For those new to the area or just new to the outdoors, don't pass up opportunities to head up into the forests of Gambrill and Greenbriar.  Considered jewels of the east cost for mountain bikers, these areas have extensive trail systems for hours of rocky, rooty trail riding.  There are plenty of creeks and ponds if you love fishing for trout and pan fish.  We often spot some of Appalachia's wildest creatures while hiking these serene wooded areas.  Get Up, Get Out and experience Frederick's outdoors!      
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(Great phone too).  These trails remind of the App. Trails in PA. Maybe I'll be brave and make my way to these this summer!
There is easy access to most of them. Start at the top of Hamburg Road. Take Rosemont Avenue away from Frederick City all the way up into the hills. You know you are there when you are no longer going up and you see the large gravel parking lot on the left. I'm sure you'll love it.
+Leshia Chandler I can also reccomend some kid friendly spots right here at the edge of Frederick with views into Middletown. These small hikes are easy to traverse and never get too far from the parking lot...but they feel like wilderness. 
That sounds great Chris! My son has this book on trees and his goal is to be able to spot and know all the trees that are native to Maryland. The trails will be a great place to start! 
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