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You may be too young to remember this, but
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I have windows 8 on one of my machines, I am not impressed
The last version i installed on a personal PC of mine was win 3.11
Nope, just old enough. This example just goes to show how MUCH the people at MS are "working".... MS produces zero original ideas. No wonder with such a nincompoop as CEO...
I remember a conversation in your Mazda 3 trying to convince me to drop AOL and go to Mindspring. I asked what in the world I would do with just a connection and a browser. All I ever did was use the AOL buttons. That was probably about 1995.
Remember they too had their boring MSN at that time
Are you sure this is not due MicroSoft buying 'AOL' this past week?
Ha!!! Well then welcome to osx/ios/whatever it evolves into
Perfect example of why Microsoft never gets the upper hand on the competitors.
Who knows maybe the final revenge is yet to come . Apple taking over ..... well, Microsoft
I not sure if is a life-time fail. Maybe in 96, users were not ready for this type of interface.
+Gabriel Pires , this type of interface is the bliss for proprietary systems , that want to rule choice - #Microsoft
Jim L.
They paid 1Billion for that? /end sarc..
It's funny everyone busts AOL balls about things when they pioneered the way we use the internet. Yes, they went in a different direction, but they're still around and making money.
Hey Look! different
May I remind you that AOL was wildly popular after 1996, so I don't understand your point. Looking at history, that type of interface must be a good thing, a great thing, the greatest thing in its day.
test driven Win8 not a fan of it but i guess touch screen is kinda the future....
Tony He
not too shabby for its touch support, one big giant ipad
im not keen on win 8 but we see what the future holds
Fortunately enough choices today to not pay attention to what #MIcrosoft sees as the future. Enough of it I think. Maybe it is time to look at history
Widgets worked for Android, MS is just bringing them to Windows.
I prefer to stick with windows 7 and when it reaches its EOL, jump ship to Linux...
I prefer those microsoft software for Nokia. look so elegant yet in phone mobile
WIndows 8= PC,Server,Mobile+Tablet... thats the feature.. A single thing for all.. easy manageability,User will have same exp on all..So will capture the whole market..

Technology never follows.. It leads .. SO histories wont be repeated
C. Siva
microsoft as alwyzzzz
Wow, I remember that....makes me feel old, but I was around 11 or 12 ...something like that
FUNNY because it hits close to home. Stevie B needs to GO!!!
win 8 is an exact copy of AOL1996
i guess AOL is better than Microsoft!!!
Wow! I feel as though I've just discovered a 3000 year old painting of a circuit diagram in a cave somewhere!
Not that I actually think there really are 3000 year old paintings of circuit diagrams anywhere.
1996 dint have the plethora of touch interfaces..!!
he he hehe...r yew sure dude????
wasn't Aol the most popular/ successful ISP in the 90's?
yeah right dude...but window is gonna popular now....
I had AOL when laptops were only black and white. This makes me feel like I learned history and had Abe Lincoln in the same class.
Do not like either! History told me that!
Did they HAVE laptops back then? I only remember my one unit first mac that had about a 4 x 6 inch and white, of course. Mac was much more user friendly then. Now it's a mess like windows...{:D
My first laptop was an Epson Geneva with a 40 character by 8 line screen, microcassette drive, and Wordstar on EPROM. By 1996 I had graduated to a Compaq with a 10 MB hard drive and I wondered why it needed so much storage space. AOL? Heck, I remember BBS's.
The image is funny, but it's not like AOL was a failure. It's just nobody wants to admit to ever using AOL.
AOL had success all around with this innovation! 1996 and 2012! 1 Billion paid by Microsoft would should conform this ;)
Windows 8 will be a hit, just like windows 7! I have it on my laptop and it's great... just because it's diffrent,it doesn't mean it sucks. It's all about performance and how stable it is. Windows 7 was the first os on my PC I never had to reinstall every 4 months... and still works like a charm.
Well fashion seems to be repeating itself with all ugly ass 70a & 80s cloths coming back in sryle.. why not internet trends do the same!
Why does every computer related post come down to Mac vs PC? Who cares about your one sided opinions?
I like how AOL's version is for "Kids Only"... hahaha.
That's Windows 8?? Looks like surplus resource.
Well... but you can change those rectangles on W8, can't you? That's a huge difference IMHO.
+Karlo Marek says it, it worked for AOL when it was "chunky and slow", it is sure to work for Windows as well.
wow...i think its badass..its not to much of a change...curious to see it on a tablet...
WIndows 8 looks really cool and different, I welcome it.'s fail....not so impressed W8...
You could also make a similar graphic with the Palm Pilot and Apple iOS interfaces.
Your argument is wrong. Apps sort in grid has been available since 10+ years ago and some failed while some succeed. Conclusion: ui doesn't matter.
This is one of the patents that Microsoft buys from AOL
Those who don't know comma rules, are doomed to misuse them.
Well, tablet computers were deemed failures before the iPads. Looks aren't everything.
Yes they are - how do you think stars get big? Their acting?
it is simple, just imagine MS would not have a 90%+ market-share, but -50 what would one do with such junk...? When will those overpaid programmers and nincompoop execs (that includes the CEO) at MS get it in their head to have vision and just one great original idea...
Those who fail to use pronouns correctly are doomed to look stupid.
nice. fuck windows . he he he
Amazing...Seems pretty true...Gets hands on Chrome OS
OMG!!! I dont remember AOL looking like this, but I love it :P
oh that is just perfect .. ill cary this image with me for life :)
they are similar on design, not on what they can do.
saying its fail because it looks like an old system....
The differences here are enough to make it a good design...
i use windows 8 consumer preview 32 bit it works fine, when i first use windows 8 devloper preview it is error when you shut down the pc it says your pc ran on critical condition it need to be restart. so devloper preview is bad so windows 8 consumer preview is the best os. it is bug free and no error happening i used now. plz download and try it.
You accidentally the entire English language.
As +Fabian Gebert said, take a look at the newest Ubuntu UI. While it is not exactly the same, the idea behind is very similar. Apparently MS isn't the only one to get swept away by the tablet fad:
Do you even know who or what killed AOL?
AOL was always for dummies and people that knew no better. All the cool kids were already on CompuServe, way before AOL was invented. The minute AOL got their grubby fingers into CompuServe I was off to greener pastures.
I am old enough to remember AOL although i dont live in usa but i don't remember the design. WOW!!
The UI was not the problem. AOL was trying to be a (poor) portal, not an OS.
oh yeah AOL.. and I remember our teacher praising it! ( I am not from the US) AOL was still strong in france around the year 2000!
wait, I know that's not Windows 8 coming out? What in the mother of all that is yummy...
As far as email providers go, AOL and Ymail are my all time favs, but I'm not too thrilled with gmail at all...I'd be curious to see a poll on ease of use for users who aren't in the techno world much.
So I guess MS can't patent "Metro"... Prior Art! 
As long as it is just as good as Windows 7 I am not really bothered
Mik M
This is right on the money :)
A decent April Fool might have been:

Microsoft sues Do It Yourself shop for selling decorated bathroom tiles on the grounds that Microsoft have already patented decorated rectangles.
omg! MS has totally taken a step backwards-----NOT!
Metro isn't bad in of itself. It's the simple fact that you are running a touch optimized Shell on a desktop without touch. That's why they tried to include aero with it, even if it didn't really help any.
In what universe was AOL ever an operating system? or was this posted by someone who doesn't know the difference between internet and OS?
AOL didn't fail because of the user interface, it failed as an ISP, gradually.
in 1996, they were on top of the world.
that's like windows phone
+Louis Fong That's because they expect people to buy the failing windows phone just for the connection to you PC at home.
Greg S
Wow, AOL had an all-touch interface back then? Talk about ahead of their time...?
I've created the same thing but put OS/2 Warp and OSX in the place of AOL and Windows 8. Click on my profile to check it out.

The purpose of the reply post is to demonstrate that just because two things look slightly similar doesn't mean they are the same thing.
Now that I think about it, I never saw that design on AOL, so I must be too young to remember, eh? But we had IBM mag card typewriters before apple computers at my old office...heheh
Windows is nothing but another piece of iShit that comes for free.Worked a lot on it.But I still appreciate their work which is based on copying someone else's work.Bang on 'em.
+Umair Ahmed iShit? Actually, that's what you would call an iDevice... Microsoft is Microsnot ;-)
Hihi wie geiles ist das denn bitte... ich kann mich aber an das AOL Design noch erinnern. Mir wäre es aber nicht mit Windows 8 in Verbindung in den Sinn gekommen.

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