So if you change your child's diaper, you're a child molester. If you don't, you're a child abuser. If you get someone else to do it, you're an accessory to child molestation. Probably the same thing if you give the baby up for adoption.

The only legal recourse is to abort the child before it's born, it seems.

The court says, correctly, that a prosecutor is unlikely to charge a parent with this crime. But that's no excuse for allowing it to stand. That ignores the role and practice of law in society. We shouldn't have to hope no rogue prosecutor will throw us in jail just for doing the right things in our daily lives.

In a free country, the government has no authority to throw you in jail without actually showing evidence you did something actually wrong. Increasingly in America, it's the case that the government has the authority to throw you in jail for any of a number of "crimes" you may have committed, that aren't legitimate crimes.
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