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Jen Li
looks like Benji :)
I like the iPhone shot better, actually.
Comparison with the Nexus 4's camera, please?
side by side would be better than flip   from one to another
Actually, flipping provides a better comparison.
Hard to do a comparison as this photo is a bit shakey...
No, they're both as clear as each gets.
I can clearly see image shake. Indoors and a moving subject will do that
Aqua FH
Xhrs wht do yuo dó iń łife
I think iPhone 5 has a slightly better camera than the LG just my opinion, but still a pretty good camera
There is a great comparison of the SGS3 and the iphone 5 for video on youtube - side by side simultaneous recordings. SGS3 detail in distant landscape, exposure and colour are far superior.
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