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Chris Pardal
We Are All Artists on this Palette of Life....
We Are All Artists on this Palette of Life....

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I Don't Miss You
I don't miss you... ...not at all. Not in the least. I dont even like you. I dont even think about you anymore... ........I never really thought about you when we were hanging out together anyway. I got over you easier than I did any other woman.... I dont ...

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“Matrix Love” - Chris Pardal I read you. Everything about you. I want to reach through the screen and explode past the words that describe your pain. So I make a fist and I do.. I enter your world. I find you inside crying, and alone. Never will you feel th...

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Poison. When I inhale deeply, I swear I could still smell the essence of her poison. The candles dance around me as I lie in bed, close my eyes, and remember her next to me inside me. Touching my own hands as she did, sparks the memory so vivid that I can h...

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"Jennifer Marie"
"Jennifer Marie" - Chris Pardal The brisk cold. The wind. Christmas time. Listening to dance music, getting ready to go to "City Lites" My first girlfriend… the first girl to tweeze my eyebrows as I lie on her lap. I wrote her a rap song… "Shakin' for Jen"…...

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"Forbidden" - Chris Pardal When I look in your face and embrace you with my gaze, you leave me amazed, and dazed with your attraction. Now look in my eyes, dont disguise the way you feel, my heart you could steal its real I love you. I never felt before, wh...

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Candy Coated Peppermint Stripper Poles
"Candy Coated Peppermint Stripper Poles" - Chris Pardal Blue sky streaks above her blue eyes... she's a bad bitch. A witch stirring her brew. My crew couldn't back me if she decided to SMACK! Backhand me. Not with the back of her hand, but snatch me, grab m...

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Crazy. A Simple Empty Yes…
"Crazy. A Simple Empty Yes" - Chris Pardal A black leather couch. A kiss. A wish that it wouldn't be a one night thing or a fling, but real. Another night. Another girl. I'm in another world with the liquor and mistakes are made. Games are played. A tragic ...

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She's Like A DJ
"She's Like A DJ" - Chris Pardal You're Like A DJ... You filled your needles with melted wax and found the vein straight to my train-wrecked heart. You injected into me a song called “Liquid Love”, mixed with a record called “Spider”. Cuz you spin me. I’m s...

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This Was Dumb
"This Was Dumb" - Chris Pardal Some people drunk dial.. Drunk talk. I drunk write....Here are some words. Fueled by some sub standard wine which is always guaranteed to uncover some feelings of insecurity. Some feelings that we as humans bury deep down... F...
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