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This is brilliant! Very creative use of augmented reality!

EDIT I did not make this. I found the link and shared it. 

The Augmented Reality Tardis: It's Bigger On The Inside
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Great work.  That is what we us for our AR dev work.  Nice.
I AM SOOOO BUILDING THIS, just without the pumped-up AR stuff!!!
I have the same Neil Patrick Harris wallpaper. What a coinkydink :)
Pleases.... Take... Money... And ship... It.... To... Me. Lol
Any chance you have the instructions to build the Tardis? I've found instructions for a full-size, but that won't fit on my desk.
Leah D
Cool! Let's geek out everyone!
Maya M
Thats crazy!
That was cool. Thanks for sharing.
That is stupid cool!! 
I have never liked Dr. Who... and this is still awesome!
Imagine a night club like this..folks raise Their phones and see a completely different environment . 
So cool...
How long did it take to make that on Blender?
Love it dude. Nicely done. 10 geeky stars for you. 
Why dont you put the phone inside the booth, adjust your app for gravity tipping, and you dont need the whole augmented reality bit.
Very cool, I've got to try that!! Good job!!!
That's really cool
Too bad I can't fit it inside! LOL
Massive skills in his head
Whew.... how did he do that??
wht's the deal using phone's camera?? 
Pleasr mass produce. I'll buy!
That's amazing. How did u do that?
So COOL You're my geek king for at least one week! 
We need more creative people in this world
This was cool till I saw that Apple crap in the background...
Very cool idea and everything. He could totally sell it as a toy with included app. Don't know if I'd use the words "crazy powerful" when describing blender though.
Nice job and thanks for sharing . As a Who fan since the 70s I really enjoyed the demo kudos . .
Once i acquire this, my life will be complete!
dude so awesome im a big fan of doctor who aswell.
As someone Who has watched Doctor Who for 40 years.... that's pretty Amazing.
well done! i will start watching Dr Who cause of this cool video and Dr Who having 2 hearts. Thx
+Aniket Nevrekar he mentioned Blender for the 3D modeling. It's free open-source and cross-platform software.

I played around with it once. I made a sphere.... That's was as far as I got with it haha
Excellent - a lot of Dr. Who fans will want to see this!
Someones got some brains! I wouldn't be surprised if he was the doctor! Lol
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