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Chris Phillips
Husband, dad, culture and technology addict - all nerd.
Husband, dad, culture and technology addict - all nerd.

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I am encountering what appears to be a major crash condition while playing bluetooth (A2DP) audio.

Device - Bacon
Nightly - July 9, 2015
Clean flash was performed with the July 3 nightly, a dirty flash was then performed with the July 9 nightly.  No other flashes were performed in-between the 3rd and the 9th.
Custom kernel - No.
It started after flashing the July 9 nightly

Description - The phone will behave normally until an A2DP connection is made.  During music playback, the entire user interface will appear to crash.  I noticed this about 5 mins into my commute.  When the sleep/wake button is pressed, the stock wallpaper (and ONLY the stock wallpaper) will flash on the screen. The screen goes black briefly, and then the wallpaper flashes again.  This cycle repeats until the sleep/wake button is pressed again at which point the screen will go black and stay black.  I interpret this cycle as an interface crash (a log will follow shortly).  However, music continues to play normally.  Switching away from A2DP or killing the connection (shutting down the engine and opening the door) will bring the interface back.  Once the interface returns, the stock wallpaper is present.  Setting a custom wallpaper is allowed by the system, however it has no effect.  The custom wallpaper will not return until a reboot is performed.  I have no custom themes installed.

Interpretation - My suspicion is that the crash could be related to the music interface that should be displayed on the lock screen during music playback.  Once music stops playing, the normal interface returns (minus the custom wallpaper).

Logs will follow shortly in the comments.

I received my 64 GB OnePlus invite from a kind Swedish stranger on G+.  It's time to return the favor.

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One star.  Does not detect my 802.11g AirPort Express.

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So the proximity sensor on my OnePlus One is ignored by this app.  You can play messages through the earpiece, but when you hold the phone up to your ear, the display doesn't sleep.  This makes it really easy to inadvertently delete messages.

So I can't sleep my phone's display while using MagicPlay.  As much as I want to like the app, that is not acceptable for a paid app.  If you ever fix the issue, I'll buy it again.

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Stay away from this one.  I was shocked to find you cannot put your phone's display to sleep while playing music via MagicPlay.  This is unacceptable for a paid app.  If they fix this bug, I'll try it again.

A former Apple employee is looking for a OnePlus 64 GB invite.  If you want to take a little pride in breaking someone of the iPhone habit, drop me a line.
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