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Yesterday, Site A: "not a recognized SSN, no dashes." Today, Site B: "not a recognized SSN; include dashes." #figureitout

Plan today: no carbs. So Starbucks gives me a bacon/gouda sandwich instead of the sous vide eggs I ordered. And someone brought donuts to work.

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Jonathan Turley is less of a fan of Trump than I am, and I am no fan of Trump. Yet he consistently resists the temptation to hate on Trump, and actually follows the facts and reason where they lead. Like almost all legal attacks on Trump, this new one signifies nothing.

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This is a fantastic graphic novel -- by Jonathan Hickman -- about using violence against the news media.

Saw a story recently about the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scandal. And while I don't condone what the government did here, there's something I don't get about the criticism.

We are told that various people were killed by these guns, including ATF Agent Brian Terry, in order to imply that that the scandal resulted in these deaths. But is that true? I see no evidence of it. This asks us to assume that if the bad guys don't get guns one way, then they won't have the guns. But we know that isn't true, for most bad guys. If there was no gun-running by the feds, these folks still would've had guns, and Brian Terry would likely still be dead by their hands.

The government should be held accountable for the gun-running. But we shouldn't go overboard and blame them for these deaths.

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Everything in domesticity assumes its role better than me
I'm a displaced person whose culture let me down
I raise my own daughters in a pornographic town

Like every mother's son: I've lost some, and some I've won
Now I'm waiting for a new dawn ...

-- The Pretenders, "Every Mother's Son"

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This site is bizarre. They ask for donations and volunteers for a movement to amend the Michigan Constitution, but they never say how they will amend it. The site is all about getting people angry at the way things are, with nothing at all about how to fix it.

I've decided there is no biological basis for birthdays and I've changed mine to Jan 1.

Remember when you see "22 million fewer insured" under the Senate bill, most of this is people who choose to not have health insurance. It's no surprise that when something is not legally required, people are less likely to do it.

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