Mark Cuban said Clinton "dealt with all of her classified documents using hard copies, and the FBI reports confirmed that." She did not; the FBI did not.

This is simply incorrect. The whole point is that the FBI concluded she DID illegally have classified documents on her server, in threads she participated in.

He also said "there's never been any reported evidence of pay-to-play" with the Clinton Foundation. This is also obviously false. While there's no proof, there's a ton of highly suspicious circumstantial evidence. In fact, the Obama Administration itself, and Chelsea Clinton herself, have said that the Foundation did not properly avoid the appearance of wrongdoing (just ask Doug Band what he thinks of Chelsea's actions to root out potential corruption at the Foundation).

Mark Cuban is a smart guy, but either he is terribly ignorant about these legal and political issues, or he hates Trump so much that he is willing to lie about the facts.
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