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Chris Morales

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Chris·tian  (krĭs′chən)
1. Professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.
2. Relating to or derived from Jesus or Jesus's teachings.
3. Manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus, especially in showing concern for others.
4. Relating to or characteristic of Christianity or its adherents.
1. One who professes belief in Jesus as Christ or follows a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.
2. One who lives according to the teachings of Jesus.
There are many FORMS of Christianity.  Several are derived from the teachings of Jesus Christ but, as I believe, have taken a turn away from His teachings in an effort to fulfill a human desire.  

In its most basic definition, Christianity is believing on Jesus Christ, his life, and teachings.  My Faith is very simple.  I TRY to live my life as Jesus lived His.  I love endlessly, I forgive and I am tolerant of difference.  I want people to know Christ, to know Love.  That is all.

Please understand I am not Catholic or Protestant or Baptist, Methodist, Evangelical, Presbyterian or any of the other branches on the "tree".  I stay close to the root that is Jesus.  His Father, God, sent him here to give us an example that we can see, to teach us, to save us from ourselves.  


Chris Morales

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Great hiking today with the kids!
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+Chris Morales that makes sense! 
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Chris Morales

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Got my tape stripe today and was told by Sensei that my matchup was the favorite of the day. 
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Chris Morales

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Dude is straight wandering across my car, and I caught him leaving trails
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first... hahahahaha. second. how dare he.
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Chris Morales

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New camera placement for Ferrari Formula 1. #TheBusiness
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Chris Morales

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Just so happy to be alive! Peace and Many Blessings Fam!


Dear Lord I love when you make the rain fall
I love when you make the sun shine

Dear lord I love when the flowers dem bloom
I love every single day the sun rise

Dear Lord I love the living things you created
Your greatness is well appreciated...

By me. So why the devil always try to brake it?
Obliterate it...

Dear lord, pray for hypocrite an back biter
We buss shot off a mi head like dem a sniper
Mi naw go down a hell mi a go higher
It a go better inna di high, high, higher
Gimmi di strength fi turn the other cheek
Cause sometime mi feel mi would a buss it
If a fool ever chuck it
Mi naw knock it, mi a lock it, dem lock it

Dear Lord thanks for not giving us more than we can bear
Dear Lord thanks for your son Jesus Christ for mankind to share
Dear Lord thanks for beaches an ocean waters so clear
Dear Lord thanks for giving us heart
Giving us soul

-Serani, Dear Lord
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Chris Morales

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My son has had these shoes for one week and they are in horrible shape. Never mind the scuffs. Those are expected with kid shoes. But sketchers are supposed to be a bit more durable than this. The front of the sole is coming off and the Velcro strap is destroyed ..after one week. +SKECHERS​chers you need to make this right....
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They have offered to send me a second set of shoes. Let's hope +SKECHERS​ keeps to their word....
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Chris Morales

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So cool!
Craterellus fallax

Photographed in Emerald Park, North Little Rock, Arkansas

#arkansas   #mushroom   #fungus   #northlittlerock  
#shroomshotsaturday +ShroomshotSaturday curated by +Sabeena LoBello and +Patricia A
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Chris Morales

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Oh yeah! nice update.
Bringing the new Google+ to more people

Last November, ( we introduced a preview on web of a fully redesigned Google+ to make it easier for people to discover and connect around unique and interesting things. From a Japanese astronaut sharing his experience in the International Space Station ( to food lovers sharing their passion for breadmaking (, people are using Google+ to explore their interests more than ever.

Since introducing the new version, twice as many Collections are followed per day and there are 1.6 million daily new Community joins. Many of you have also shared feedback and requests, and we’ve been listening (

Today, we’re announcing three new updates for Google+.

First, some new features. You can now have richer conversations by adding links and photos to your comments. We’re also offering Community owners and moderators more control over who posts what with approved posting. Finally, we're launching a new notifications center on the web where you can see and manage your recent activity on Google+. These features will be available across the web, Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Second, if you haven’t yet previewed the new Google+, over the next few days we’ll upgrade you to the experience when you sign in on the web. You’ll still be able to toggle back to classic Google+ for the time being.

Finally, businesses have told us that they’ve found Google+ to be a valuable way to help employees share ideas and expertise via Collections and Communities, and we’re looking forward to making it available to more organizations. Today, Google Apps users already using Google+ ( will also see the new experience ( when they sign in and in the next few weeks, Google+ will become a core Google for Work service.

From the interesting (, to the surprising (, and the delightful (, we hope Google+ continues to help you discover amazing things from passionate people.
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Still no photo albums!? It's a painful experience right now!
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Chris Morales

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That new car smell... And that Go Fast button! Happy Birthday to me!
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+Nadeem K yeah really liking the red on black. It's real sporty and understated
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This Dad Runs On Dunkin!
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Best subs in Hagerstown! Bar none!
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Great fun at the water park. There is lots of space and lots to do. It gets crowded as the day goes on so get there early!
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Typical Starbucks service and atmosphere. Nice place to meet for small meetings or conversation.
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Dancin' the night away! We had a really good time. The DJ was so-so but the atmosphere is really fun.
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The new chicken wraps are good and the dirty rice is awesome. Great service too.
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