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This is why I love Apple, my 8 Plus developed a strange fingerprint like mark on the top bezel by the camera. I cleaned the phone and it was still there and looked like the oleophobic coating was misusing from just that finger print sized spot.

I took it in to the Genius Bar and they looked at it, admitted it was a fault and told me they would replace the screen. I explained that the phone was only 3 weeks old and wasn’t happy with a new screen in a phone so new. They agreed and gave me a brand new retail model out of the box to replace it and extended my warranty from today’s date.

That’s customer service and why I buy their products with total confidence!

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I’m pretty sure my Apple Watch Series 3 is faulty. I smash my exercise and calorie rings everyday without any effort. Take today for example, I have done very little, no workouts at all and my rings are filled easily. I even spent 2.5 hours driving between 10am and 12:30pm.

I had a Series 2 before this and days like today those rings were about 50% complete. Anyone any ideas?
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