
That cat let him off easy. Nice kitty.
What is scariest about this video is that cats instinctively go for the eyes. The parent should be warned.
Serves him right. But that kid will grow up with a total fear of cats.
Hmm, for me the scariest thing about this video is the kid is crying, the cat is visibly pissed off....and somebody is FILMING instead of making sure the cat doesn't attack the kid!
Omar H
LMFAO... don't mess with the cat..
That should teach the kid not to slap animals around because he's mad.
this is why i don't like people under 21 years old and cats.
That has got to be the most BADASS Cat GIF EVA!!!!
lol, that cat packs a killer left hook
Ah,, errr.. Correction for the original article.. Google has already announced that G+ users now count more than 40+ millions users. :)
Kyle Uy
I don't get that baby
What goes around comes around totally applies to this, LOL
We all should be forgiving, but how deserving!
Good for the cat....that'll teach that kid to not abuse animals in any way!
Hahahaha. This is why so many adults hate cats. They got a smack in the head they deserved when they were 18 months old. allergies don't like cats either.
that kids lucky it wasn't a dog
Meanwhile, the kid is going to get a lot bigger and the cat....a lot older. This was only round 1. I don't see the cat winning in the long run.
Good kitty. Now if it will just learn to do that before getting slapped.
that kid thought he would make the cat feel bad, and it was all like, "WHAT NOW, LITTLE BABY?" WIN
That kid had it coming. Every scratch is well deserved. In that age, he should know how to treat animals. And on the original question: I would have rather kept the former version of sparks. What´s hot is a good feature, but videos and gifs need to be smaller in the stream.
I really don't understand what people don't like about .gifs

Almost everyone who doesn't like them is American and uses a mac..
Oh my. That child deserved it.
I hope that kid got the shit kicked out of him by that cat.
OH NO U DIDNT!! (ninja citty time)
That cat can cause all kinds of serious infections. I know this from experience after nearly dying from a cat bite. I would have removed that useless animal from my home. Fucking cats are nasty beasts and they carry all sorts of diseases.
little punk got what he deserved.... cat couldn't help that the kid is whining, and we're not seeing what happened before that slap, but i'm sure it wasn't the first time the kid was being a brat and being mean to the cat.... might be the last time the kid was mean to the cat though.... hopefully...
I like how those on the dogs>>cats wagon don't realize that (1) dogs can bite, and (2) you hear more stories of dogs [accidentally?] mauling babies/toddlers/people than you hear of domestic cats fatally wounding people...
And for those in defense of the cat: That is a human child around the age of 3 years old and it was being accosted by the cat prior to the baby hitting it. Defending that cat against a child is so fucking ignorant.
My 7 yr old son cant stop laughing at this one.
This cat should be on UFC
They need a bigger cat... 
Hope the parents punished the kid and not the cat.
Is it animal abuse or child abuse...Na, I think it's just a life lesson.
you got what you give jajajaja
wow little papas is going to get hurt , so sad .
pain is one of the learning processes of almost every animal. I bet he won't do that again
That is clear cat abuse. I think the adult perpetrator should be put in the pound and the child sterilized so it does not pass on these genes.
Damn! That is freakin' hilarious.
thats so totally the kids fault, totally pissed the cat off more. animal abuse. Obviously his parents dont care about him enough to remove him from the situation so he didnt get hurt AND didnt hit the freaking cat. :/
I must have looked at this 1000 times LOL! Too funny, get him kitty! Hope the parents punished the kid and not the cat. BTW, who was taping this? The parents?
Everytime I see, or think about it I burst out laughing. I got some very strange looks on the bus coming home from work today. One of the funniest things I have seen for a while.

Maybe the kid will think again, but smacking an animal round the head. Round 1 to Top Cat me thinks. :0)
Ok the kid smacked the shit out of the cat. or are the people on here who are putting dogs so high up forgetting that? Im not trying to be smart i mean i have a dog but im just sayin.
cats suck.. it probably already did something stupid and cat-like before getting slapped.
NOT a cute kid. A demon child. Good for the cat to defend himself. That'll learn that youngun--i hope!
CATS FOR THE WIN !!!!!!!!!!11!!!!One!!!11!!!!Eleven!!!!!
are you people serious? laughing, while a cat attacks a child. You think a baby who knows no better deserves to have his eyes scratched out because his parents are too negligent to teach him, otherwise. And, by the way, cat people, ALL of your houses smell like cat poop, no matter what you think it smells like.
love it... that cat is going to get a firecracker somewhere where the sun don't shine when that kid grows up.... i hate cats.
^^^ I hate kids more than cats. I hope that cat pushes that stupid kid off a tall landing and he cracks his head open.
cat is just defending itself. it is an animal instinct so it is not it's fault for doing so. my concern is more for why does the child know how to smack like that?
This child was very deserving of that animal attempting to protect it self, after the child attacked first. I hope that the parents are aware that such behavior by a child is not a good sign. And that in future they make sure that this child has no access to the cat. Or any other animal.
pwnd!! xDDD
Umm the kid is probably crying because the cat already did something.. I don't think they're sitting on the bed together with the kid crying for no reason. Either way, it was funny... PETA and child abuse folks lock me up if you will. It'll still be funny when it's all said and done.
baby shouldnt have messed wit the cat but he'll learn
dude this is sick!!!!!!!!!!!! y do u even put this on ur page?!?!?!?!
it's kinda hilarious and scary at the same time
that cat would be at the pound if that was my kid
LMAO.... i must have watched over 100 times now
Very disturbing-child abuse on the parents part. They knew exactly what was going to happen. They were right there with a camera and posted it on the web. Now why would YOU post it.
I wish they would block animated gifs, or at least make you click them before they start their loop. Don't like having to download 4+mb every time my page loads (slow net where I'm at)
cats are adorable but watch out for days like that where there is something that makes the cat go crazy!
Did not like at first. But I had the cat's back the whole time!
I don't think that was funny, the parents should of know the cat could seriously hurt the kid, tell the kid never abuse an animal unless your life is endangered, and get over the tantrums. Mom & Dad not funny :(
this is not funny at all and should be taken off the internet. Bye Google+
The split second before the kid hits the cat, his facial expression reminds me of the Emperor before he shoots lightning bolts out of his finger tips. Rage! It will lead you to the dark side of the force, young jedi.
Parents of the year for even filming this beastly exchange. I'll pass on the +1.
There's nothing that surprises me about that. To encourage a child, to do that, to get an animal to respond and, then film it. Whether or not the animal struck the the first blow is irrelevant. The child and the animal are innocent in this. They don't know any better. The simple fact is that someone filmed this for their own sick pleasure and, shared it with others. Anyone, who finds that funny, are just as sick. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!
...this poor child needs a rottweiler, then he/she can hit the ***** cat and the dog supports him =) and if there is no cat, he/she can hit the dog, the difference to the ***** cat : dogs love to gets patted this way !!! so the kid & the dog have joy..... +Cleo Combat-Cuddler
"...something that makes the cat go crazy..." +Sarah Askham? You mean like getting whacked in the face by a kid having a tantrum? Good work, kitty! Now go scratch the person holding the camera!
That what you get when you hit a cat! lol
Um, thanks google + for showing me this offensive video
Really pure bobby ... hahahaha ... I like this cat ... revolutionist cat .. :)
The GIFs give G+ an unprecedented sense of animatedness without compromising the sleek and simplistic look of it.

New G+ app is pretty nice too. Sadly no GIFs on Android app.
Marty D
This cat don't take no Sh*t off nobody
+Joseph Pugliese I don't think the kid has won just because he'll get bigger and stronger... Cats are quick.. like 0 to 60 when they see movement they're not comfortable with..

Also, cats are much more agile than dogs or humans... They can pee, throw up or take a dump in places you've never even imagined... Think your favorite blanket is out of reach just because you hid it on top of the refrigerator? ... Think again.
Way to go the cat! Should teach the little shit not to hit things!
omg that is messed up stupid freakin cat...hope that kid was ok
How can I get in on this cage match?
Why post this video? This is cruelty
i find the cat Not Guilty!
The kid kinda deserved it....cats are nice except when hit in the face. Paybacks a bitch
Now I wonder what the parent do with the cat?
This gif enrages me on so many levels.
the kid wanted it...derserved shit. cat for the win. human did the first step ;)
Youtube comments in my Google+?! It's more likely than you think!
wow people you are taking it waay too far with this. it was supposed to be FUNNY. I personally thought it was. What's the problem with this? It happens all the time. Just watch AFV. ALL THE TIME. Especially when you pull the cat's tail.
I want a way to mute "What's Hot", which I consider a waste of space.
OO00000ooooh ! Poor kid!

Overall rating
will anybody read all these comments? I read just the odd one as I flicked down. I have more sympathy for the cat, that is not a nice child. Nor is the person filming, for allowing it all to go on.
What a horrible picture!!
How do i get this CRAP off my stream. I don't care if its hot on google or not, I don't want it at the top of my page.
Don't mess with the cat!!!
How school yards are supposed to work.
What kind of horrible parent lets there kid smack a poor little kitty like that?
I hope that little kid learned a lessen about messing with kitties.
Cy Becker gives it - Five starsssssss.....

I'm so sorry for all the censorious people. Block the stream. or just look at your own little circle.
Get your hands off that KITTEH YOU BRAT!!!!
And da first round goes to the cat.......
Just one more reason I will never have a cat!
Luke E
im with jef collins but i think a back hand would have been his best move
I enjoy videos of house cats attacking people. It just appeals to me.
Too bad the cat has to do what the parents should have done! Good kitty!!
nice steal.. repost from reddit over a week ago
Kids face was really screwed up before he hit the cat
Good kitty the kid is a little nasty don't ya think. I think he needs a bit of discipline
Next time, I'll bring in the lion
Hahahahah!!! That cat gets to the Chinese Restaurant
The kid learned from a cat. Now the parents can reinforce with talking.
Dude, he should not have hit the cat like that. He had it coming. And the cat seemed to be declawed. (Didn't notice any scratch marks on the kid and the feet never caught on the bed.) It's just disturbing that the parent is just sitting there with a camera waiting for it. Wtf?
Haha, kid got pwned. Serves him right. You show hate, you get it back, coward. Nice work, parents.
Dylan M
Attack animals, you'll get what's coming!
Seriously, a kid at this age has only their parents to learn from.

GIFs need to not be played automatically and should be optional.
Come on people! I love animals, but cats are my favourite precisely because of that, they give back what you give them. I found mine when she was less than 4 weeks old, she's as spoiled as a cat can be, I adore her and she loves me (kitty love), but she goes at me HARD even if I yell at her... 10 min later she'll want me to hold her, it's just a cat!!! If you don't like cats because you've never known one that allows you to mistreat her then, sure, stick to dogs.
That child should be taught by his PARENTS how to treat an animal. Go Cat!!!!
I had a cat when I was that age. I never slapped her and she never had a reason to attack me as a result. She slept on my back every night until I was age 14 and she died at age 20 or so.
Thanks Chris, let me know if you get out to San Fran.
This video was the icing on the cake for my night. Thank you Interwebz!
First I would beat my kids butt just for hitting and then I would have to kill the cat for attacking my child..........So in the end it is not funny and everyone looses!!
wow... seriously people are way to stuck in there own worlds lol
On the surface it's funny, but I can't get over people calling out a BABY!, creep, and stupid! What does that say about you, the so called adult? You are a creep, don't you ever come near me and my kids. The cat obviously drew first blood, the little fellow is upset and then slaps. It is bad parenting for a laugh. I have got three kids, an animal would have never been able to get at my baby. I wouldn't and won't allow it. That is why I am their MOTHER. Lol...though our kids are old enough and our dog is their protector. He stands between them and strangers just like I want him too. That would be one dead cat. Btw- tell a father or mother their baby these names to their face. You might just get the snot knocked out of you! Now that would be funny.
poor baby, stupid parents..
Luis J
the childs are overprotected these days. This is so simple and so effective lesson in behaving to the animals, much better than thousands of words... so teach your children respect other species
It reminds me the song... "The Cat Came Back the Very Next Day...." but in this case the Cat wanted to stay away....
wow chris your sharing some news with an animal abuse gif? Your still a douche chris.
But... what would we do without cat gifs? They're like cat videos, but in bite size chunks...
I think I'm not having a cat in my house !
You can't train a cat. You can train a kid. Or you can just let your cat train your kid. I think the kid just learned an important lesson.
Every kid should have a pet cat to learn you can't just expect to hit living beings without retribution. lol
This was awesome. I like how the cat looks kinna surprised, mouth open and all before it goes on the attack. my sides hurt.
following your actions!
There are always great animated GIFs (gifagrams as I like to call them) out there and really bad ones too. It's another way of expression as movies or images but probably should be optional to watch them.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lmfao :))
I do not feel sorry for that baby at all. Suits him right, evil little bastard!!!!! Ha ha!
The kid's slap (in cat language) is a major insult to a cat. Its any wonder the cat went after him. He won't do that to a cat again.
Jay B
Ahh... Two things I hate, getting pwnd.. Cats and babies... lol
Meg L
Sometimes kids have to learn from experience sad he got scratched though,
My parents would call that a 'learning experience'.
I like the part where half the comments pass moral judgement on strangers based on a short animated GIF.
I'm just glad to see that the cat is standing up for its feline rights! ;) And, for those WWE fans who like R-Truth: "It looks like 'Lil Jimmy' just got got!"
i think the kid had already had a taste of paw some one went and got the camera then the attack happened and things had gone to far.
Hippies stop whining. Cat probably messed with him first. Call PETA and stfu.
I'm sure the cat is de-clawed, and the kid deserved to get slammed back by the cat. its his fault he lost his balance. (I'm laughing by the way!)
That's the kitten from Brucelee and Chuck Noris fight, he grew much older now :)
haha. don't make the pussy angry. lol
At least the cat took up for itself! Haha!
im guessing the cat did something first tho cuz the kid was crying in the beginning :/ idk i feel bad for both i suppose
i'm going to try this on my cat
Is it just me or did that baby just bitch slap the cat?
poor baby? r u fucking retarded? he's abusing the cat, quit bein on human's side ya bitch,
That is so funny I wond give it 100%
all u need 2 do 2 make this vid funnier is add sound effects!!!!
that's fucking animal abuse, deal with your kid!
o garoto ta com TPM!!kkkkkkkkkkkk
so mean lol but funny u go kitty fight back dont mess with cats lol
I'm with you JARROD SIMPSON! I own 3 do not leave a cat alone wth a child if the cat is not used to KIDS...
wow - someone needs to adjust that kid's behavior and get rid of that cat.
Man... The parents should teach their kids a lesson
Confrontation should not end by action , dialogue, patience, & Understanding can give a kind of answer where most satisfy to the  minimum most.  
Nice but not good.
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