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Chris Pahor
Head of Search at CupidMedia
Head of Search at CupidMedia

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Hey guys,

One of the Google Plus pages that I manage seems to have been removed or taken down -- (currently goes to a 404).

We don't believe anyone in our company has removed it so it could be an error or a glitch.

Could you help me track down what happened and if I'm able to re-activate it? The name of the business is PDF Education Supplies.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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If you haven't already subscribed to +james altucher's email list, do yourself a favour and sign up. Always insightful words.

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Awesome take on a Daft Punk classic

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In an age where corporations and governments appear petrified of transparency, it's good to see examples like +Buffer  who are proving that, with the right approach, corporate openness can have huge benefits.

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Can't believe this happened -- so awesome!

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How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood

Netflix has meticulously analyzed and tagged every movie and TV show imaginable. They possess a stockpile of data about Hollywood entertainment that is absolutely unprecedented. The genres that I scraped and that we caricature above are just the surface manifestation of this deeper database.

Really interesting piece by +Alexis C. Madrigal (who is regularly awesome) about Netflix and how they create altgenres. Categorizing content is powerful and it makes you think what Google might be doing with sites or content as it relates to search.

#netflix   #algorithm   #search  

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It's incredible that the fundamentals of bike design have stayed the same virtually since the invention of the bike itself. The biggest differences in road bicycles have come from ongoing, small optimisations to materials and shape, but the basic parts and function have stayed exactly the same. What a testament to the original design.

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Nice post about the joys of cycling and why we cycle.

This guy closely echoes my own sentiments - particularly the simplicity of cycling. People get so caught up in the gizmos, gadgets, and expensive toys available to cyclists, when ultimately it all comes down to getting on the bike, getting lost, and simply enjoying the freedom of the outdoors.
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