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"I am very conscious that you can’t condemn people of an earlier era by the standards of ours. ... I look back a few decades to my childhood and see things ... like mild pedophilia, and can't find it in me to condemn it by the same standards as I or anyone would today."

No, that's not Milo. That's Richard Dawkins, whose comments of a few years ago about pedophilia were far worse than Milo's (and Dawkins has stood by those comments, while Milo has not stood by his), and yet he remains well-loved by the left, by the same people arguing that Milo's career should be over for his comments on the subject.

I find both of them abhorrent in their comments on the subject, but the hypocrisy is a bit overwhelming. What's clear is that it's not the comments they are (as a group) offended by: they simply hate Milo and want to exploit anything they can to shut him up.

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I found out why my Comcast Xfinity went out the other morning ... they upgraded our connection. I now get 100 Mbps.

Dear Internet: if you agreed with FBI Director Comey that Hillary Clinton should not be investigated (let alone prosecuted) for gross misconduct because the DOJ just doesn't prosecute for that crime, then please do not claim that Michael Flynn should be prosecuted under the Logan Act, because that will make you look silly.

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Trump's point was that "many" terrorist incidents don't get reported as they should. To back this up, he puts out a list of all terrorist incidents since 2014, "most" of which were under-reported.

In response, CNN says the White House released a "list of 78 terror attacks it says did not get enough media coverage." That's just a lie. It was a list of all attacks since September 2014, not just under-reported ones.

And CNN admits it never mentioned 16 of those stories, even though its headline reads, "How CNN covered the terror attacks on the White House list." Translation: CNN didn't cover many of the attacks on the list, as Trump said.

CNN then lists the number of stories (via Lexis-Nexis) per incident. Out of the 78 incidents, 22 had less than 100 mentions; 30 had less than 200 mentions; 40 had less than 400 mentions.

So CNN is lying about what Trump said (he never said all of them were underreported); they are lying when they pretend that saying some of the stories being well-reported detracts from what Trump said; they lie when they imply all of the stories were covered, or that CNN covered all of the stories.

They also lie when they claim Trump is lying when he said "many" of the incidents were underreported. These words -- "many" and "under" -- are not objective, but subjective. Is 22 many? Is less than 100, or 200, or 400, under-reported? You can't reasonably say it's a lie.

Of course, different stories demand different coverage. An attacker in Kuwait ramming a truck into a vehicle with American soldiers might deserve less than 50 stories (it got zero), while the beheading of a Croatian by a terrorist in Egypt might deserve the 400 stories it got.

But it's subjective. All we know is that all of these appear to be significant terrorist attacks, some were not reported at all by mainstream news, and many were reported very little.

And that seems to back up Trump's point on the numbers (if not on the motives, which I don't address here).

I wonder if any other NFL team ever has scored 34 points with no successful 1-pt conversions.

I never thought the game would be easy. I knew Falcons were great, and they showed it. I know how they feel, been there. Amazing game.

You just know some Pats fans turned off the game when it was 28-3 and don't even know who won right now.

Greatest game ever.

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Dear Internet,

Trump's immigration order does not just prioritize Christians over Muslims, it also prioritizes Muslims over Muslims. It prioritizes refugee claims based on "religious-based persecution" by members of a "minority religion" in the given nation, and does not specify religion.

So yes, a persecuted Christian minority will get prioritized ... but so will a Sunni Muslim from Iran be prioritized, or a Shia Muslim from Syria. It's any religious minority facing persecution that will be prioritized under this order, even a Muslim one in a Muslim country.

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To police: "F* you! These are kids who are trying to learn about humanity! They're trying to learn about human rights! ... And you're letting these f*ing neo-Nazis near here! You should kick their a*!"

Note that she says she is a professor, and that she is encouraging cops to violate the rights of a speaker and his followers, in the name of helping people learn about "humanity" and "human rights."

There is no quicker way to get folks to support Trump, Milo, and Gavin than to engage in these kinds of irrational and un-American attacks.

(Side note: at around 15:20, someone starts chanting "blue lives don't matter." At first I thought he was saying, "who likes dark matter," which is a much more interesting thing to say.)

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